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Lions, Avengers, and Doctors, Oh My!

Have you had a hard work week? Been so busy that you've not been able to keep up with your social networks? Are you bemoaning missing all of the witty and amusing links that we share? Well have no fear! This blog post is here!

This weeks links from the Twitter, Google+, and Facebook 'verse:

This lion is really, really ready for lunch. Too bad the buffet is behind glass. (YouTube)

LEGO wigs don't need hairspray. BONUS: You can wear minifigs as hats. (Twitpic)

So busted! What was making that noise outside. (Warning: PG-13 but mostly SFW.) (YouTube)

Doctor Who theme played on 8 floppy drives. (Floppies are cool.) (YouTube)

Hulk doesn't disappoint. RT @SteveNiles: What If The Male Avengers Posed Like The Female One? (TwitPic)

And now, Yoda yodeling. Broke our brains you did, @pibennett. (YouTube)

Robert Downey Jr is an excellent math teacher. (TwitPic)

Here's hoping your commute was as lovely as this symphonic Copenhagen flashmob. (YouTube)

Here's an amazing image: Earth's water visualized in volume compared to rest of the planet. (TwitPic)

Dalek impersonator on Britain's Got Talent did NOT exterminate the competition. Sorry, @DalekThay. (YouTube)

Got a tiled drop ceiling? You need a Periodic Ceiling of Elements. Creative teachers ftw. (TwitPic)

What to do when you encounter a T-rex, as demonstrated by little Zack. <3 (YouTube)

And now, Daleks getting on a bus. (My Vintage London Tumblr)

For your recommended daily allowance of cute, introduce Dickens the dog to a tiny fawn. (YouTube)

After the delivery of a certain Handheld Portal Device, productivity at TG HQ has, um, declined. (TwitPic)

Fractals. It's what's for breakfast. (TwitPic)

The threat of zombies is real! Here's one now, adorably trying to eat an ice cream cone. (YouTube)

The best acoustic trio playing the Super Mario 3 medley while wearing paper masks you'll see all day. (YouTube)

We need some slightly mysterious help. Anyone out there have a contact at Segway or have a Segway on hand they'd be willing to contribute to a larger purpose? Any recommendations or sources would be appreciated. (YouTube)

The Birth of the Black Widow as if by Botticelli (Totino Tedesco Blogspot)

Good news, everyone! I'm about to break your brain. (Know Your Meme)

Just a little reminder that you are made of star-stuff. (Buzzfeed)

Friends at last. (Imgur)

Signal boost! Here are some links from our Twitter, Google+, and Facebook friends that might be interesting to look at:

mrsgneissgirl: @thinkgeek Im helping a STEM org. that wants to hold Aviation classes 4 kids. Donations help. Pls Rt? (Learn To Discover)

Join us again next week for another edition of "What ThinkGeek Shared!", same geek time, same geek channel!

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