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Happy SysAdmin Day!

Sysadmin day 2012

Happy SysAdmin day!

The cable slingers, the watchers of blinkenlights. They who keep us connected. Today is their day.

To all of the BOFHs in the world we say Thank You. Thank you for the long nights on call. Thank you for the server moves. Thank you for turning it all off and on again. Thank you for keeping us connected.

Traditionally, today is a day to shower your SysAdmin with gifts and praise. In that vein, we'd like to announce the winner of The One SysAdmin Day Contest To Rule Them All.

Our winning BOFH is Don!

Here is his story, as submitted by Anne from Champaign, IL:

The most amazing about Don is how often he says ""yes"" to even the most outrageous requests, and how he continues to be amazingly nice regardless of how stupid the rest of us might be (and I can be really stupid sometimes).

Recently, he and the rest of our IT staff built out an amazing room for video calibration to help ensure we have the highest quality tools for creating amazing video games. We love how he thinks beyond supporting us with problems into enhancing our environment beyond what we could even consider.

Additionally, our power company has been inconsistent. Don and the team he manages have been here through the night, working to make sure all our data and servers stay safe while hounding the power company. And Don is excellent at hounding all of our third party providers respectfully. It's a special skill for him. One of my favorite moments with Don was when we contacted our scheduling software company because of issues we had with features we needed and with regular crashes we experienced. Don brooks no less quality from others than he expects from himself, and masterfully (but professionally) handed them their @$$es. He is my hero.

Congratulations, Don! Make sure you give Anne priority routing on the network, though it sounds like you're already doing an awesome job!

Feeling a little jealous that your BOFH did not win? Want to try you luck again? You can win a $1k ThinkGeek shopping spree by entering our 13th Anniversary contest. Do it, you know you wanna!

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meaningless icon! Sounds like an amazing BOFH, congratulations Don!
mama2katiebeth said this 2240 days ago.
meaningless icon! Congrats Don...now buy some awesome stuff from THINKGEEK.com and make us other geeks proud!
Time Lantern said this 2240 days ago.
meaningless icon! Congrats, mate!
drummersteve said this 2240 days ago.

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