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Did somebody order a batch of links?

Sing it, Yoda!

This mashup makes our brains go funny in the best way posible

Another week of witty and fascinating links and all we can think about are swords. So click on brave and possibly bored netizens. We'll be over here setting up awesomeness.

Last weeks links from the Twitter, Google+, and Facebook 'verse:

Wine rack in disguise. (TwitPic)

One thin crust Necronomicon pizza coming right up! Extra evil, no anchovies. (Twitpic)

Good luck, @NASAVoyager! After 34+ years & 11.1 billion miles, it's near the edge of our solar system. (NASA)

How to make drive through cashiers totally flip out: Floating Cup trick. (YouTube)

Hey, wait! Charley the baby duck just wants to say happy Monday!"Squeak." (YouTube)

Just a little reminder that nature could crush us all. It would make a nice desktop, too.. (Twitpic)

And now, the Harry Potter theme on played on musical glasses. (YouTube)

What's more unstable than an AT-AT? An AT-AT on a bike. (YouTube)

Awesome Pac-Man sidewalk trompe l'oeil. Waka waka waka. (TwitPic)

Before you get too excited about Portal LEGO sets...it was rejected by LEGO Cuusoo. :'( (Brickthing's Flickr)

Sing it, Yoda! <3! (TwitPic)

If Star Wars, Alien, Blade Runner, & The Matrix were pulp novels, by @timandersonart (TwitPic)

Afternoon theater part 1: Avengers a la Firefly. (YouTube)

Afternoon theater part 2: Daenerys Targaryen attack ad (YouTube)

Awesome working LEGO Turing Machine is awesome. (Turing's 100th bday is coming up on 6/23!) (Vimeo)

THIS. (TwitPic)

Cat loading, please wait... (YouTube)

R.O.U.S. graveyard discovered in Australia! Want to learn more? As you wish. (BBC)

This was a triumph. Chell in the style of Norman Rockwell by Jesse Rubenfeld on Etsy. (Etsy)

Hey, ladies, it's Avogadro's number. (FakeScience's scientific flyers collection) (Scribd)

Studio Ghibli + Adventure Time = <3 (Deighvid's Tumblr)

Puny cupcake. (Loki cupcake) (Nerdache Cakes)

Please raise a glowing hand if you saw Futurama last night! (Might want to put the Slurm Loco down first.) In case you missed it, new eps just started and here's the live action intro in its honor. (YouTube)

WANT. Recycled globe chandelier. (Recyclart)

This could be interesting. First photo of Angelina Jolie as Maleficent, the witch from Sleeping Beauty: http://j.mp/LymiEh (Directed by Robert Stromberg, production designer on films like Avatar and Alice in Wonderland.)(Movies.com)

In case you haven't yet witnessed the abomination that is Nic Cage Cats, the horror continues.(Tumblr)

Signal boost! Here are some links from our Twitter, Google+, and Facebook friends that might be interesting to look at:

Aether Dancer, Steampunk Open Source Project (IndieGoGo)

AUROR'S TALE - A Fan Web Series (Kickstarter)

We'll have to make the *Boosh* *ssh!* *ZZP* noises ourselves, but that's half the fun, isn't it?

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meaningless icon! I wish that Beatles + Yoda mashup image was print-ready! Would look so cool on my wall.
RaDragon said this 2281 days ago.

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