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Win 1,000 bucks and the Dark Lord as seen at Comic-Con

Frodo Timmy has NO idea...

This is not at all worrying.

Timmy went to SDCC for a number of reasons: To cosplay, to play with shiny new toys, and to risk his safety and sanity for this magnificent photo opportunity.

Here he is, bravely standing in front of the Sauron Premium Format Figure by Sideshow Collectibles that we're giving away in The One SysAdmin Day Contest to Rule Them All. Please take a moment to note the majestic scale. The meticulous detail. The palpable aura of menace.

Do you think your SysAdmin is worth it? Does your BOFH deserve $1000 worth of ThinkGeek loot? Do you want to win $250? Yes? Then enter!

Need a little inspiration?

Here are a couple of our favorite SysAdmin stories, submitted in the past week:

Anonymous lyrical homage:

Whose face is illuminated by the soft glow of the computer screen from dusk until dawn (and then until dusk again)?

My SysAdmin.

Who manages intricate networks, fiercely guarding my Very Important Data and pictures of kittens wearing hats?

My SysAdmin.

Who breathes life back into ostensibly dead hardware, God-like in his resurrection powers?

My SysAdmin.

Who benevolently translates complicated geek speak into intelligible language for the cubicle-dwelling peasants?

My SysAdmin.

To whom do I bow when I need a back-up, a viral cleansing, or a fresh bag of Doritos?

My SysAdmin.

If it were not for my SysAdmin, and SysAdmins everywhere, the world as we know it would fall into chaos. The apocalypse would be upon us. And I would have no damn idea how to reset my password.

Tommy, the untangler:

The UN-paid sys admin.

Everyone has one. But I acknowledge his true existence. My brother Tommy is the family SysAdmin. I'm his lackey. Tommy has made many midnight trips to help get family back on line, or even online in the first place.

But I have to hand it to him when I called him up at 10PM on a work night to come fix my home network after I had caused the damage by delving into things I knew nothing about.

I spend all of 5 minutes recreating my steps while watching him shake his head in disgust. I'm sure he was thinking 'why the hell did you do that'.

He spent the next 2 hours undoing my blunder while I quietly watched TV right next to him. I did try to find a show that would not agitate him.

Love ya Tommy. Thanks.

Think your BOFH is better? Tell us their story.

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meaningless icon! My husband is MY sysadmin. He's a man-of-all-work when he's at work (overseeing the department, fixing pretty much EVERYTHING, being the go-to guy...oh, yeah, and being the sysadmin). He's also the family tech guy, which often goes like this: "My computer is acting funny." "Funny, how?" "It's slow. And it's not showing sites like it should." "How so?" "It's not going to the right place." "Sounds like a virus. Did you do a scan?" "Scan what?" "The computer. With the antivirus I installed." "Oh, that? It says it's out of date and I need to buy something." "Did you renew it?!" "No. Was I supposed to?" "*headdesk*" (Cue late night fixing said computer for the UPTEENTH time.) FWIW, he's usually doing this for MY side of the family, so he deserves extra recognition for keeping it together with the in-laws. ;)
goblynn said this 2254 days ago.

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