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The internet, Distilled.

Sing it, Yoda!

Yes folks, that is street art.

It's been about two weeks sine we've served up a list of links that we've harvested from the internet, so here's an extra long list of all of the good stuff.

Last weeks links from the Twitter, Google+, and Facebook 'verse:

No, it's not *really* a LEGO bridge, but we can pretend. (TwitPic)

Put your hands in the air like y=|x|-4! Mrs. Roach's precalc class does the Graph Dance. <3 (YouTube)

I don't always watch westerns, but when I do... (Twitpic)

And now for something completely different. Dominoes, Belarus military style. (YouTube)

What's your state shaped like? Maine & Alaska, you're awesome. (XKCD)

How to make a library parking garage awesome: paint it like a bookshelf. (Twitpic)

Behold, the most magnificent Maleficent paper mache sculpture you'll see all day. (TwitPic)

What is the air-speed velocity of a caped Batman? Jumping from 492m, he'd glide 350m & hit ground ~50mph. (Reuters)

Meet Rufio, the bat-stache kitty. Don't even care if it's 'shopped. <3 (TwitPic)

Did you miss Lightsaber Training at TGHQ? Wish you coulda been there? Check out the video proof of our awkwardness. (YouTube)

Here, have some surfing goats! (TwitPic)

In case you missed it & can take more of this meme, Star Wars covers "Call Me Maybe". Oh, internet. (YouTube)

How many rubber bands does it take to get to the center of a watermelon? About 500. Fun starts ~1:35. (YouTube)

Something just arrived in the mail for Timmy & it's 501st-approved! Friends at last. (TwitPic)

And now, Karen Gillan's Dalek impression. Look out, @DalekThay! (YouTube)

It's dangerous to go alone. Take your keys. (Etsy - GeekyandChic)

Broken wall? There's a brick for that. (TwitPic)

The Extremely Dark Knight has some questions... about math teachers? Awkward. (YouTube)

If superheroes were designers, they'd have this @PANTONE swatch book. (TwitPic)

This is adorable. @GeekandSundry's "Written by a Kid" w/ @DaveSFoley (milkman) & Joss Whedon (SQUAT team) (YouTube)

Okay, this version of the Dark Knight Rises logo wins. (TwitPic)

They've added some new sports to the 2012 Olympics! Alternate disciplines by Olly Moss. (Olly Moss)

In a world... where digital reproduction has become the norm... one renegade crew still paints 150'-tall advertisements the old-fashioned way. This is their story. (Tor)

Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads. Even more modified DeLoreans (like a hovercraft) at the link. (Enter My World)

Today's desktop vacation: Touring the largest underwater gypsum cave on Earth.(Environmental Graffiti)

Want more? Check us out next week, or keep an eye on our social media streams. We can never keep the good stuff to ourselves.

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