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Slow summer days require internet entertainment

Sing it, Yoda!

Ahh, to be 10 and playing in the woods again.

Summer is icumen in...and we're sweating BUCKETS. It's going to be over 100 degrees at TGHQ for the next couple of days, so if you're a local, carry that ice water around and stay in the shade!

It's also totally BBQ weather, so local geeks...if you're grilling delicious meats, let us know. If you don't mind a small invasion of hungry monkeys, that is.

Last weeks links from the Twitter, Google+, and Facebook 'verse:

Do you <3 your job as much as us ThinkGeek monkeys <3 ours? How we describe ThinkGeek. (TwitPic)

If any of you geek ladies out there need an excuse to purchase a Death Star skirt, it *is* con season. (Etsy - GoChaseRabbits)

Happy Take Your Dog to Work Day! Meet Buford, TG's resident bulldog. Talents: snoring, adorableness. (TwitPic)

A song asking GRRM to write faster, @jeffylew, & @paulandstorm cavorting in costumes? Yes, yes, & double yes. (YouTube)

How to make 60 lightsabers in 2 hours. Hint: Inhaling spray paint does not count as using the Force. (TwitPic)

Piranha Plant wine glasses, for the more discriminating fire ball drinker. (Etsy - BasementInvaders)

Haiku is not hard/ for sarcastic 4th graders/ See example here. (TwitPic)

The world's most dangerous garbage incinerator. It also happens to be a volcano. (YouTube)

Texts from video game companies. At least they don't leave voicemail? (TwitPic)

Great primer on @MarsCuriosity's "7 minutes of terror" as it goes from 13,000 mph at entry to 0 at surface. (YouTube)

Throwing a creepy party? Hire this face painter! (TwitPic)

The most adorable droid yarn bombing you'll see today. <3! (TwitPic)

Afternoon theater Part 1: Crispy Tauntaun by @epicmealtime. (YouTube)

Afternoon theater part 2: One joke from every MST3K supercut. (YouTube)

Disclaimer: This is crazy & don't try at home. Got it? Now watch a kite flyer jump a FL pier in TS Debby. (YouTube)

Imagination is a super power! Very cool illustrations by deviantARTist AndyFairhurst. (deviantART)

Now that's recycling! Fish sculpture made from plastic bottles. (20min)

How to prank a Whovian. (Tumblr)

What a 12 pound Care Bear coat looks like. Make your own with the Instructables guide. (Instructables)

Effective! Dark Knight Rises billboard spotted in US. (ComicBookMovie)

Spotted at Sam's Club, probably on a pizza run. (Geekologie)

Signal boost! Here are some links from our Twitter, Google+, and Facebook friends that might be interesting to look at:

Victim of bullies: Help a girl get the doll of her dreams. (IndieGoGo)

Education for a better future for my children (IndieGoGo)

Air conditioning FTW!

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