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Learn lightsaber stage combat at ThinkGeek HQ!

It is time for your training to begin.

You've been waiting for this moment for most of your life. So have we. Now it's finally going to happen--and we haven't even breached a barrier in the multiverse to access a galaxy far, far away.

One of our ThinkGeek monkeys is a Sith lord lady who is extremely skilled in stage sword combat. She's also a talented actress, and we've lucked out because she's offered to teach us how not to poke our eyes out when we spar. (Either that or she plans to Force-choke us all. It's a risk we're willing to take.)

You know what this means.

If you're a local-to-us geek, we want you to join us at ThinkGeek HQ on Friday, June 29th at 6pm for 'Saber lessons!

Eat Stix!

Here are the details:

  • Stage Swordplay Lessons will occur on Friday June 29th, 2012 at ThinkGeek HQ at 11216 Waples Mill RD, Suite 100, Fairfax VA 22030.
  • Doors will open at 6:00pm. Prepare to have your hand stamped, your email ticket checked and to enter your name for raffled prizes which will definitely include at least one Tauntaun.
  • We will divide you all into one of three groups, so that our Sith Lady Bette can easily instruct you. Lessons and tours will begin at 6:30pm and continue until 8pm, and the event will conclude around 9pm.
  • We will provide practice dowels lightsabers (please do not bring your own) and water.
  • Please wear comfy clothes, and perhaps bring a towel.
  • Happy news! We've managed to team up with Stix (your tastebuds may remember them from last years Marian Call and Art of Akira show) who will be bringing us thematically-appropriate grilled meats and veggies on sticks! So come hungry, and bring some cash for them! There is an ATM nearby, but ATM fees suck. Forewarned is forewarmed!
  • Mythic!
  • We're also working on bringing out some local geeks for some show and tell--like a Red Cross emergency response vehicle bristling with tech, and perhaps some tiny, tiny squigs from Mythic--so more information on that later.

A few notes on attendance:

  • Only 50 local geeks can attend! We have picked 50 random lucky geeks who entered over this past week and will email them shortly!
  • Everyone can bring one other human with them! Be sure to specify this in your entry, though, so we can get an accurate headcount.
  • Everyone who makes it onto the list of 50 will receive an email that will double as a ticket for entry. We will contact you by June 21st to let you know if you've made the cut. Make sure to print a copy for yourself and your companion!
  • You must reply to the emailed invitation to confirm! If you haven't confirmed by June 22nd, we'll have to give your invite to another random geek.
  • Mythic!
  • Older-than-12 geeklings may attend, but they will be considered your one companion if they do. As there will be a lot of commotion and flailing with sticks, younger geeklings probably shouldn't come. Besides, anyone younger than 12 is a little too young to be introduced to the Dark Side.

It is done. Our 50 have been chosen. Keep an eye on your inboxes! If you're one of the lucky ones, you should see an email from us soon!

Good luck! We'll see the lucky 50 on the 29th!

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meaningless icon! Submitted! Now I can stop refreshing my pinned tab every 20-30 minutes!
SneakyBaron said this 2283 days ago.
meaningless icon! Could you make a video or stream so non-local geeks (and those not in the blessed 50) can watch?
AllPowerfulRob said this 2283 days ago.
meaningless icon! @AllPowerfulRob We're going to try to have a video up for you guys after the fact. We can't do a stream mostly because of how much is going to be going on all OVER the place. There are only so many cameras!
Raevyn W. said this 2283 days ago.
meaningless icon! Soooooo wish I could make it out there by 6:00 PM. Sooooooo wish.
RB1701 said this 2282 days ago.

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