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May the 4th be with you...soon.

May the 4th Star Wars Day Yoda
Star Wars amigurumi

Star Wars Day is on Friday.

It's time to start preparing.

Traditionally Star Wars day is celebrated by wearing Star Wars gear and making force-related puns. However people have begun branching out into Star Wars craftiness as a way to celebrate their favorite galaxy far, far away. This is a practice that we support wholeheartedly. Especially since Star Wars fans are some of the most creative people we've met (that's saying something). In our recent strolls through the internet, we've seen Star Wars high heels, cupcakes, amigurumi, Storm Trooper cosplay, and R2D2 hats. All of these may have inspired us to dig out our glue guns and crochet hooks, because really, who can resist tiny, crocheted wookies? Not us.

Star Wars Katie with her Lightsaber

Most importantly, though, Star Wars Day is a day for us all to be proud of our fandom, and a reminder that it is okay to be who we really are.

Two years ago a little girl named Katie became internet famous for standing up for her love of Star Wars, and getting a massive show of support from the online Star Wars community when the bullies were getting her down. Now she helps other young geeks feel okay about being nerdy. That right there? That's pretty awesome, and it's the very spirit of Star Wars Day.

So throw your Boba Fett shirt in the wash, put fresh batteries in your lightsaber, and get ready to get your 4th on. It's almost time.

P.S. Given the spirit of the season, we would like to inform you that we're gearing up to attend Star Wars Celebration this August. So if you're going, look for us! We'll have a booth and everything!

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meaningless icon! The fourth is strong with this one ...
sonicmna said this 2422 days ago.
meaningless icon! Last year I got in trouble for wearing non work attire. But Im gonna do it again, you guys are hiring if I get fired right?
Skidmark Steve said this 2422 days ago.
meaningless icon! Doctor Who FTW
musicwizard13 said this 2421 days ago.
meaningless icon! The guys over at www.Nerdyshow.com teamed up with The Protomen and did a parody of Epic Meal time: "Nerdy Meal Time" in honor of May the 4th with the Supreme Pizza Star Destroyer and The Rebel Tocade Runner. Its pretty hilarious, they even caught the oven on fire. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5j_x5vLQg9s&feature=player_embedded
Musical_Jinn said this 2420 days ago.

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