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Sing it, Yoda!

Remember Superman Sam? Our August charity donation was made in his honor.

ThinkGeek's August $1k charity donation was made with one specific little guy in mind. Superman Sam. In July we learned of his struggle with acute myeloid leukemia and wrote a blog post asking everyone to help bolster his spirits by sending him pictures of yourself in superhero gear. Your pictures really helped. According to his mother's blog, he's doing a lot better. There are good days, and there are bad, but things are definitely looking up.

Today we donated $1k to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to help fund the research that will help kids like Sam live better, longer lives.

Cancer sucks. Every little bit we can do to help fund the research that will lead to it's eradication is worthwhile. If you're interested in donating to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, check out their donation page here. If you're interested in sending Superman Sam a heroic picture or something equally inspiring, his address is:

Sam Sommer, E582
Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
P.O. Box 1997
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53201-1997

Thank YOU for all of your help along the way. We would never be able to donate like we do without you. So...give yourself a hug, from us. Okay?

New Timmy Stickers!

New and improved simian visage--now for your vehicle!

Timmy stickers. You geeks LOVE them. You plaster them everywhere and share the photos. You've made Timmy a world traveler.

There is but one little problem with all of this Timmy sticker love. Timmy...fades. He's been an indoor monkey for so long that his colors go all gray and the sticker peels when it's applied to, say, a bumper or anything outdoors.

No longer.

We are proud to introduce our new and improved Timmy bumper stickers!

Now when you order loot from ThinkGeek, your Timmy sticker will be thicker, glossier and more ovoid. This means that he can stand up to the burning star in the sky, the rain, the wind, the tiny kicked up rocks from the road. He is now Road Warrior Timmy. So go ahead, stick him on your car! He will proceed to make your ride %77.5 cooler.

Also, to continue in the traveling-monkey tradition, don't forget to snap a photo of Timmy and post him to Maphook's Stickermap here! Not only will you be able to show us where Timmy has been, but if you post a Timmy sticker hook, you'll be automatically entered to randomly win a $100 ThinkGeek gift certificate!

Thank you for helping our World Domination plans along, and happy sticking!

New Timmy Stickers!

Dragon Timmy is very excited!

Time to hunt down some ThinkGeek Monkeys at Dragon*Con!

We weren't going to go to to the biggest multi-fandom convention on the east coast, we really weren't. So many conventions! Our tireless monkeys, well, they were tired. "Maybe next year!" we said "We'll simply live vicariously through everyone else again this year."

Timmy was having none of that. He has too many cosplay dreams to miss even one 'con, much less Dragon*Con. Before we could blink, we had tickets in our hands, caffeine in our cups, and excitement kindling in our hearts.

As with most of the bigger 'cons, our monkeys are going to be rogue agents for most of the convention. We'll be wandering around with costumed Timmy clones, ready to give out freebies and to snap pictures of you with Timmy. However, there is a very distinct rumor that our friends at QMx are going to be there, which means that we might be found hanging out with them on occasion. This is a good, because we're going to have this little beauty on hand to show off to all of you and you being able to find us (kinda) makes it that much easier.

Once we decide exactly which panels we really want to attend (the hardest part of any 'con), we'll post a rough schedule here, so watch this space. Also, keep an eye on our Twitter stream during the convention for schedule changes, contests and other useful information. 'Cause we're just sneaky enough to spring randomness on you like that.

Are you going to Dragon*Con? More importantly, are you cosplaying? Let us know in the comments! We'll look for you!

EDIT! For easier Dragon*Con stalk..er...seeking, we present you with the two ThinkGeek Monkeys attending: Steve and Alicia.

New Timmy Stickers!

It's the monkey's fault. It's always the monkey's fault!

Bonus blurry outtake: Here.

ThinkGeek's Dragon*Con 2012 Meetup Schedule O' Doom

AUGUST 31st, Friday

  • 11:30am, We'll be at: Bit of a Chat with Sylvester McCoy in the Sheridan Grand ballroom.
  • 4:00pm, Find us at: Big Damn Heroes! Cast of Firefly - Westin P'tree Ballroom.
  • 4:00pm, OR! (We like to throw curveballs. Catch!) We might be at The Guild -Q&A (DC*TV Rebroadcast) in the Sheridan Grand Ballroom.

SEPTEMBER 1st, Saturday

  • 10:00am, Look for Timmy at the Dragon*Con Parade!
  • 1:00pm, We'll be hanging about at: LOTR, A Wizard, A Dwarf, A Hobbit and An Elf, OH MY! At the Hyatt Centennial.
  • 2:00pm, Come down to Artists Alley! We'll be at Mark DeSantos' booth across from the Fairy Quest booth and we'll be giving away freebies!
  • 4:00pm, You may find one of us Meeting Bioware at the Hilton 209-211.


  • 10:00am, We might be at: Inside the actor's gaff with Sylvester McCoy - Sheridan Ballroom.
  • 10:00Am, Or we might be at: Doctor Who: Props and Stories from Behind the Camera - Sheridan 2nd Floor. Roll the dice and look for us at both!
  • 11:30am, Timmy will be at: FRED Entertainment Presents Yet Another Panel About Doctor Who - Westin Atlanta Ballroom.
  • 1:00pm, We will be cooling our heels at: Big Damn Heroes! (DC*TV Rebroadcast) Firefly Cast - Westin P'tree Ballroom.
  • 5:30pm, Get your Tauntaun! The Tauntaun sack race/pod race is where we'll be - Marriott A706. P.S. We miiiight be giving out a prize.
  • 7:00pm, Time for Hobbit Drinking Songs! Marriott L401-L403.
  • 8:30pm, Lastly, look for us at: Collecting Middle Earth - Marriott L401 - L403.

Have a great 'con, everyone!!

This may not end well

If you're at Star Wars Celebration, come find us here!

As you may have guessed...

We're at Star Wars Celebration in Orlando RIGHT NOW!

We couldn't hold back and revealed out Celebration plans last week, however now that we're there not only can we show you our finished booth, but we can reveal all of the Star Wars goodies that we're showcasing for the first time at the show.

Brace yourselves for awesomeness.

Now in stock! Perhaps you would like a cuppa rebel Empire tea? (You can worry about the exhaust port later.) It is stainless steel, dishwasher safe, and not a trap.

What do you think of a classy Han Solo in carbonite spring-loaded case that holds a dozen business cards?

Feeling a little chilly? When the icy winds start howling like a rancor, you could use the Force to scrape ice from your windshield, but this is more fun.Coming soon!

They're finally real! Now you'll you'll be able to make delicious lightsaber ice pops with movie accurate hilts and light-up blades in your very own kitchen. (Leia not included, ice pops require Hoth-like temperatures to set.)

If you're at Celebration, come see all of these things in person! That link will show you a handy 3D rendering of the show floor, with a map pointing out exactly where we are. Oh, and if you're at the show and decide to spend at least $50 on ThinkGeek loot at our booth? You'll get a super limited edition shirt for free with your order. That's right. It's time for everyone else to be jealous.

Now if you'll pardon us, it's time to go make some lightsaber ice pops. See you at the show!

Warp Core

Wherever could THIS door lead?

It's time for another episode of ThinkGeek Lairs! Secure your seatbelts before scrolling down and make sure all pets, geeklings and small robotic devices are safely away from the screen. This is going to get interesting.

Today we venture into the lair of the SysAdmins.

Unsurprisingly this lair is filled to the brim with books, large piles of cabling, and toys. (And more than a little dust.)

It's Tim!

It's also filled with humans!

Tim is one of the two intrepid humans that keeps ThinkGeek HQ running and connected to the (sweet, sweet) internets. He recently moved into the SysAdmin Cave proper, and to prevent confusion and lost-looking monkeys, a sign was created. With arrows. Just to makes sure that everyone knew this was Tim. Hi Tim!

Please note the affiliation with House Stark as pictured in the lower right corner.


Our other SysAdmin, Mike, was woefully not present as we photographed his lair. So we made do with this picture of him drawn by one of his brilliant geeklings. It is an utterly accurate representation.


The bottles present on Mike's desk may give a little insight into the personality of this skilled SysAdmin, though. Soy sauce. Tofurkey soda. Unopened craft beer. How these potions apply to his arcane work, however, is a mystery.

Timmy, nooooo!

We found this strange combination of helicopter and monkey on the bookcase near the SysAdmin's desks. Apparently they are experimenting with cybernetics. Yep, it flies!

Emac, noooo!

Further proof of their cybernetic experiments: an Emac, prepped for gutting.


Upon Tim's desk, a note of sincere thanks. We appreciate our SysAdmins!


A rare caught-on-camera moment. The SysAdmin smile, usually only spotted IRL, here in pixels. Fantastic.

What's this?

Hold on a moment. What's this door behind Tim's desk?

What's this?

BEHOLD! SERVERS! No wonder there was a sign prohibiting alcoholic bevvies. This is our gateway to the precious information of the internet, right here!

What's this?

Of course we had to sneak behind the servers to snap a pic. Look at all of the cables!

At this point, a quiet cough came from the cave beyond the server room. Tim had to be away to fix/break something important. That was a cue to leave. So we turned to the exit and saw...

Oh My.

Oh my! An appreciation of the fine arts, too!? Is there no end to the depths of these guys' personalities?

What does your SysAdmin's cave look like? Full of wires, odd experiments and server closets? Let us know in the comments!

Sing it, Yoda!

New title: Ghostly night.

This is your idle surfing time. Click these links and relax. No one can take this time from you. No one. This is your moment. Revel in its idleness.

Last weeks links from the Twitter, Google+, and Facebook 'verse:

The Black Knight Rises movie poster. His superpower is invincibility. (TwitPic)

What does a Serenity model built out of ~70,000 LEGO look like? Shiny. Well done, Adrian! (TwitPic)

Couples can't really share a single heart--unless they use portals! (TwitPic)

Behold, the Bacon Demon!! It shall torment your soul with deliciousness for all eternity! (TwitPic)

Fire the fondant torpedoes! Borg Cube wedding cake complete with fleet of attacking ships. (TwitPic)

And for dessert, tiny meringue power-up mushrooms. Mario would approve. (TwitPic)

And now, a goat on a skateboard. (YouTube)

Just dare some punks to try and take this mailbox out! The lightsaber flag is epic. (TwitPic)

It's 1978, you're wearing a pantsuit, & you use your sonic screwdriver to start the record player. Dig it. (YouTube)

And you thought stepping on a *regular* LEGO was bad. Giant concrete LEGO bricks. (TwitPic)

Pretty sure Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru's place is over the hill. @MarsCuriosity's color panorama looks familiar. (TwitPic)

If van Gogh played Pac-Man: Starry Night at the Arcade. (TwitPic)

This is not a snake, It's actually a *cake.* Aaaand that was your mind being blown. (TwitPic)

Where we're going, we don't need roads. We need a DeLorean hovercraft. (YouTube)

Mwa ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha! AH HA HA HA HA!!! Ha. (YouTube)

Probably don't have to tell you which one's Gryffindor, right? Hogwarts House Couture by DistantDream (TwitPic)

What's your Geek Zodiac sign? ThinkGeek was born August 13th 1999, year of the Superhero. (TwitPic)

Surprise! (Some language because OMG surprise!) (YouTube)

Spotted at ThinkGeek HQ. Hope the maintenance guy is ready for an adventure! (TwitPic)

Remember to show, not tell, in your presentations. The next slide is about Ceiling Cat. (YouTube)

If Star Wars were an 80s high school movie. Millennium Falcon Trans-Am = genius. (TwitPic)

Finally, an easy guide on how to fold fitted sheets! Step #8 requires some special equipment, though. (DogHouseDiaries)

For a timey-wimey wedding: TARDIS cake topper! (TwitPic)

You don't HAVE to help @oatmeal save Wardenclyffe & open a Tesla Museum, but he may have a death ray soon, so... (The Oatmeal via IndieGoGo)

In case you missed it: "We're @NASA & We Know It" LMFAO parody.(YouTube)

TRON bathroom makeover? Glow-in-the-dark tile bathtub.(TwitPic)

LEGO lenticular is a thing & it is awesome. Batman/Joker by Arthur Gugick. (TwitPic)

Happy Friday! And now, Albert Einstein relaxing in fuzzy slippers.(TwitPic)

Shiny! Kaylee and Mal as kids--even more adorable than as adults? Photo by Peter Verrant.(Flickr)

Fun cetacean fact of the day: This is how sperm whales sleep, and they're the least sleep-dependent mammals known.(Nature)

Tony and Eddard are brothers, of course.(James Zapata)

A must for any Predator's trophy room! Handcrafted Alien skull, only $875.(Obvious Winner)

If Adventure Time were re-imagined as an old-school comic book, it would look EXACTLY like this. Mathematical!(Paintmarvels DeviantArt)

Friday morning and we're already posting about cocktails. How to make a phosphorescent drink.(Note: Does not include actual galaxies as pictured.)(The Campus Companion)

TRON prom! By Scruffyrebel and Jinyo, shot at SDCC.(AC Paradise)

Remember that TARDIS ring that was only a render and everyone was sad? It's for sale now for reals! Just call it the "Police Box Ring."(Pathetic Peripatetic)

5th graders in 1995 accurately predicted how the internet would be used today--right down to cat cupcakes! Bowl cuts were not so lucky. (YouTube)

Mario theme played backwards. No, really, he's backward when he plays it. Thank you, internet.(YouTube)

Start your anti-cancellation petitions now! Joss Whedon has signed on to direct the Avengers sequel and develop a live-action Avengers TV series.(LA Times)

It's hard to take your Utahraptor on a walk these days. Maybe it's the spiked collar that's freaking people out?(YouTube)

Signal boost! Here are some links from our Twitter, Google+, and Facebook friends that might be interesting to look at:

@FirstBook needs your vote to win a share of 5mil to get new books to a lot of kids in need! (Facebook)

Evilot is a Puzzle / Defense game, for iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Linux and Ouya. (Kickstarter)

The real world looks suspiciously like a spreadsheet, doesn't it?

This may not end well

He wasn't even supposed to be here today...

ThinkGeek is going to be at Star Wars Celebration this year!

If that's not enough excitement for you, get this--we're going to have a booth.

We heard your impassioned pleas for a ThinkGeek home base at cons where you can come visit Timmy and buy shiny loot without having to play find-the-monkey, and we've finally been able to make it happen. If you're coming to Star Wars Celebration, we'll be booth number 303, next to Comic Images. Click on this link for a 3D rendering of the show floor and a map pointing out exactly where our booth will be.

What does it look like? Kind of like this:

This may not end well

Pardon the mess! We're mid-creation!

But wait, there's more!

We're going to have a Star Wars Celebration exclusive, of course! If you spend $40 at our booth you can have a super limited Star Wars Celebration t-shirt! Click the Show Exclusive button to reveal the teeny tiny teaser image.

Also? We're going to reveal a whole bunch of new Star Wars goodies at Celebration, too. We can't give you all of the details quite yet, but...

What might this be? Hmmmmm...

There's even going to be something brand new that we've been teasing you all about available for purchase for the first time ever at our booth at Star Wars Celebration. Here's a hint:


So if you're coming to Celebration, come see us! Storm Trooper Timmy will be there for photo opportunities and blaster lessons along with a few of our monkeys standing by to show you awesome things and geek out with you about Star Wars.

See you in Florida!

Calendar time!

It's time to start thinking about next year.

Yes, we know that we've still got a precious couple of weeks of summer left, but we're already starting to work on our 2013 Custom Despair Calendar--the one that we fill with geeky days of note, nerdy facts and holidays both real and imagined.

Once upon a time we did this all ourselves, but a couple of years ago we realized that the masses were smarter as a whole than the individual alone and decided to crowd source this project. It worked out fabulously. We received and printed so many notable you-submitted dates that we're doing it again this year--and we're giving away $100 to one lucky date-submitting human to boot!

So submit your other-universe historic date, holiday, geeky factoid or point in history using the form below and if we decide to use your idea, you'll be automatically entered to randomly win a $100 ThinkGeek gift certificate. If you're the winner we'll notify you by email as soon as the dates are finalized and the calendar is set to print.

Here are some examples of what we're looking for:

  • August 27th: International Cosplay Day! Dress up like somebody you love.
  • September 19th: Talk Like a Pirate Day! YAAAR!
  • October 19th: W00tstock was born in 2009 and a generation of geeks rejoices.
The Ladies of Ragnarok

Brace yourselves. The end is nigh.

When nerd-folk sister duo The Doubleclicks emailed us a few months ago asking if we'd like to host an intimate show at ThinkGeek HQ in Fairfax, Virginia, we said "YES! This will be awesome!"

Then when they emailed back to say how about ukelele virtuoso and YouTube star Molly Lewis comes along too, we said, "OMG! We'll have this outside so even more people can come!"

And then when they emailed back to ask about adding singer-songwriter and no stranger to TG HQ Marian Call to the bill, we said, "HOLY CARP WE NEED A REAL VENUE."

Thus we are very proud to announce that ThinkGeek will host its first-ever grown-up we-are-using-an-actual-stage-this-time event and it's going to be apocalyptic epic: The Ladies of Ragnarok presented by ThinkGeek at Fairfax's Jammin Java on September 28, 2012.

UPDATE: Tickets will go on sale at 12 noon ET on Monday, 8/20 for $15 each and we're limiting 8 tickets per customer. (Seating is limited and we want to be sure everyone gets a shot.)

And since we are sponsoring this show, you can bet there will be some freebies on hand. Come prepared to leave with some new awesome stuff--if you survive Ragnarok, of course.

You can RSVP at The Ladies of Ragnarok's Facebook invite for now for news and updates, and check out the ticket page before they go on sale at 12 noon ET on Monday, 8/20.

Can't wait to see you guys and The Ladies of Ragnarok on September 28!

It's alive!

Read: Send us your brainchildren!

We have a long, glorious tradition of inventing and then making awesome stuff here at ThinkGeek. You've probably seen our Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt and the Tauntaun Sleeping Bag around the internets. Heck, you probably have one of those in your house right now. Our inventions are that popular.

What we need to know is if you've ever had a spectacularly geeky idea, but have never had the means, time, or patience to make it happen. Why?

We're opening up our product launching process to outside evil geniuses just like you with our new IdeaFactory!

It's alive!

Prepare to unleash your creative madness.

Here is how it works:

  • You submit your idea: We'll need a written description and an image of the idea. The image can be a rendering or a detailed drawing.
  • ThinkGeek will review your idea, make sure it passes our caveats, and respond within 60 days.
  • If we choose to make the product, you get paid.

You heard that right. Paid. We'll pay you an advance of $1000 and then 10% of retail sales for the life of your product up to $1 million in Net Sales. When your product reaches $1 million (yay!), the rate drops to 5%.

Take a gander at the ThinkGeek Idea Factory page for all of the fine details, including why this is awesome for you, how you will be paid, and the important legal stuff. Then? Start sending us your ideas! We want your brains and we want them badly!

It's our birthday!

Happy Birthday to us!

In case you may have forgotten, we're turning 13 years old!

Wait, you DID forget?

You're still in the clear. Our actual anniversary isn't until August 13th, so if you want to whip up a TARDIS, or a hoverboard, or a giant mecha, you still have plenty of time. A black forest cake with whipped cream and cherries on top that is NOT a lie would go over well, too.

Actually, we should give you a gift for keeping us around for 13 whole years! It's been awesome. A whirlwind of fantastic geekery, and we couldn't have done any of it without you. Your brains power our entire world domination superstructure, after all.

Uh...forget that last part. Top secret. Onto the important part of the post!

We're hoping that you'll make our birthday the bestest ever by entering to win a $1,000 ThinkGeek shopping spree. The contest ends today at 11:59pm ET, so please hurry! We don't want you to miss out on your chance for some sweet ThinkGeek swag.

Why are you still reading this? Enter now!

Sing it, Yoda!

Don't look down...

It's been a long two weeks full of fascinating internet-curated goodies. If you've missed anything that we've linked, don't despair! We've gathered them here for you.

Last weeks links from the Twitter, Google+, and Facebook 'verse:

Even if you're not a Star Wars prequels fan, you gotta love this Pod Racer stroller. (TwitPic)

One word: Spocktopus. (TwitPic)

Uh, yeeeaah. I'm going to need you to come in on Saturday to take care of our Sentinel problem. (YouTube)

Careful! That first step is a doozy. (CubeMe)

Goodbye, Sally Ride. Thank you for taking our dreams to the stars. (TwitPic)

They're made of hippity-hoppity, cuddly-wuddly, timey-wimey....stuff, we're sure. Doctor Who in bunny plush form. (Stitchy Button's Etsy)

Today's desktop vacation: The view from the ISS at Night. Majestic doesn't even begin to cover it. (Vimeo)

In which we learn that corneal stitches are startlingly beautiful in a cyborg-y way. (TwitPic)

Ooh, a new way to creep out your loved ones even after you've shuffled off this mortal coil. (Cremation Solutions)

Unicorn chaser + nostalgic earworm = I <3 Egg. (Albino Black Sheep)

Nothing to see here, folks. Just two guys, chilling out, catching up on their reading. (TwitPic)

Quadruple rainbow, what does it mean!? (TwitPic)

Oh the humanatee! Our superheroes have been transformed into manatees! Whatever shall we do? (BuzzFeed)

Everyone is getting excited for the summer Olympics in London! No, seriously. Everyone. (Go ratty, go!) (Vimeo)

If you're not calling for your mommy at 0:40, you're braver than us. Creepy robot baby wants you to pick him up. (YouTube)

We need something cute and funny after that creepy robot baby. How about a monkey? #unicornchaser. (Cute Overload)

We've been playing with these photos from the @NASA Landsat program all morning. See the world change. (NASA)

Oooh, make your own TARDIS closet All you need it paint! (Madin Crafts)

Omar of @mediamolecule runs down the streets of England with his Olympic Banana. Really. (P.S. Love your tie!) (Media Molecule)

A guide to Battlestar Galactica, including which episodes can be skipped. (No spoilers in top section.) So say we all! (The Awl)

"Because Capt Rogers didn't get the reference is NOT a valid reason to have movie marathons during work hours." (Memos From Fury)

Upcycle old comic books into cool bowls! But... but... the old comics are the ones we like the best... (Buzzfeed)

If Chewie had a daughter... (YouTube)

Who needs a college education or a home when they could own a prototype of the original Legend of Zelda for NES? (Ebay)

How do you celebrate the discovery of the 7,000th species of amphibian? If you're @WigglyTendrils you do so in song.(The Atlantic)

How does a geek girl propose to her geek boy? Kind of like this.(Geeks are Sexy)

Professional actor Chris Kipiniak reads a 1-star yelp review. Come for the crab cakes. Stay for the pathos. (YouTube)

Afternoon mana reserves dwindling severely? Nodding off at your desk? Need a nap? It's time for a Sleep Taco!(Oradaria Designs)

The Force is strong with this washing machine.(YouTube)

What do you do when a gigantic bull elephant crashes your pool party? Film him for posterity.(YouTube)

A long time ago, a dad left for a place far, far away... Warning: You may need your hankies for this.(YouTube)

Who better to teach @Nerdist how to tie a bowtie than Bill Nye...the bowtie guy.(YouTube)

Could zombies live among us? A few transformed humans put NYC to the test. Warning: Makeup gore, shambling, squirrels. (YouTube)

OMG. The Doctor Who series 7 trailer has arrived! Favorite bit: Dinosaurs! On a spaceship!(YouTube)

When our friends @QMxInsider tweeted this Star Trek/Ermagherd pic, we tried to resist. We failed. It's too good.(TwitPic)

What's the best way to view sporting events? In glorious 8-bit.(Vimeo)

A little time, a little brilliance, some body paint and volunteers... Whoa.(Laughing Squid)

Good news everyone! We've found a list of 7 places for you to ride out the apocalypse in. Even better news? Only a couple of them look like Vault-Tec vaults!(Get Cover)

Want an adventure that will make your eyes go funny? Try Google Street View...in ASCII. It's slightly nauseating due to the auto-rotation, but so COOL.(tllabs)

In an alternate universe... Doctor? You look...different? No matter. To the TARDIS!(Rocket Surgery)

Need a little help with your IRL paper toss game? How about a trashcan that chases after the paper for you? I don't know about you, but we'd waste HOURS trying to confound the thing.(YouTube)

Meet the worlds first portable computer. It weighed 55lbs and cost $20k! Yow! Gotta appreciate all of those buttons and switches, though. Classic. (The Next Web)

In braver-than-us news, someone got a back tattoo mimicking Mass Effect's Jack. Kinda spectacular.(Kotaku)

Want to give your next dinner party a bit of Cephalopod (well, Coleoidea) class? How about an Octo-labra? The blue candles are a nice touch.(Source Collection)

This will work brilliantly until they learn how to turn it against you. Give them time...(Bits and Pieces)

Solo! Hay lapa no ya, Solo! Oh wait. He can't. Because he's been made into a GUITAR. (Travis Stevens Nerd Crafts)

We didn't think that pizza could get any more delicious. Until someone made it with a bacon-weave crust. Oh MY.(Free Range Human)

Signal boost! Here are some links from our Twitter, Google+, and Facebook friends that might be interesting to look at:

A geekling is selling his geeky art to raise money to get to Dragon*con. Help him out? (Copious)

Pitfalls and Penguins is a goofy tabletop fantasy RPG that favors improvisational comedy and imagination over simulation. (Kickstarter)

Help a PHD student with her COBRA premiums? (IndieGoGo)

Whew, time to splint that clicking finger.