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The One SysAdmin Day Contest To Rule Them All

Sysadmin day 2012

Like Sauron, SysAdmins See all.

Unlike Sauron they don't have a weakness for pretty magical rings. (At least most of them don't.) However they DO have access to your work email, they know the sites you visit and they keep everything you rely on every day up and running. So it's best to keep on their good side.

Save yourself and your productivity by nominating your favorite SysAdmin for The One SysAdmin Day Contest to Rule Them All by 11:59pm ET on July 25th!

What could you and your BOFH win, you ask? Well if your entry is randomly chosen, you will win a $250 ThinkGeek Gift Certificate, and your SysAdmin will win:

  • A Sauron Premium Format Figure by Sideshow Collectibles, worth a lifetime of service to the Dark Lord. Highly detailed and very menacing, Sauron will guard your SysAdmin's desk. (Please note that this a sneak peek of Sauron and he won't ship until Spring 2013!)
  • A $1,000 ThinkGeek Shopping Spree to stock up on IT survival items.

You may also notice the option to share a story about your SysAdmin. It's not required, but we understand that the urge to pay homage to your great one is strong, and we want to hear all about the long hours in the server room and that time your SysAdmin taught a coworker how to doubleclick.

In fact, to inspire and amaze you, let us share one of our favorite stories that we've received thus far:

Bruce - Oldest Living SysAdmin:

My SysAdmin calls himself the ""Oldest Living SysAdmin"" out there. He started on computers on the old TRS-80s, taught himself programming, remembers punch cards, had one of the first handheld calculators (expensive things) and remembers typing his class work at University of Oklahoma (B.S. in Chemistry) on a TYPEWRITER!!!

So, when the chemical industry in Houston went bust for awhile in the 1980's, Bruce went into what he knew, computers. He built them, serviced them, and then got into the networking. When we married in 1993, he used to use me to ""test"" the upgrades in Windows. He moved me to Windows 3.1 and I couldn't find a damned thing and almost killed him. Then it was Windows 98. But I got him back, I learned Internet first.

Bruce is working for Open Link Financial as the Houston SysAdmin. He keeps their servers humming, the phones going, the doors locking and unlocking, all the comuters and laptops working, the classroom computers set up for classes (and either off the Internet or on). He tells the classes that if he finds someone on the Internet doing something they shouldn't be, he'll rip their arm off and beat them with it.

Did I mention Bruce looks like Santa? White beard, round belly, and everything? He even wears the hat at Christmas and the kids flock to him for gifts.

Bruce keeps OL-Houston running, over 100 people and gadgets. He was on call in 2011 when he had open heart valve replacement surgery, talking the guy who was helping him through procedures while at the hospital. He's on call on vacation.

He's The Oldest SysAdmin and he has no plans to retire anytime soon.

What are you waiting for!? Your SysAdmin probably knows that you're reading this, so ward off their potential ire and enter them now!

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djSpinMonkey said this 2259 days ago.
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