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Yes, San Diego, Timmy will be at Comic-Con

Timmy's ready for Fallout or Comic-Con

Caffeine, check. Comfy walking shoes, check. New amazing fan-made Timmy costumes, check. Pip Boy, check.

Yes, it's time for San Diego Comic-Con once again and we'll be there with Timmy, freebies, and some top-secret announcements in tow!

We don't have a booth--us monkeys are frugal and, most importantly, can't sit still very long--so we'll wander the floor and panels freely. But we do promise to be findable at least several times a day so you can hunt us down for free goodies and Timmy photos.

As for the top secret announcements, you'll just have to ask us in person--or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or G+.

Below is our schedule, but please note that it may change because that is the magic of Comic-Con. One minute you're trying to find the bathrooms, and the next you're caught in a mob of Browncoats trying to get their butts signed by Nathan Fillion. (He doesn't sign butts; that's Adam Baldwin's thing. And this parenthetical aside may or may not be true.)

ThinkGeek's SDCC 2012 Meetup Schedule O' Doom

JULY 11, Wednesday, preview night

  • 6:30pm, Meetup & something important is announced & our formerly top-secret thing has been revealed! We'll be offering a Sonic Screwdriver Programmable TV Remote starting 8/31! (meet at BBC America booth #3629)

JULY 12, Thursday

JULY 13, Friday

  • 11:30am, Meetup at Sideshow Collectibles (meet at Sideshow booth #1929)
  • 2:00pm, Meetup with Len Peralta, Geek A Week artist, and Tess Fowler, whose exclusive print for the show is of Daenerys Targaryen from GoT (meet at booth #BB-15)
  • 4:00pm, Meetup at The Prop Store (meet at Prop Store booth #3645 #3647)
  • 5:30pm, Meetup & something top secret happens here (meet at BBC America booth #3629)

JULY 14, Saturday

  • 11:00am, Meetup & something top secret happens here (meet at BBC America booth #3629)
  • 12:30am, Meetup with Stan Sakai, Usagi Yojimbo cartoonist (meet at booth #4906)
  • 3:00pm, Meetup with Dean Yeagle, Mandy cartoonist, who will have a 15-month Mandy calendar, copies of all the books and original drawings for sale, and free "Mandy Candy" (meet at booth #1129)
  • 4:30pm, Meetup with Lee Keeler, Assistant Editor and and writer for Devastator Quarterly, who will have a new issue of Fantasy, featuring Tony Millionaire, Scott Gairdner, Dan Hipp and more (meet at booth B-4)

And of course, if you spy a ThinkGeek monkey in a TG Staff shirt with a bag of goodies slung over their shoulder, please stop us to say hello! We are mostly very nice and we really did send way too many freebies to our hotel, so don't hesitate to squeal "OMG THINKGEEK" and ask politely for whatever's in the bag.

Can't wait to see you guys out there, and don't forget to bring deodorant! Timmy thanks you!

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meaningless icon! You will be at w00tstock too? How fortuitous :D
Obsidius said this 2262 days ago.
meaningless icon! added to SDCC checklist: try to spot a ThinkGeek monkey :D
phuerta said this 2261 days ago.
meaningless icon! I will SOOO be looking for you guys at Comic-Con. I found you guys last year and hope to do so again. :) Maybe I can see Timmy in a TARDIS this year. :)
Sprzout said this 2261 days ago.
meaningless icon! Damn, I want to go. My Timmy and I wanted to visit, Pout. Grrrrrr. Darn having to work.
dragonlady12 said this 2260 days ago.

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