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Sysadmin day 2012

Happy SysAdmin day!

The cable slingers, the watchers of blinkenlights. They who keep us connected. Today is their day.

To all of the BOFHs in the world we say Thank You. Thank you for the long nights on call. Thank you for the server moves. Thank you for turning it all off and on again. Thank you for keeping us connected.

Traditionally, today is a day to shower your SysAdmin with gifts and praise. In that vein, we'd like to announce the winner of The One SysAdmin Day Contest To Rule Them All.

Our winning BOFH is Don!

Here is his story, as submitted by Anne from Champaign, IL:

The most amazing about Don is how often he says ""yes"" to even the most outrageous requests, and how he continues to be amazingly nice regardless of how stupid the rest of us might be (and I can be really stupid sometimes).

Recently, he and the rest of our IT staff built out an amazing room for video calibration to help ensure we have the highest quality tools for creating amazing video games. We love how he thinks beyond supporting us with problems into enhancing our environment beyond what we could even consider.

Additionally, our power company has been inconsistent. Don and the team he manages have been here through the night, working to make sure all our data and servers stay safe while hounding the power company. And Don is excellent at hounding all of our third party providers respectfully. It's a special skill for him. One of my favorite moments with Don was when we contacted our scheduling software company because of issues we had with features we needed and with regular crashes we experienced. Don brooks no less quality from others than he expects from himself, and masterfully (but professionally) handed them their @$$es. He is my hero.

Congratulations, Don! Make sure you give Anne priority routing on the network, though it sounds like you're already doing an awesome job!

Feeling a little jealous that your BOFH did not win? Want to try you luck again? You can win a $1k ThinkGeek shopping spree by entering our 13th Anniversary contest. Do it, you know you wanna!

Sing it, Yoda!

It's the 25th anniversary of Spaceballs!

You know what this means, right?

We're going to go see Spaceballs and we want you to come, local geeks!

The details:

We're planning on going and trying not to recite all of the lines aloud along with the characters, why don't you come and stalk join us?


There's going to be a raffle! You'll automatically be entered when you hand in your ticket, so everyone who comes will have a chance to win a pre-release copy of Spaceballs on Blu-ray OR a Force FX Lightsaber. Shiny!

We might also be handing out tiny, edible door prizes as well. You'll have to make the Ssshzt and Woosh noises on your own, though.

Sing it, Yoda!

Meet Sam.

He doesn't know it yet, but he's our hero.

Sam is six years old. He loves turtles, frogs, and comic books, hates mint and popsicles, and he has acute myeloid leukemia.

Cancer is a horrible thing for anyone, but especially so for a story-loving kid like Sam. He has a close-knit family and extended network of friends helping him through the emotional exhaustion and physical pain that comes along with cancer and it's treatment, but being six, his grasp of the extended community rallying around him is a loose one.

That's why his mother started Superheroes for Sam: A Photo Project. She wants all of us to send Sam pictures of ourselves in superhero t-shirts to show him undisputed proof of the huge online community wishing him strength.

Of course we had to contribute.

Sing it, Yoda!

Click to embiggen.

Help us show Sam how many people are on his team. He needs to feel the love of the geeky community. We need to show him that he can be as strong as Superman, as resilient as Batman and as brilliant as Professor X.

Here's what you have to do:

Take a photograph of yourself wearing your favorite superhero shirt, holding up your favorite action figure or comic, doing your best Stan Lee hero pose, or just smiling. Print out the picture. Put it in an envelope and mail it to Sam, here:

Sam Sommer, E582
Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
P.O. Box 1997
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53201-1997

Sam's mom will hang our pictures on his wall, and we'll all become a part of team Superhero Sam.

Let's do this.


Helping Aurora

You have likely heard about the tragic news of last night. A gunman opened fire in a movie theater screening The Dark Knight Rises premiere in Aurora, Colorado, killing 12 and wounding 38 at the last report.

As geeks who were looking forward to the last film in Nolan's Batman trilogy, many of us were also in movie theaters when the shooting occurred. It is hard for us to wrap our minds around the circumstances.

Our hearts are with the families and friends of the victims, and the entire community of Aurora--but we'd like to do something more to help.

So today we donated $1,000 to the chapter of the Red Cross local to the Aurora shooting, and we hope you'll consider doing the same. Every little bit helps.

3:50pm update: Other ways to help!

The folks behind Denver Comic-Con are putting together a candelight vigil on Sunday, and they're working with the Mental Health America of Colorado to provide grief counseling during the vigil. They're also working on fundraising efforts, so keep an eye on their tweets for more news.

If you're local to Denver and the Aurora area, you're encouraged to give blood--actually, no matter where you are, now's a good time to be reminded that blood banks could always use your donation. The Bonfils Blood Center in Colorado sounds booked for today, but you can set up an appointment.

Denver magazine and website 5280 has some helpful information for Denver locals, including a crisis counselor hotline (Aurora Mental Health Center, 303-617-2300) and community gatherings scheduled for tonight and this weekend.

7/25 update: Yet more ways to help!

As more time has passed, more ways to help have been made available. Such as Giving First which has an extensive list of charities that are doing amazing things for the Aurora shooting victims and their families.

There are also drives gathering money to help individual victims with their medical expenses, such as Caleb Medly's fundraising site and an IndieGoGo to help Petra Anderson.

If you have more suggestions or ideas for helping Aurora, comment it up below!

Sing it, Yoda!

Yes folks, that is street art.

It's been about two weeks sine we've served up a list of links that we've harvested from the internet, so here's an extra long list of all of the good stuff.

Last weeks links from the Twitter, Google+, and Facebook 'verse:

No, it's not *really* a LEGO bridge, but we can pretend. (TwitPic)

Put your hands in the air like y=|x|-4! Mrs. Roach's precalc class does the Graph Dance. <3 (YouTube)

I don't always watch westerns, but when I do... (Twitpic)

And now for something completely different. Dominoes, Belarus military style. (YouTube)

What's your state shaped like? Maine & Alaska, you're awesome. (XKCD)

How to make a library parking garage awesome: paint it like a bookshelf. (Twitpic)

Behold, the most magnificent Maleficent paper mache sculpture you'll see all day. (TwitPic)

What is the air-speed velocity of a caped Batman? Jumping from 492m, he'd glide 350m & hit ground ~50mph. (Reuters)

Meet Rufio, the bat-stache kitty. Don't even care if it's 'shopped. <3 (TwitPic)

Did you miss Lightsaber Training at TGHQ? Wish you coulda been there? Check out the video proof of our awkwardness. (YouTube)

Here, have some surfing goats! (TwitPic)

In case you missed it & can take more of this meme, Star Wars covers "Call Me Maybe". Oh, internet. (YouTube)

How many rubber bands does it take to get to the center of a watermelon? About 500. Fun starts ~1:35. (YouTube)

Something just arrived in the mail for Timmy & it's 501st-approved! Friends at last. (TwitPic)

And now, Karen Gillan's Dalek impression. Look out, @DalekThay! (YouTube)

It's dangerous to go alone. Take your keys. (Etsy - GeekyandChic)

Broken wall? There's a brick for that. (TwitPic)

The Extremely Dark Knight has some questions... about math teachers? Awkward. (YouTube)

If superheroes were designers, they'd have this @PANTONE swatch book. (TwitPic)

This is adorable. @GeekandSundry's "Written by a Kid" w/ @DaveSFoley (milkman) & Joss Whedon (SQUAT team) (YouTube)

Okay, this version of the Dark Knight Rises logo wins. (TwitPic)

They've added some new sports to the 2012 Olympics! Alternate disciplines by Olly Moss. (Olly Moss)

In a world... where digital reproduction has become the norm... one renegade crew still paints 150'-tall advertisements the old-fashioned way. This is their story. (Tor)

Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads. Even more modified DeLoreans (like a hovercraft) at the link. (Enter My World)

Today's desktop vacation: Touring the largest underwater gypsum cave on Earth.(Environmental Graffiti)

Want more? Check us out next week, or keep an eye on our social media streams. We can never keep the good stuff to ourselves.

Frodo Timmy has NO idea...

This is not at all worrying.

Timmy went to SDCC for a number of reasons: To cosplay, to play with shiny new toys, and to risk his safety and sanity for this magnificent photo opportunity.

Here he is, bravely standing in front of the Sauron Premium Format Figure by Sideshow Collectibles that we're giving away in The One SysAdmin Day Contest to Rule Them All. Please take a moment to note the majestic scale. The meticulous detail. The palpable aura of menace.

Do you think your SysAdmin is worth it? Does your BOFH deserve $1000 worth of ThinkGeek loot? Do you want to win $250? Yes? Then enter!

Need a little inspiration?

Here are a couple of our favorite SysAdmin stories, submitted in the past week:

Anonymous lyrical homage:

Whose face is illuminated by the soft glow of the computer screen from dusk until dawn (and then until dusk again)?

My SysAdmin.

Who manages intricate networks, fiercely guarding my Very Important Data and pictures of kittens wearing hats?

My SysAdmin.

Who breathes life back into ostensibly dead hardware, God-like in his resurrection powers?

My SysAdmin.

Who benevolently translates complicated geek speak into intelligible language for the cubicle-dwelling peasants?

My SysAdmin.

To whom do I bow when I need a back-up, a viral cleansing, or a fresh bag of Doritos?

My SysAdmin.

If it were not for my SysAdmin, and SysAdmins everywhere, the world as we know it would fall into chaos. The apocalypse would be upon us. And I would have no damn idea how to reset my password.

Tommy, the untangler:

The UN-paid sys admin.

Everyone has one. But I acknowledge his true existence. My brother Tommy is the family SysAdmin. I'm his lackey. Tommy has made many midnight trips to help get family back on line, or even online in the first place.

But I have to hand it to him when I called him up at 10PM on a work night to come fix my home network after I had caused the damage by delving into things I knew nothing about.

I spend all of 5 minutes recreating my steps while watching him shake his head in disgust. I'm sure he was thinking 'why the hell did you do that'.

He spent the next 2 hours undoing my blunder while I quietly watched TV right next to him. I did try to find a show that would not agitate him.

Love ya Tommy. Thanks.

Think your BOFH is better? Tell us their story.

Timmy has a few outfits

Fans of Timmy know that he appreciates fashion, even if his tastes run more towards cosplay than runway. Of course, he does like a bit of foofaraw now and again.

And naturally the ladies of ThinkGeek are fans of ModCloth, a uniquely social retail apparel site that brings independent designers and a community of shoppers together to create awesome. They're into foofaraw from time to time, too.


So it's about time ThinkGeek and ModCloth teamed up.

We are pleased to announce that we'll co-host a joint Twitter chat on Thursday, July 19th from 3pm ET to 4pm ET. To participate, follow @ModCloth and @ThinkGeek and use the chat hashtag #thinkgeekmodchat. You might find TweetChat helpful in following along.

If you're reading this right now and are moments away from unfollowing @thinkgeek so we don't fill your column up on July 19th, don't worry--we'll just make every chat tweet an @ reply so you won't see increased volume.

And yes, there will be top-secret giveaways; you'll just have to follow the chat to find out what!

Sysadmin day 2012

Like Sauron, SysAdmins See all.

Unlike Sauron they don't have a weakness for pretty magical rings. (At least most of them don't.) However they DO have access to your work email, they know the sites you visit and they keep everything you rely on every day up and running. So it's best to keep on their good side.

Save yourself and your productivity by nominating your favorite SysAdmin for The One SysAdmin Day Contest to Rule Them All by 11:59pm ET on July 25th!

What could you and your BOFH win, you ask? Well if your entry is randomly chosen, you will win a $250 ThinkGeek Gift Certificate, and your SysAdmin will win:

  • A Sauron Premium Format Figure by Sideshow Collectibles, worth a lifetime of service to the Dark Lord. Highly detailed and very menacing, Sauron will guard your SysAdmin's desk. (Please note that this a sneak peek of Sauron and he won't ship until Spring 2013!)
  • A $1,000 ThinkGeek Shopping Spree to stock up on IT survival items.

You may also notice the option to share a story about your SysAdmin. It's not required, but we understand that the urge to pay homage to your great one is strong, and we want to hear all about the long hours in the server room and that time your SysAdmin taught a coworker how to doubleclick.

In fact, to inspire and amaze you, let us share one of our favorite stories that we've received thus far:

Bruce - Oldest Living SysAdmin:

My SysAdmin calls himself the ""Oldest Living SysAdmin"" out there. He started on computers on the old TRS-80s, taught himself programming, remembers punch cards, had one of the first handheld calculators (expensive things) and remembers typing his class work at University of Oklahoma (B.S. in Chemistry) on a TYPEWRITER!!!

So, when the chemical industry in Houston went bust for awhile in the 1980's, Bruce went into what he knew, computers. He built them, serviced them, and then got into the networking. When we married in 1993, he used to use me to ""test"" the upgrades in Windows. He moved me to Windows 3.1 and I couldn't find a damned thing and almost killed him. Then it was Windows 98. But I got him back, I learned Internet first.

Bruce is working for Open Link Financial as the Houston SysAdmin. He keeps their servers humming, the phones going, the doors locking and unlocking, all the comuters and laptops working, the classroom computers set up for classes (and either off the Internet or on). He tells the classes that if he finds someone on the Internet doing something they shouldn't be, he'll rip their arm off and beat them with it.

Did I mention Bruce looks like Santa? White beard, round belly, and everything? He even wears the hat at Christmas and the kids flock to him for gifts.

Bruce keeps OL-Houston running, over 100 people and gadgets. He was on call in 2011 when he had open heart valve replacement surgery, talking the guy who was helping him through procedures while at the hospital. He's on call on vacation.

He's The Oldest SysAdmin and he has no plans to retire anytime soon.

What are you waiting for!? Your SysAdmin probably knows that you're reading this, so ward off their potential ire and enter them now!


She can kill you with her brain...and those swords.

A day-long Whedonesque extravaganza? Sign us up!

Can't Stop the Serenity is a notoriously awesome browncoat charity powerhouse, so when they asked if we'd sponsor a charitable Whedonesque event involving Doctor Horrible, browncoat cosplay and Serenity? Of COURSE we said yes!

We're not just sponsoring the event, however. We're going to this event. Lots of us. We want YOU to come, too!

The juicy details:

You know you wanna come. So hurry and get your tickets! Oogling awesome cosplay and making witty comment about our favorite shows is far less fun without a group of like-minded geeks to hang out with!

See you all there! (We're excited already!)

A wall of loot!

German geeks! You can haz Economy Shipping!

It started with our Canadian friends then our Australian geeks were invited to the party. Now? It's your turn, Germany!


Our Palletmonkeys Julie and Michelle have been hard at work yet again, and economy shipping for our German geeks is now a reality!

Here are the shiny details:

  • Economy shipping is only available on small orders under $100 for light things 4lbs (1.8 kilograms) or less, so you can't use it to ship a Mass Effect M-8 Ranger Assault Rifle replica on the cheap.
  • You can, however, order up a bunch of shirts and annoy-a-trons like you've always wanted.
  • There will be no tracking on these economically-shipped orders, so their arrival dates will be a happy surprise.
  • Your package will be delivered via Deutsche Post, and we've heard from our German friends that it's extremely convenient when compared to other methods.
  • It's quite slow, but a LOT cheaper.

So there are yays and there are nays, but the drawbacks are tiny in comparison to the massive amount of money that you'll be saving on shipping. We're REALLY glad we can offer this to you guys, honestly. We've been looking forward to helping pretty much everyone out with their shipping costs, and we're now doing it, one country at a time.

Enjoy your cheaply-shipped loot and let us know what you think! If you have questions, we'll find the answers for you.

Timmy's ready for Fallout or Comic-Con

Caffeine, check. Comfy walking shoes, check. New amazing fan-made Timmy costumes, check. Pip Boy, check.

Yes, it's time for San Diego Comic-Con once again and we'll be there with Timmy, freebies, and some top-secret announcements in tow!

We don't have a booth--us monkeys are frugal and, most importantly, can't sit still very long--so we'll wander the floor and panels freely. But we do promise to be findable at least several times a day so you can hunt us down for free goodies and Timmy photos.

As for the top secret announcements, you'll just have to ask us in person--or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or G+.

Below is our schedule, but please note that it may change because that is the magic of Comic-Con. One minute you're trying to find the bathrooms, and the next you're caught in a mob of Browncoats trying to get their butts signed by Nathan Fillion. (He doesn't sign butts; that's Adam Baldwin's thing. And this parenthetical aside may or may not be true.)

ThinkGeek's SDCC 2012 Meetup Schedule O' Doom

JULY 11, Wednesday, preview night

  • 6:30pm, Meetup & something important is announced & our formerly top-secret thing has been revealed! We'll be offering a Sonic Screwdriver Programmable TV Remote starting 8/31! (meet at BBC America booth #3629)

JULY 12, Thursday

JULY 13, Friday

  • 11:30am, Meetup at Sideshow Collectibles (meet at Sideshow booth #1929)
  • 2:00pm, Meetup with Len Peralta, Geek A Week artist, and Tess Fowler, whose exclusive print for the show is of Daenerys Targaryen from GoT (meet at booth #BB-15)
  • 4:00pm, Meetup at The Prop Store (meet at Prop Store booth #3645 #3647)
  • 5:30pm, Meetup & something top secret happens here (meet at BBC America booth #3629)

JULY 14, Saturday

  • 11:00am, Meetup & something top secret happens here (meet at BBC America booth #3629)
  • 12:30am, Meetup with Stan Sakai, Usagi Yojimbo cartoonist (meet at booth #4906)
  • 3:00pm, Meetup with Dean Yeagle, Mandy cartoonist, who will have a 15-month Mandy calendar, copies of all the books and original drawings for sale, and free "Mandy Candy" (meet at booth #1129)
  • 4:30pm, Meetup with Lee Keeler, Assistant Editor and and writer for Devastator Quarterly, who will have a new issue of Fantasy, featuring Tony Millionaire, Scott Gairdner, Dan Hipp and more (meet at booth B-4)

And of course, if you spy a ThinkGeek monkey in a TG Staff shirt with a bag of goodies slung over their shoulder, please stop us to say hello! We are mostly very nice and we really did send way too many freebies to our hotel, so don't hesitate to squeal "OMG THINKGEEK" and ask politely for whatever's in the bag.

Can't wait to see you guys out there, and don't forget to bring deodorant! Timmy thanks you!

It gets cold on the wall.

Timmy as Jon Snow, courtesy of Pamela B.

We asked. You answered.

It astounds us every time. We ask for costumes to fulfill Timmy's need to cosplay and you send them to us. Amazing, detailed costumes by the bagful just pour into ThinkGeek HQ from June until July. It. Is. Awesome.

Every year we think we've gotten the best costumes EVAR. This year is no exception. For ease of squeeing, we've uploaded all of our pictures from the unboxing to our Flickr stream (scroll down for the 2012 batch). But we'll be sharing a few of our favorites here, too. Just because.

First: Fallout 3.

You have become addicted to Buffout

Timmy as a Wasteland Trader from Fallout 3, courtesy of Mat "Czar of Happiness" S.

You have become addicted to Buffout

A closeup of the Wasteland Trader's pack from Fallout 3, courtesy of Mat "Czar of Happiness" S. Please note the Insta Mash and Buffout.

We ain't afraid of no ghosts!

Where's slimer??

Timmy as a Ghostbuster, by Emma M.

Assassin's Creed 3:

You will never hear him

Timmy as Connor, by Loryanna M.

The Fifth Element:


Timmy as Leeloo Dallas, by Shelley B.


I'm a leaf on the wind

Timmy as Hoban "Wash" Washburne, by Laurie M.(We'll get his shirt on the outside for SDCC, @nonnymouse_!)


So much awesome

A table full of costumed Timmys! YAY!

But wait, there's more!

If you missed watching the unboxing live, check out the video embedded below where our joy is recorded for all time (link), or take a look at our SDCC Cosplay Flickr set. Just remember to scroll down for the new costumes!

Technical difficulties! It seems that the video has been eaten by a grue, but do not fear! The close-up pics are still there for your leisurely viewing pleasure!

A very heartfelt thank you to our costume creators: Kristin Harbuck, Kimberly Wilcox, Nancy Lapierre, Jackie Jablonka, Chelsea Durham, Elsa Fluss, Loryanna Michalek, Sharon Gauthier, Chris Barfield, Monica Brooks, Emma McIntosh, Amanda Darling, Sarah, Jen Schreib, Ashtan Albright, danielle de luna, Dave Dixon, Adina Alexander, Selina H., Shelley B, Caitlin Dana, Mat "czarofhappiness" Smith, Roanne Manzano-Roth , Elizabeth Christian, Katie Robertson, Sarah Matthews, Stephanie Feola, Carolyn Horton, Carylanne Joubert, Catherine Hui, Laurie MacKenzie, Angela Sheehan, Matt Pocase, Lijit Hamilton, Nix Houston! You've all made Timmy's cosplay dreams come true, and we'll never hear the end of it.

See you at SDCC!

That is no moon...

DeathPong ball? PingStar? Hrm.

We're meeeeeltiiiing! MEEEEELTIIIING!

Okay not REALLY, it just kind of feels like we are as another week of 100-plus degree weather bakes us here at ThinkGeek HQ. The only good parts of this are the ice pops, lemonade and car-baked cookies. Well those things and the delicious air conditioning which gives us a good reason to stay indoors and share links with you guys. Enjoy!

Last weeks links from the Twitter, Google+, and Facebook 'verse:

That's no moon! Nope, it's a ping-pong ball. Really. It is. (TwitPic)

Starting to get pics of Timmy's new costumes! @the_gella's Vork is amazing & love Princess Peach. (TwitPic)

Not the first IRL Batman video, but this one has the best Batcycle ever, trust me. (YouTube)

Happy Unicorn Appreciation Day! From TLU to @ActuallyNPH's steed, some of our favorite 'corns. <3 (TwitPic)

If you have Tetris sofa pillows, do they disappear when you fill a line? (TwitPic)

Browncoats! Your attention, please! Yes, it's @NathanFillion only wearing a holster. (TwitPic)

Hmm. This photo of intimate clone troopers looks familiar somehow... (TwitPic)

Never doubt the power of music! Ode to Joy orchestra & choir flashmob in Sabadell, Spain. (YouTube)

#Higgs boson found!? Pulled @CERN video included the words "We've observed a new particle". (ScienceNews)

This is the Jar Jar firing range target you've been looking for. (TwitPic)

Kid lip syncs trololo, wins the internet. It's all in the hands. (RIP, Mr. Khil.) (YouTube)

With a Godzilla front coming through, there's a 90% chance of epic weather. Seek shelter, Richmond! (YouTube)

Heatwave Experiment #42: Dashboard cookies. We placed a sheet of cookies in a ThinkGeeker car at 11am today. After 5 hours in temperatures exceeding 157.5 degrees F (the thermometer crapped out), they came out crispy and slightly risen. Verdict: Tasty and scary. Current temperature: 99 degrees F. (Google+)

The YouTube Complaints Department must be a terrible place to work. Video is mostly SFW. (YouTube)

Two words: Pancake Pops. How to make 'em. (No. 2 Pencil)

Time to 1-up your bathroom? Geeky tiling & accessory ideas. (MentalFloss)

Deyanna & Dustin's zombie & stormtrooper wedding. Her vows: "And when the zombies come, I'll stand back to back with you and fight off the hoard. But if you should be bitten, I'll hold out my arm so that you can bite me too. Then we'll share brains and laugh because being a zombie is more fun anyway." (Offbeat Bride)

We've taken to scrounging limp celery from the crisper instead of going out for lunch. Let's hope this heat wave ends soon, before we waste away to nothing. (Is bacon delivery a thing? We must know!)

Before 'saber training...

They were all smiles and bravado before training began...

50 padawans entered ThinkGeek HQ Friday night.

Eat Stix!

They left as Jedi. Very sweaty Jedi.

All 50 padawans who signed up to be trained in the way of the lightsaber by our Sith Lady Bette braved 110 degree heat, crazy D.C. traffic and freak storms to get to ThinkGeek HQ on Friday night, proving yet again that determination and focus are two hallmarks of a Jedi.

Here's how the night unfolded:

As they entered, our lucky padawans were assigned to a team. Team Nerf Herder got red bandanas and lightsabers. Team Flyboy got blue. Team Scoundrel, green. We took a group shot of everyone before separating them all by team to begin their training so that we could identify them later, after they were drenched in sweat and wise in the ways of the Force.

We want to see your war face! :)

Bette and Paul didn't take it easy on them. The training was harsh and much water and many ice pops were consumed as everyone learned the best way to gut someone with a lightsaber. Of course the fact that the padawans circulated through mini painting, Stix nomming and lightsaber lessoning probably helped. (There was bacon involved, of course.)


No one succumbed to the heat. In fact, it seems everyone had a wonderful time battling their loved ones and strangers alike. They all left sweaty, but happy, and much wiser for the experience.

Granted, we couldn't be everywhere. There were pockets of awesome that we missed, for sure. If you were one of the lucky geeks who attended, and you have a moment or a story to recount, go ahead and leave us a comment! We'll update this post with your tales of valor and mirth.

We want to thank everyone for coming out, Bette and Paul, all of our fans and especially the ladies of Stix and the folks Mythic. It was crazy hot, but you all went out there without hesitation and made the night awesome. Thanks guys! Hopefully you'll all sign up for the next super-secret TG event that we'll announce...soon.

EDIT: One of our padawans wrote a detailed post about her lightsaber training experience, here! Thanks Erin!

Timmy can't wait to break into his cosplay boxes!

It's our favorite mail time of the year! In May, we asked Timmy's Volunteer Costuming Corps to create some new fashions for San Diego Comic-Con, and we've been watching the pile of Timmy-sized boxes and packets grow for the last week.

We haven't opened any of them, despite our innate curiosity, because we're saving them for a live unboxing on Thursday, July 5 at 4pm ET, and you're invited!

With Comic-Con a little more than a week away, it's finally time to squee. We hope you'll tune in and squee with us, too.

(Oh and there might be some prizes if you watch. Maybe. Okay, fine, there definitely will be some giveaways.)

Last year's unboxing: