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Lightsaber Training at ThinkGeek: A sweaty success!

Before 'saber training...

They were all smiles and bravado before training began...

50 padawans entered ThinkGeek HQ Friday night.

Eat Stix!

They left as Jedi. Very sweaty Jedi.

All 50 padawans who signed up to be trained in the way of the lightsaber by our Sith Lady Bette braved 110 degree heat, crazy D.C. traffic and freak storms to get to ThinkGeek HQ on Friday night, proving yet again that determination and focus are two hallmarks of a Jedi.

Here's how the night unfolded:

As they entered, our lucky padawans were assigned to a team. Team Nerf Herder got red bandanas and lightsabers. Team Flyboy got blue. Team Scoundrel, green. We took a group shot of everyone before separating them all by team to begin their training so that we could identify them later, after they were drenched in sweat and wise in the ways of the Force.

We want to see your war face! :)

Bette and Paul didn't take it easy on them. The training was harsh and much water and many ice pops were consumed as everyone learned the best way to gut someone with a lightsaber. Of course the fact that the padawans circulated through mini painting, Stix nomming and lightsaber lessoning probably helped. (There was bacon involved, of course.)


No one succumbed to the heat. In fact, it seems everyone had a wonderful time battling their loved ones and strangers alike. They all left sweaty, but happy, and much wiser for the experience.

Granted, we couldn't be everywhere. There were pockets of awesome that we missed, for sure. If you were one of the lucky geeks who attended, and you have a moment or a story to recount, go ahead and leave us a comment! We'll update this post with your tales of valor and mirth.

We want to thank everyone for coming out, Bette and Paul, all of our fans and especially the ladies of Stix and the folks Mythic. It was crazy hot, but you all went out there without hesitation and made the night awesome. Thanks guys! Hopefully you'll all sign up for the next super-secret TG event that we'll announce...soon.

EDIT: One of our padawans wrote a detailed post about her lightsaber training experience, here! Thanks Erin!

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meaningless icon! It was an awesome event! Thanks for having us! Here's my review and some more pictures if you'd like to see them. :) http://atlamppost.blogspot.com/2012/07/my-epic-visit-to-hallowed-grounds-of.html
Kaliska47 said this 2240 days ago.
meaningless icon! @Kaliska47 Oh wow, what an excellent post! I just edited ours to include it. <3 (Nice Flux Capacitor spotting skills, btw!)
Raevyn W. said this 2240 days ago.
meaningless icon! It was one of the best nights ever. Thank you again for having us over! So thrilled with the Darth Maul umbrella I won too. Best way to top off an awesome evening.
beatccr said this 2240 days ago.
meaningless icon! Whah!!!!! I hate you all. All I got was the wait list and no electricity for the week.....
dptalia said this 2240 days ago.
meaningless icon! Sounds fun!
BrianBrainGeek said this 2239 days ago.

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