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Our shiny May donation: Kids Need to Read

Reading is a right important skill to have when you're traversing the 'verse.

These days there are fewer and fewer geeklings able to fall in love with reading due to a distinct lack of books. With this sad state of things in mind, we've decided that our $1,000 charity for May will be Kids Need To Read, a charity backed by (Cap'n) Nathan Fillion and the Browncoats.

Specifically, we're donating $1,000 worth of shiny things for the Geek Prom which is hosted at Phoenix Comicon at the end of May. The proceeds from this geeky get together will all go to Kids Need To Read. So not only will geeks be able to get all fancied up in their foofaraw and kick up their heels, their contributions will be putting books into the hands of the next generation.

That's our kind of party.

It's safe to say that we're honored to be able to contribute to such an event, even if we can't be there due to the whole distance thing.

If you too can't make it to the shindig, but you still feel the spirit move you, feel free to get dressed up in your foofaraw anyway and donate directly to Kids Need To Read. Every little bit helps, after all!

Stay savvy everyone, and have fun at Geek Prom for us!

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meaningless icon! something
Aristov said this 2320 days ago.
meaningless icon! Thanks so much for donating, I can't wait to experience Geek Prom!
Shinimegami23 said this 2320 days ago.

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