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That is no moon...

DeathPong ball? PingStar? Hrm.

We're meeeeeltiiiing! MEEEEELTIIIING!

Okay not REALLY, it just kind of feels like we are as another week of 100-plus degree weather bakes us here at ThinkGeek HQ. The only good parts of this are the ice pops, lemonade and car-baked cookies. Well those things and the delicious air conditioning which gives us a good reason to stay indoors and share links with you guys. Enjoy!

Last weeks links from the Twitter, Google+, and Facebook 'verse:

That's no moon! Nope, it's a ping-pong ball. Really. It is. (TwitPic)

Starting to get pics of Timmy's new costumes! @the_gella's Vork is amazing & love Princess Peach. (TwitPic)

Not the first IRL Batman video, but this one has the best Batcycle ever, trust me. (YouTube)

Happy Unicorn Appreciation Day! From TLU to @ActuallyNPH's steed, some of our favorite 'corns. <3 (TwitPic)

If you have Tetris sofa pillows, do they disappear when you fill a line? (TwitPic)

Browncoats! Your attention, please! Yes, it's @NathanFillion only wearing a holster. (TwitPic)

Hmm. This photo of intimate clone troopers looks familiar somehow... (TwitPic)

Never doubt the power of music! Ode to Joy orchestra & choir flashmob in Sabadell, Spain. (YouTube)

#Higgs boson found!? Pulled @CERN video included the words "We've observed a new particle". (ScienceNews)

This is the Jar Jar firing range target you've been looking for. (TwitPic)

Kid lip syncs trololo, wins the internet. It's all in the hands. (RIP, Mr. Khil.) (YouTube)

With a Godzilla front coming through, there's a 90% chance of epic weather. Seek shelter, Richmond! (YouTube)

Heatwave Experiment #42: Dashboard cookies. We placed a sheet of cookies in a ThinkGeeker car at 11am today. After 5 hours in temperatures exceeding 157.5 degrees F (the thermometer crapped out), they came out crispy and slightly risen. Verdict: Tasty and scary. Current temperature: 99 degrees F. (Google+)

The YouTube Complaints Department must be a terrible place to work. Video is mostly SFW. (YouTube)

Two words: Pancake Pops. How to make 'em. (No. 2 Pencil)

Time to 1-up your bathroom? Geeky tiling & accessory ideas. (MentalFloss)

Deyanna & Dustin's zombie & stormtrooper wedding. Her vows: "And when the zombies come, I'll stand back to back with you and fight off the hoard. But if you should be bitten, I'll hold out my arm so that you can bite me too. Then we'll share brains and laugh because being a zombie is more fun anyway." (Offbeat Bride)

We've taken to scrounging limp celery from the crisper instead of going out for lunch. Let's hope this heat wave ends soon, before we waste away to nothing. (Is bacon delivery a thing? We must know!)

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