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Happy Father's Day, GeekDads!

Geek Dad love his Geek Kid!

Geek Dad love his Geek Kid!

We have a Most Ultimate GeekDad Giveaway Winner!

Just in time for Father's Day, our decide-a-trons whizzed and blorped and wiped away oily tears as they picked a single, random entry from the thousands we received. We read the story included with their choice and our cold, hard monkey hearts softened. We nodded and hrmed in nostalgic understanding. Yep. The decide-a-trons picked a good one.

Kate's Dad inspired a love of knowledge:

Some kids grew up hearing about Jack and the Beanstalk, or The Three Little Pigs... sure, I heard all that, but they were interspersed with stories about battles -- at Hastings, at Little Big Horn, at Pelennor Fields -- and all kinds of other stories about places and people which (I later learned) aren't typically told to four- and five-year-olds.

How I kept history and myth straight, I really can't say, because the "adventures" and feats of the likes of Jesse Owens, Buzz Aldrin, and Galileo Galilei seemed quite as fantastic as those of Jim Hawkins and Frodo Baggins. And you know what else? If I asked some crazy kind of "Why is ...?" question, he'd really try to answer.

It's only now, once I've reflected and started taking stock, that I've realized: dad raised me geek. So thanks, dad!

Thanks for sharing your Dad's awesomeness, Kate! Hope he enjoys his $1000 ThinkGeek shopping spree and his fabbster 3D printer (that we're a little jealous of)!

If you're still looking for the perfect present...well, you're a little late. Thankfully, gift certificates appear pretty much instantaneously due to the magic of the internet. So if you need a little something to give your GeekDad, go for one. We recommend folding it into a crane before handing it to Dad, though. Just for extra fanciness.

Thanks for being awesome, GeekDads! Happy Father's Day!!

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