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Here are those 41 links you were looking for!

Squig cake

Deadly, delicious and...kind of cute?

You know what you need on a Thursday afternoon? Two whole weeks worth of our Tweeted, Facebook'd and Google+'d links from around the web. Be careful, though. A two week link roundup is a bit much to take at once. You may need a glass of milk.

Last weeks links from the Twitter, Google+, and Facebook 'verse:

Wolowitz on the mathematics of love. Bazinga. (TwitPic)

Dare you to watch this video explaining why yawning is so contagious without yawning. (YouTube)

You are not hallucinating. This is a dog dressed as 2 pirates carrying a treasure chest. (TwitPic)

Anything that's been buried 86 million years & is still alive deserves its own horror flick. @Syfy? (Science)

At the intersection of small, green, & poor grammar he is. (TwitPic)

Stuck somewhere uncomfortable, like a plane? Have some klezmer. (YouTube)

This is the story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down... Yep, he still knows it by heart. (YouTube)

Obsolete tech desk craft #421: How to make a Death Star & X-Wing from floppy disks. (Instructables)

Gibeon Meteorite and gemstone "9 Planets" ring (yes, including Pluto). Price: $4200. (TwitPic)

Fancy an Avengers cocktail with your shawarma? The "Thor" will (wait for it) get you hammered. (TwitPic)

For your next meat-themed birthday party, meat balloons! (Designboom)

And now, a reminder to watch where you're walking. Or just avoid mud. Always. (YouTube)

So wrong and yet so right: Mr. Potato Head Big Daddy. Where's tater tot Little Sister? (Ginger Troll's Flickr)

Reason #42 Bethesda is a cool place: They just installed Alduin's Wall in their offices. (Twitpic)

Morning adrenaline rush! Parachute-less skydiver walks away after 1.4km jump into pile of boxes. (YouTube)

What is this I don't even. A flock of seagulls playing... A Flock of Seagulls. (YouTube)

Beware the Cake Squig, a 3-foot-tall monster as delicious as it is deadly. by @charm_citycakes (TwitPic)

This engagement ring totally eclipses all the others. (Sorry, couldn't resist!) (TwitPic)

Lucky kid! Yes, that's a birthday cake: RT @FatherNerdling: Yes, that's a severed wampa arm. (TwitPic)

Thank you, men & women in uniform, past & present. And thank you, internet, for this image. Happy Memorial Day. (TwitPic)

Today's entertainment is provided by monkeys & synthesizers. Bring your own earplugs. (YouTube)

Best Iron Man cosplay ever? (His name is Tony Starch) (TwitPic)

How did this not exist yet!? Self-stirring pot uses convection & sculpted sides to create whirlpool. (YouTube)

Video game trading cards? YES. A Kickstarter with rewards from us? DOUBLE YES. We <3 @GeekAWeek. (YouTube)

Shut up and take my money, birthday card makers! (TwitPic)

Got a problem? Rub some bacon on it. Thank you, Bacon Bot. (YouTube)

And now, all the spells from Harry Potter in a single 17-minute video. (YouTube)

If you watch one stop motion papercraft music video today, make it this one. (Vimeo)

LOVE. @Neilhimself Gaiman's inspiring "Make Art" graduation speech as a comic, by @zenpencils. (Zen Pencils)

WARNING! Do not click this link if you don't want an Iron Man 3 spoiler from the set. (The Superficial)

Good morning! Here, have a Star Wars LEGO minifig cupcake or 3! (TwitPic)

And then, when you least expect it... (YouTube)

MIT researchers have developed needleless shots like the ones administered by Dr. McCoy, and it's cool technology! (Time)

In a world... where giant blocks fall from the sky... one player holds the key. TETRIS, THE MOVIE. (YouTube)

Can't. Stop. Watching. Epic 3:20-minute journey of a slinky on a treadmill. (YouTube)

If you watch this clip of Aziz Ansari talking about wasting time on the internet, you'll be wasting time on the internet. Yeah, it's meta. (YouTube)

Pretty flower! (Actually, no--it's colored water and some serious photography skills.) More at the link. (OldSchoolJack's Flickr)

Jonathan Coulton's new song "Redshirt" is based on John Scalzi's novel Redshirts, and it's pretty great. (Tor)

Signal boost! Here are some links from our Twitter, Google+, and Facebook friends that might be interesting to look at:

Math Girls Comic (Kickstarter)

Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth - A Webseries (Kickstarter)

Girls of the Con 2013 Fantasy Cosplay and Costuming Calendar (Kickstarter)

SciFund, a project to crowdfund money for scientific research. (SciFund Challenge)

It's okay, we won't tell anyone. Just go back to work like you haven't been surfing for two hours.

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