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50 links for your perusing pleasure

Sing it, Yoda!

Don't look down...

It's been a long two weeks full of fascinating internet-curated goodies. If you've missed anything that we've linked, don't despair! We've gathered them here for you.

Last weeks links from the Twitter, Google+, and Facebook 'verse:

Even if you're not a Star Wars prequels fan, you gotta love this Pod Racer stroller. (TwitPic)

One word: Spocktopus. (TwitPic)

Uh, yeeeaah. I'm going to need you to come in on Saturday to take care of our Sentinel problem. (YouTube)

Careful! That first step is a doozy. (CubeMe)

Goodbye, Sally Ride. Thank you for taking our dreams to the stars. (TwitPic)

They're made of hippity-hoppity, cuddly-wuddly, timey-wimey....stuff, we're sure. Doctor Who in bunny plush form. (Stitchy Button's Etsy)

Today's desktop vacation: The view from the ISS at Night. Majestic doesn't even begin to cover it. (Vimeo)

In which we learn that corneal stitches are startlingly beautiful in a cyborg-y way. (TwitPic)

Ooh, a new way to creep out your loved ones even after you've shuffled off this mortal coil. (Cremation Solutions)

Unicorn chaser + nostalgic earworm = I <3 Egg. (Albino Black Sheep)

Nothing to see here, folks. Just two guys, chilling out, catching up on their reading. (TwitPic)

Quadruple rainbow, what does it mean!? (TwitPic)

Oh the humanatee! Our superheroes have been transformed into manatees! Whatever shall we do? (BuzzFeed)

Everyone is getting excited for the summer Olympics in London! No, seriously. Everyone. (Go ratty, go!) (Vimeo)

If you're not calling for your mommy at 0:40, you're braver than us. Creepy robot baby wants you to pick him up. (YouTube)

We need something cute and funny after that creepy robot baby. How about a monkey? #unicornchaser. (Cute Overload)

We've been playing with these photos from the @NASA Landsat program all morning. See the world change. (NASA)

Oooh, make your own TARDIS closet All you need it paint! (Madin Crafts)

Omar of @mediamolecule runs down the streets of England with his Olympic Banana. Really. (P.S. Love your tie!) (Media Molecule)

A guide to Battlestar Galactica, including which episodes can be skipped. (No spoilers in top section.) So say we all! (The Awl)

"Because Capt Rogers didn't get the reference is NOT a valid reason to have movie marathons during work hours." (Memos From Fury)

Upcycle old comic books into cool bowls! But... but... the old comics are the ones we like the best... (Buzzfeed)

If Chewie had a daughter... (YouTube)

Who needs a college education or a home when they could own a prototype of the original Legend of Zelda for NES? (Ebay)

How do you celebrate the discovery of the 7,000th species of amphibian? If you're @WigglyTendrils you do so in song.(The Atlantic)

How does a geek girl propose to her geek boy? Kind of like this.(Geeks are Sexy)

Professional actor Chris Kipiniak reads a 1-star yelp review. Come for the crab cakes. Stay for the pathos. (YouTube)

Afternoon mana reserves dwindling severely? Nodding off at your desk? Need a nap? It's time for a Sleep Taco!(Oradaria Designs)

The Force is strong with this washing machine.(YouTube)

What do you do when a gigantic bull elephant crashes your pool party? Film him for posterity.(YouTube)

A long time ago, a dad left for a place far, far away... Warning: You may need your hankies for this.(YouTube)

Who better to teach @Nerdist how to tie a bowtie than Bill Nye...the bowtie guy.(YouTube)

Could zombies live among us? A few transformed humans put NYC to the test. Warning: Makeup gore, shambling, squirrels. (YouTube)

OMG. The Doctor Who series 7 trailer has arrived! Favorite bit: Dinosaurs! On a spaceship!(YouTube)

When our friends @QMxInsider tweeted this Star Trek/Ermagherd pic, we tried to resist. We failed. It's too good.(TwitPic)

What's the best way to view sporting events? In glorious 8-bit.(Vimeo)

A little time, a little brilliance, some body paint and volunteers... Whoa.(Laughing Squid)

Good news everyone! We've found a list of 7 places for you to ride out the apocalypse in. Even better news? Only a couple of them look like Vault-Tec vaults!(Get Cover)

Want an adventure that will make your eyes go funny? Try Google Street View...in ASCII. It's slightly nauseating due to the auto-rotation, but so COOL.(tllabs)

In an alternate universe... Doctor? You look...different? No matter. To the TARDIS!(Rocket Surgery)

Need a little help with your IRL paper toss game? How about a trashcan that chases after the paper for you? I don't know about you, but we'd waste HOURS trying to confound the thing.(YouTube)

Meet the worlds first portable computer. It weighed 55lbs and cost $20k! Yow! Gotta appreciate all of those buttons and switches, though. Classic. (The Next Web)

In braver-than-us news, someone got a back tattoo mimicking Mass Effect's Jack. Kinda spectacular.(Kotaku)

Want to give your next dinner party a bit of Cephalopod (well, Coleoidea) class? How about an Octo-labra? The blue candles are a nice touch.(Source Collection)

This will work brilliantly until they learn how to turn it against you. Give them time...(Bits and Pieces)

Solo! Hay lapa no ya, Solo! Oh wait. He can't. Because he's been made into a GUITAR. (Travis Stevens Nerd Crafts)

We didn't think that pizza could get any more delicious. Until someone made it with a bacon-weave crust. Oh MY.(Free Range Human)

Signal boost! Here are some links from our Twitter, Google+, and Facebook friends that might be interesting to look at:

A geekling is selling his geeky art to raise money to get to Dragon*con. Help him out? (Copious)

Pitfalls and Penguins is a goofy tabletop fantasy RPG that favors improvisational comedy and imagination over simulation. (Kickstarter)

Help a PHD student with her COBRA premiums? (IndieGoGo)

Whew, time to splint that clicking finger.

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