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ThinkGeek's Timmy Stickers Have Gained Weather Resistance Powers!

New Timmy Stickers!

New and improved simian visage--now for your vehicle!

Timmy stickers. You geeks LOVE them. You plaster them everywhere and share the photos. You've made Timmy a world traveler.

There is but one little problem with all of this Timmy sticker love. Timmy...fades. He's been an indoor monkey for so long that his colors go all gray and the sticker peels when it's applied to, say, a bumper or anything outdoors.

No longer.

We are proud to introduce our new and improved Timmy bumper stickers!

Now when you order loot from ThinkGeek, your Timmy sticker will be thicker, glossier and more ovoid. This means that he can stand up to the burning star in the sky, the rain, the wind, the tiny kicked up rocks from the road. He is now Road Warrior Timmy. So go ahead, stick him on your car! He will proceed to make your ride %77.5 cooler.

Also, to continue in the traveling-monkey tradition, don't forget to snap a photo of Timmy and post him to Maphook's Stickermap here! Not only will you be able to show us where Timmy has been, but if you post a Timmy sticker hook, you'll be automatically entered to randomly win a $100 ThinkGeek gift certificate!

Thank you for helping our World Domination plans along, and happy sticking!

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meaningless icon! Ah! Gimme! I was wondering when these might be made. The Timmy sticker on my car is currently pretty sad looking. Now I might just have to place an order..
TheNothing said this 2485 days ago.
meaningless icon! Sweet! I'm just hoping my order from a couple days ago includes sticky 2.0!
scriptedgenius said this 2484 days ago.
meaningless icon! do need!
MIsterHobbit said this 2484 days ago.
meaningless icon! I literally just bought stuff last night :'( And I now have to buy more stuff to have this amazing sticker...OH WELL! :D
FlyingNinjaM0nky said this 2484 days ago.
meaningless icon! Of course this happens AFTER I receive my shipments of over $400 worth of stuff... No TG purchases for me for a while. I'm tapped out. :(
smitas01 said this 2484 days ago.
meaningless icon! You should make a Timmy magnet.
Nasaboy97 said this 2483 days ago.
meaningless icon! Why do you guys always decide on a new promotion AFTER I order? :(
Slimmer said this 2483 days ago.

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