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A forbodingly comforting link roundup

Star Trail Photo from the ISS!

Star trails as seen from the International Space Station--SHINY.

Space. Xenomorphs. Predator. Bunnies. Mr. Rogers. The links that we shared last week contained alternating doses of Geigeresque creepiness and comforting fluff, almost as if we were intentionally preparing ourselves for seeing Prometheus yesterday.

Enjoy the linky goodness, everyone. We've, uh, we've got to run from this thing rolling towards us.

Last weeks links from the Twitter, Google+, and Facebook 'verse:

And this is why you keep wormholes on a leash. (TwitPic)

We found your new desktop! Star trail photo from the International Space Station. (Flickr)

Oh, Mister Rogers, you were the best. Nostalgic, inspirational Mister Rogers Remixed. (YouTube)

Best unauthorized use of the new Twitter logo so far, by @mywayhome. (Twitpic)

Here's to best friends on National Best Friends Day! <3! (TwitPic)

Apparently cats can think with portals, too. (Twitpic)

Bunnies! Bunny show jumping. (YouTube)

More Bunnies! Bunny & kitten wrestling match. (YouTube)

"Fire rainbows" are neither rainbows nor are they made of fire. Discuss. (TwitPic)

Um, a little privacy here, please? This isn't a public litterbox. (YouTube)

Hey @jimchines, dare you to try reproducing the Catwoman #0 pose! (Tumblr)

Alien & Predator have hit some rough patches--but that's not unusual for a married couple. <3 (TwitPic)

"Astrophysicists assure us the universe has no center. Therefore, you cannot be it." HS grads aren't special. (YouTube)

Set course for the last 10 seconds of every ST:TNG episode. Engage! (YouTube)

What would happen if Portal guns were real? Cave Johnson would be proud. (YouTube)

"Monkey orchids do not smell like bananas, but they do look like Timmy, so that's cool. (TwitPic)

Tetris fingernails look awesome...but what happens when you clear a line!? (TwitPic)

Robocop remake? Maybe okay. Starring Hugh Laurie, Gary Oldman, Joel Kinnaman & Samuel L Jackson? WELL THEN. (Hollywood Reporter)

Facehugger dates always end the same way. (TwitPic)

That thing that you think would eventually happen in an underwater polar bear display finally does. (Zookeepers, you may want to remove rocks from enclosures.) (YouTube)

The US Navy has signed off on a $27,883,883 contract from military contractor Raytheon to install Linux ground control software. [...] After a malware attack on the Air Force's Windows-based drone-control system last year, there has been a wholesale move to Linux for security reasons. (The Register)

Two IKEA oval mirrors with orange & blue rope lights mounted opposite each other = Portal loop. (Technabob)

If you love Star Trek so much, why don't you marry it!? Star Trek engagement ring in sterling silver, $500. (VaLaJewellery Etsy)

We don't have to tell you which Avenger gown is which, right? (by deviantARTist Kelseymichele)

Signal boost! Here are some links from our Twitter, Google+, and Facebook friends that might be interesting to look at:

Revive HP Lovecraft font! (Kickstarter)

Kickstarter by Neal Stephenson to create a realistic sword fighting game. Ooo. (Kickstarter)

Until next week, folks! Remember--stay away from vases filled with black ooze and you'll be mostly fine. Mostly.

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