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May 2012 Archives

Squig cake

Deadly, delicious and...kind of cute?

You know what you need on a Thursday afternoon? Two whole weeks worth of our Tweeted, Facebook'd and Google+'d links from around the web. Be careful, though. A two week link roundup is a bit much to take at once. You may need a glass of milk.

Last weeks links from the Twitter, Google+, and Facebook 'verse:

Wolowitz on the mathematics of love. Bazinga. (TwitPic)

Dare you to watch this video explaining why yawning is so contagious without yawning. (YouTube)

You are not hallucinating. This is a dog dressed as 2 pirates carrying a treasure chest. (TwitPic)

Anything that's been buried 86 million years & is still alive deserves its own horror flick. @Syfy? (Science)

At the intersection of small, green, & poor grammar he is. (TwitPic)

Stuck somewhere uncomfortable, like a plane? Have some klezmer. (YouTube)

This is the story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down... Yep, he still knows it by heart. (YouTube)

Obsolete tech desk craft #421: How to make a Death Star & X-Wing from floppy disks. (Instructables)

Gibeon Meteorite and gemstone "9 Planets" ring (yes, including Pluto). Price: $4200. (TwitPic)

Fancy an Avengers cocktail with your shawarma? The "Thor" will (wait for it) get you hammered. (TwitPic)

For your next meat-themed birthday party, meat balloons! (Designboom)

And now, a reminder to watch where you're walking. Or just avoid mud. Always. (YouTube)

So wrong and yet so right: Mr. Potato Head Big Daddy. Where's tater tot Little Sister? (Ginger Troll's Flickr)

Reason #42 Bethesda is a cool place: They just installed Alduin's Wall in their offices. (Twitpic)

Morning adrenaline rush! Parachute-less skydiver walks away after 1.4km jump into pile of boxes. (YouTube)

What is this I don't even. A flock of seagulls playing... A Flock of Seagulls. (YouTube)

Beware the Cake Squig, a 3-foot-tall monster as delicious as it is deadly. by @charm_citycakes (TwitPic)

This engagement ring totally eclipses all the others. (Sorry, couldn't resist!) (TwitPic)

Lucky kid! Yes, that's a birthday cake: RT @FatherNerdling: Yes, that's a severed wampa arm. (TwitPic)

Thank you, men & women in uniform, past & present. And thank you, internet, for this image. Happy Memorial Day. (TwitPic)

Today's entertainment is provided by monkeys & synthesizers. Bring your own earplugs. (YouTube)

Best Iron Man cosplay ever? (His name is Tony Starch) (TwitPic)

How did this not exist yet!? Self-stirring pot uses convection & sculpted sides to create whirlpool. (YouTube)

Video game trading cards? YES. A Kickstarter with rewards from us? DOUBLE YES. We <3 @GeekAWeek. (YouTube)

Shut up and take my money, birthday card makers! (TwitPic)

Got a problem? Rub some bacon on it. Thank you, Bacon Bot. (YouTube)

And now, all the spells from Harry Potter in a single 17-minute video. (YouTube)

If you watch one stop motion papercraft music video today, make it this one. (Vimeo)

LOVE. @Neilhimself Gaiman's inspiring "Make Art" graduation speech as a comic, by @zenpencils. (Zen Pencils)

WARNING! Do not click this link if you don't want an Iron Man 3 spoiler from the set. (The Superficial)

Good morning! Here, have a Star Wars LEGO minifig cupcake or 3! (TwitPic)

And then, when you least expect it... (YouTube)

MIT researchers have developed needleless shots like the ones administered by Dr. McCoy, and it's cool technology! (Time)

In a world... where giant blocks fall from the sky... one player holds the key. TETRIS, THE MOVIE. (YouTube)

Can't. Stop. Watching. Epic 3:20-minute journey of a slinky on a treadmill. (YouTube)

If you watch this clip of Aziz Ansari talking about wasting time on the internet, you'll be wasting time on the internet. Yeah, it's meta. (YouTube)

Pretty flower! (Actually, no--it's colored water and some serious photography skills.) More at the link. (OldSchoolJack's Flickr)

Jonathan Coulton's new song "Redshirt" is based on John Scalzi's novel Redshirts, and it's pretty great. (Tor)

Signal boost! Here are some links from our Twitter, Google+, and Facebook friends that might be interesting to look at:

Math Girls Comic (Kickstarter)

Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth - A Webseries (Kickstarter)

Girls of the Con 2013 Fantasy Cosplay and Costuming Calendar (Kickstarter)

SciFund, a project to crowdfund money for scientific research. (SciFund Challenge)

It's okay, we won't tell anyone. Just go back to work like you haven't been surfing for two hours.

Timmy reads to hone his skillz

If you can still see him, he needs to keep reading.

Have you been staring slackjawed at the walls wondering what to do with your summer?

Wonder no more! The monkeys at ThinkGeek are all voracious readers and are here to share their opinions with you! Get out your library card and fire up that internet browser, because after you see these lists, you're gonna need 'em!

Disclaimer: ThinkGeek is not responsible for any of the common side effects of voracious reading. Please contact your local librarian, physician or holistic theologian if you experience any of these symptoms: A sudden and rapid increase in imagination and daydreaming, inspiration, sleeplessness, photo sensitivity, myopia, drooling, fanfiction, increased typing speed and reading comprehension, a tendency to correct grammar, participation in online role playing, delusions of grandeur, pencil collecting, musing, philosophical debating, and increased empathy. Happy fun literacy is not for everyone. Do not taunt happy fun literacy.

ThinkGeek's Summer 2012 Reading Recommendations

Mike Kochis (Director of licensing and whiskey, son!) commands you to read:

Willy Yonkers (Mad Scientist, GeekLabs) offers these choice selections:

Mike Cummings (SysAdmin and BOFH) presents us with some detailed reviews:

Dorsai!, by Gordon R. Dickson - Starts with the best statement ever-- "He was an odd boy." A bit dated, and easily classified in a multitude of negative connotations by modern readers, it's a classic military Sci-Fi fiction. Plus, it totally sets the stage for Tactics of Mistake, The Chantry Guild, and The Final Encyclopedia, to name a few.

The Night Angel trilogy, by Brent Weeks - Recently re-released as an omnibus, let me just say: wowzer. This series never got the attention it deserved. Seriously, who wouldn't want want to read about an assassin and his magic ball?

Psalms of Isaak, by Ken Scholes - This series starts off as good fantasy, but by the time you get to the end of the latest book you realize you're reading a post-apocalyptic science fiction tale that's only pretending to be wrapped in a fantasy story. Or are you?

For a better source of what Mike is reading, read and has enjoyed, check out his GoodReads profile. Go ahead and ping him. He doesn't mind!

Tim Rosolino (Fixer of Broken Things) shares his brainmeats:

Boxing Stories, by Robert E Howard - This may take some setup but go with me. You like Conan? Right of course. You like bad guys getting their faces punched in? Who doesn't. Then bam, a book of stories by the creator of Conan about people all getting the concussions they deserve. With a surprising amount of humor and character you might not expect from Howard's other more serious works like Solomon Kane or Conan.

Tokyo Underworld: The Fast Times and Hard Life of an American Gangster in Japan, by Robert Whiting - This is one of the most fun history books I've read in a while. It follows the history of the yakuza from their modern start just after the end of ww2 through to near present day all through the eyes of an American who played at being a gangster in Japan while introducing pizza to the east.

The Best American Noir of the Century, by James Ellroy - This is more Black Dhalia and less Maltese Falcon. Everyone in this book is perfectly real they're all flawed, broken and has the worst of intentions.

Jamie Grove (Director of Evil Schemes and Nefarious Plans) uses his psychic powers to influence you:

My favorite stories are where the hero slays the dragon. The hero can be a heroine or even a hermit crab. The dragon can be scaly or made of silicon. The key ingredient is that justice be served, ideally with equal portions of humor and strangeness.

Raevyn Wallace (Social Media Ninjutsu Assistant and Word-Spewer) bids you to look at:

Edits! We have them.

Our Twitter fans chime in:

  • Evanskaufman - Apparently, Mike Kochis and I are on the exact same page, pun intended. Those are my three favorite series at the moment.
  • Streetlightout - Glad the Kingkiller Chronicle is there! Another good series is Dragoncrown War Cycle by Michael A Stackpole (4 books total).
  • LauraLeeSEO - I recommend the Age of Fire series by E. E. Knight!
  • PoisonFox - You forgot That Which Divides by Dayton Ward!
  • Zappdos - You know what's surprisingly good? The Last Wish, first book in the Witcher series. Sadly only 2 are in English so far.
  • BlasphemousFish - Favourite sci-fi trilogy to read: Peter F Hamilton's "Night's Dawn" is a brilliant technological utopian adventure!
  • Panda_bear430 - Dune and Hitchhikers Guide are always good reads!
  • Corintho - No Asimov's Foundation trilogy? "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" by Philip K. Dick. "His Dark Materials" by Philip Pullman.
  • BookG33k - The Rook by Daniel O'Malley. It's an entertaining, well written supernatural thriller.

Did we leave anything out? Leave us a comment with your summer reading recommendations!

See you next time...

Happy Geek Pride Day!

Timmy is ready. Are you?

Happy Geek Pride Day!

It's 5 + 25 + 12 = 42, so that means it's time to celebrate!

Hrm? You still need ideas on how to celebrate Geek Pride Day? Fear not! Here are some of the ways that your fellow geeks plan to celebrate:

  • yuvalwig: I'm hosting a Back to the Future marathon!
  • TabbieWolf: We're going to put a bowl of petunias down by the sperm whale statue in New London, Connecticut :) There will be pictures! Also, we're doing some really awesome other things, but they will be a surprise for future tweets & posts!
  • Kung Fu Ganda: I'll be reading Vogon poetry with friends whilst attempting to discern bistromath to develop an intergalactic spaceship drive core!

However the very best way to celebrate Geek Pride Day is simply by flaunting your geekery. Oh, and by entering our contest!

So grab your Geek Pride Day pin, your towel, and your lightsaber and...

Click here to enter!

Crocheted Luke snow suit and Tauntaun by the very talented Mara Saxer aka @mausmara.

It is time.

Timmy has been re-arranging the costumes in his cosplay trunk. We know what this means. San Diego Comic-Con is coming and we need stitchers, knitters, crochet hookers, hot gluers, haberdashers, and crafty-makers for Timmy's Volunteer Costume Corps!

We started this project two years ago and we still cannot adequately thank the volunteers that have made Timmy's current extensive collection possible. Each and every costume we've received has elicited squees of delight (video proof of the squees) and they've served us extremely well over the years. With your costumes, Timmy has traveled the world as an ambassador of geekery. He's met the shiniest people and probably flung poo in places that we will never see with our own eyes.

Do you have the time and skillz to take Timmy's cosplay collection from the trunk to the wardrobe? Scroll down for our costume wish list, take a look at his existing collection on Flickr, and sign up below to volunteer!

Our deepest costume wishes, with the already taken suggestions struck through:

Look out, Yoda!

This...might not end well.

  • Alien, Big Chap, or the Alien Queen (already have a chestburster and a tiny facehugger)
  • Diablo or Tyrael
  • Classic Spiderman
  • Rick Grimes from the Walking Dead (we already have a zombie Timmy)
  • Dovahkin, with horned helm (no Lydia, please)
  • Katniss, Peeta, Effie Trinket, Haymitch or Gale from the Hunger Games
  • Batman, Bane or Catwoman (sure, why not)
  • Your favorite (or least favorite?) Game of Thrones character (Tyrion Lannister, Cersei Lannister, Jaime Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen, Viserys Targaryen, Eddard Stark, etc)
  • Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
  • The 10th Doctor with his distinctive trench, sneakers and glasses. A wig with sticky-uppy hair (like the young folks are wearing nowadays) wouldn't be turned down, either
  • Toad, Luigi, or Princess Peach
  • Megaman
  • Yuri Gagarin
  • Trogdor or Strongbad
  • Chewie, Jawa, or Boba Fett
  • Nibbler, with antimatter poop
  • Link (we have his accessories but not the costume; totally needs pointy ears)
  • Wheatly or a turret
  • The Avengers: Iron Man, Nick Fury, Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Loki, or Agent Phil Coulson (we have Thor and Cap!)
  • Sheldon (with soft kitty?)
  • The Stig
  • Vault boy or Vault 101 survivor complete with Pip Boy 3000

UPDATE 5/25: You might notice that most of of our wishlisted costumes are taken (which is awesome), but that doesn't mean we don't want your costume. If you have a costume idea that is not currently listed, sign up and let us know what you're thinking!

If you sign up below, we'll be in touch via email to confirm your costume pick to ensure maximum costume efficiency. (Ten people working on the same costume means we'll have to choose favorites and that's no fun.) And unlike last year, we do finally have Timmy clones handy if you'd like to snag one, but Timmy's measurements are below for reference. (We're out of the freebie clones due to high demand, sorry!)

Timmy's measurements

Height: 8"; Chest (all the way around): 9"; Neck (all the way around): 8"; Arm (shoulder to end of hand): 3.5"; Shoulder to wrist: 2"; Tips of fingers to fingers across shoulders: 10"; Inseam: 2"; Outseam (hip to bottom of foot): 3.5"; Head (where a hat would fit): 8"; Height (tip of head to bottom of foot): 7.5"; Tail length: 5"; Width of face across nose: 2"; Width of feet (so you can get pants on over them): 1.75"; Neck to hip (for shirts): 3". Pretty sure that's every possible measurement, but let us know if we missed one!

Your deadline, should you choose to accept it

Timmy and his entourage will leave ThinkGeek HQ on July 11th, and they'll need a few days to get his bags packed. So the deadline for your costume to arrive at the HQ is July 3, 2012.

Where to ship your creations

Please address your costume to: Timmy's Volunteer Costuming Corps, ThinkGeek, 11216 Waples Mill Road, Suite 100, Fairfax, VA 22030.

Where will Timmy wear your work?

All over the world! At conventions and geeky gatherings, fundraisers, and premiers. He'll debut his new costumes at SDCC this July, though. We also display all of his costumes in our conference room, and in our Timmy costume Flickr album where you'll be credited so that others may bask in the glow of your stunning artistry forever.

That's it! If you have any questions or need more details, please comment below and we'll update this post with the necessary information.

We are already so excited! Thank you, everyone!

Timmy doesn't panic

Don't Panic!

Show your Geek Pride on May 25!

Do you know where your towel is?

May 25th is a magical confluence of three utterly relevant and utterly geeky observed holidays. The first Star Wars film, A New Hope, debuted on May 25th 1977 and subsequently altered geeky reality forever. It's also Towel Day, celebrated by hoopy froods across the galaxy as a reminder to keep your towel handy and your options open. Also, for fans of Terry Pratchett's Discworld, it is the Glorious 25 May.

That's a whole lot of mind bogglingly relevant awesomeness to pack into one day. It's no wonder that the internet rallied to make it the official Geek Pride Day.

However it is still quite young, as official holidays go. Aside from having your towel with you (which should be a given anyway, hitchhiker), wearing Star Wars swag and perhaps pinning a lilac to your lapel, how does one celebrate?

Our first instinct was visibility. Which is why we started giving out our Geek Pride Day pins. Then we thought harder. If we were giving away small tokens to our geeky smart masses so that they could declare their geek pride, we...kind of wanted to see those tokens displayed.

On Friday, keep your pin (or Star Wars gear, or towel) handy and we'll post the details of a photo contest via our Twitter, Google+, and Facebook streams. There may be free goodies involved if you do this, and by "may" we mean a Jedi (or Sith, your choice) Bathrobe, a set of Lightsaber Candlesticks, a Tauntaun Sleeping Bag, a 42 Utility Towel and a 42 Ringer Shirt--or one of 10 $42 ThinkGeek gift certificates!

But for now, we need ideas.

What are YOU doing to celebrate your Geek Pride this Friday?

Let us know in the comments so that we can join in from ThinkGeek HQ!

The Pins! They are gone!

As of May 21st, we have officially run out of pins! If you haven't gotten one, do not despair, there will be options for you to participate in the Geek Pride Day photo contest as well!

The Art of Video Games

Local Geeks! Clear your Saturday schedule!

This Saturday, May 26th, a bunch of ThinkGeek monkeys are going to The Smithsonian American Art Museum to visit The Art of Video Games exhibition and we need YOU to come along and aid us in our quest!

Quest objectives:

  • To meet at the Smithsonian American Art Museum F Street lobby at 12 noon to gather and mark our party.
  • At 12:30 we head into the exhibit in parties of three to gather information, pwn noobs and dive headfirst into the virtual worlds we love so much.
  • At 2:00, we reconvene at the F Street lobby. There we will test our new knowledge and determine who gets some shiny ThinkGeek loot.

Do you think that you can handle awesomeness of this magnitude!? Join us!

Useful information:

A wall of loot!

UK geeks: It's finally happened for you!

You might remember a couple of blog posts directed to our Canadian geeks and our Australian geeks in which we revealed new economy shipping options for them. The distinct lack of economy shipping options for the UK probably made you feel a little sad and forgotten.

You were not forgotten.

Our palletmonkeys Julie and Michelle have yet again used their geeky prowess to acquire economy shipping, this time for our friends across the pond!

Here are the bits that you'll need to know:

This will be a familiar sight for you again, soon.

  • Economy shipping is only available on small orders under $100 for light things 1.8 kg or less, so you can't use it to ship a Wampa Rug on the cheap.
  • You can, however, finally stop pining for all of the t-shirts you've had on your wishlist for ages. You might even be able to throw in an annoy-a-tron or three.
  • There will be no tracking on these economically-shipped orders, so their arrival dates will be a happy surprise.
  • Your package will be delivered by the UK Post Office, which from what we've heard is extremely convenient as compared to other methods.
  • It's pretty slow, but a LOT cheaper.

So it's not all roses, but it's pretty awesome that shipping will be a lot more affordable for you starting today.

All we ask is that you let us know if anything goes wonky, and to not hesitate to ask us questions. We'll find answers for you, no matter what. Even if your questions are silly. (We actually like answering those the best. Shh. Don't tell.)

Enjoy your cheaply-shipped loot, and don't forget to take pictures of it all for us! We like to live vicariously.

P.S. Writing this post has brought on a distinct craving for tea. We may be a wee bit impressionable.


Enjoy the song that you now have in your head.

If another week of joyful social media'd wit has passed you by, we again come to your rescue and batter you about the head and shoulders with links to awesome and entertaining things. Enjoy!

Last weeks links from the Twitter, Google+, and Facebook 'verse:

Now we know how Nyan Cat was born. Cat + buttered bread = terrifying energy drink commercial. (YouTube)

How to make Game of Thrones cake pops (which may include sweet, gory spoilers for you) (Not Your Momma's Cookie)

Build a real starship Enterprise!? We have the technology--in ~20 years, says awesome person. (PhysOrg)

Even more reasons to love Tesla by @Oatmeal, in case you missed it. BONUS: Laser-eyed pigeons. (The Oatmeal)

Wake up & rock out! Mini Dave Grohl shows you how. \m/ (YouTube)

If you're in Fort Lee, NJ & crossing the road while reading this tweet, you could get a ticket. Be safe! (YouTube)

Soft Dalek, warm Dalek, little ball of hate. Happy Dalek, sleepy Dalek, ex-ter-mi-nate. (TwitPic)

Morning adrenaline/nausea rush: Biking down 1,000 steps of Monserrate. Yipes. (YouTube)

Watt is love? (TwitPic)

Game of Thrones theme played on 8 floppy drives. That's it, internet. We're cutting you off. (YouTube)

By the way, we're moving in with Pete & his amazing console collection. (YouTube)

You want photos of Pete's amazing console collection, too? Here you go. (pseudo-macro)

Cute thing break! Lazy harp seal has no job. (Enjoy that earworm.) (YouTube)

It's the bibliophile motherlode! 31 sculptures worth reading about, (Web Urbanist)

"I'm a doctor, not a _______." (YouTube)

Using Mario to explain medieval illuminated manuscripts? Makes perfect sense to us! (Got Medieval?)

Tetris game ahead. (Google+)

And now we know where minifigs come from. (Citizen Brick)

This is a cake. Alduin the World Eater by Vera. (Baking Obsession)

Friends at last. (Imgur)

Signal boost! Here are some links from our Twitter, Google+, and Facebook friends that might be interesting to look at:

Megapower124 @thinkgeek Could you look at/ donate to/ tweet about my campaign? (Indie GoGo)

@thinkgeek If you could retweet, it would make my day... It's for an event I'm planning in OKC to raise awareness. (St. Baldricks)

You shoulda ducked. Really.

Reading is a right important skill to have when you're traversing the 'verse.

These days there are fewer and fewer geeklings able to fall in love with reading due to a distinct lack of books. With this sad state of things in mind, we've decided that our $1,000 charity for May will be Kids Need To Read, a charity backed by (Cap'n) Nathan Fillion and the Browncoats.

Specifically, we're donating $1,000 worth of shiny things for the Geek Prom which is hosted at Phoenix Comicon at the end of May. The proceeds from this geeky get together will all go to Kids Need To Read. So not only will geeks be able to get all fancied up in their foofaraw and kick up their heels, their contributions will be putting books into the hands of the next generation.

That's our kind of party.

It's safe to say that we're honored to be able to contribute to such an event, even if we can't be there due to the whole distance thing.

If you too can't make it to the shindig, but you still feel the spirit move you, feel free to get dressed up in your foofaraw anyway and donate directly to Kids Need To Read. Every little bit helps, after all!

Stay savvy everyone, and have fun at Geek Prom for us!

Geek Moms Rock!

Looks like this geekling is being raised right!

It's time to announce the winner of our GeekMom $1,000 Shopping Spree!

This Mother's Day, we partnered with GeekMom to put together a $1,000 ThinkGeek Shopping spree and prize pack for the most deserving mother we could find.

We've found her.

It wasn't an easy decision to make. We received over 500 entries, each of them a heartwarming homage to an amazing geeky mother, and every single one deserved to win. In the end, we picked a random Mom from the top pool of essays.

Our Grand Prize Winner: Deborah H. and her sons Colin and Casey.

Here's an excerpt of Colin's essay:

My name is Colin, and my mother, Deborah H., is my biggest inspiration in life. She is a huge geek, just like me. We have always been a tight family--just me, mom and dad, and my brother, Casey. Casey has autism.

When I learned that Casey had autism (I was around 4 or 5), I thought that there was something "wrong" with him. Casey doesn't always do too well in social situations, and his brain works differently than that of a normal person (a concept that has always fascinated me). Little did I know, he would make me become a better person. Casey has taught me to appreciate people for their differences, to triumph in the face of adversity, to pursue the impossible, all with an unrelenting passion. I would not be the person I am now if it were not for Casey. Furthermore, through all the struggles of raising an autistic child, my mom maintained her compassion and vigor for life. She has always been understanding of his needs, while making sure I understood exactly why my brother was who he was.

--Colin H., on his GeekMom

Read the whole essay along with the essays for our five honorable mention winners on our GeekMom Contest Page.

We can't let the story sharing end with our winners, however. There were too many great entries.

Here are some of our favorites from the top pool of essays that didn't make it to the winner's circle:

Joi's GeekMom - Science!:

I was homeschooled since the schools in our town weren't academically rigorous. My mom didn't want me to miss out on science lab opportunities, so she found a supply company and bought a wide range of animals for me to dissect. We dissected earthworms, starfish, fish, clams, frogs, and fetal pigs. She even let me order a sheep's brain as a special treat!

And really, what better measure is there of a geek mom than one who will give you real brains to play with?

Brady's GeekMom - Compassionate, yet battle-ready:


To me my mom is the one that nudges me in the direction that will help me most in my future. The one that shows me all the corny YouTube videos and explains all the jokes that I don't understand. In Olympus she would be the Hera the god of family. Every day the first thing she does when she gets home is dishes or dinner. She is the greatest writer in the galaxy and when I show her this on mothers day she will probably find a grammar error or fragment sentence.

She is the one that helps me when I'm in a rut. Introduced me to loving such a website like ThinkGeek and the April Fools jokes you play on my family every year. She also introduced me to her dangerous friends that taught me how to throw knifes, tomahawks and punch. She is the extension of my life and has introduced me to my future. She loves everyone with all her heart and can make friends with anyone. She deserves this prize and likely deserves every other prize that would include a mom-like figure she is ...

My mom.

Anonymous GeekMom's wife - All out of bubblegum:

Our gadget loving, high heeled mother of invention leaves her BFF's slack jawed, twitchy-eyed and reaching for the bottle with her details of the latest app or Sci-fi movie.

While she's no domestic goddess with a needle and thread, she creates highly detailed Halloween masterpieces like giant microbes, robots or mini-figures with re-purposed Styrofoam, Gorilla Tape and a staple gun.

A 3 time Lego League coach, she proudly led our son's team to the title of 'Most Explosive" two years in a row.

A Graphic Design Web Queen For Hire, she spends her days lording over websites and social realms and her evenings as homework director and culinary scientist.

Did I mention this GeekMom also loves fast cars, power tools, District 12, caffeine, and of course...bacon?

So many awesome GeekMom essays, so little time. If you'd like to hear more stories, or better yet, contribute one of your own, leave us a comment!

Also, if you've been a bit of a slacker and still need to find a little extra something for your GeekMom, we'd like to point you here. It may be too late to ship Mother's Day gifts, but a gift certificate is the next best thing!

Happy Mother's Day, Geeks! Thanks for making us smile, nod, and shed a tear or two.

Have you had a hard work week? Been so busy that you've not been able to keep up with your social networks? Are you bemoaning missing all of the witty and amusing links that we share? Well have no fear! This blog post is here!

This weeks links from the Twitter, Google+, and Facebook 'verse:

This lion is really, really ready for lunch. Too bad the buffet is behind glass. (YouTube)

LEGO wigs don't need hairspray. BONUS: You can wear minifigs as hats. (Twitpic)

So busted! What was making that noise outside. (Warning: PG-13 but mostly SFW.) (YouTube)

Doctor Who theme played on 8 floppy drives. (Floppies are cool.) (YouTube)

Hulk doesn't disappoint. RT @SteveNiles: What If The Male Avengers Posed Like The Female One? (TwitPic)

And now, Yoda yodeling. Broke our brains you did, @pibennett. (YouTube)

Robert Downey Jr is an excellent math teacher. (TwitPic)

Here's hoping your commute was as lovely as this symphonic Copenhagen flashmob. (YouTube)

Here's an amazing image: Earth's water visualized in volume compared to rest of the planet. (TwitPic)

Dalek impersonator on Britain's Got Talent did NOT exterminate the competition. Sorry, @DalekThay. (YouTube)

Got a tiled drop ceiling? You need a Periodic Ceiling of Elements. Creative teachers ftw. (TwitPic)

What to do when you encounter a T-rex, as demonstrated by little Zack. <3 (YouTube)

And now, Daleks getting on a bus. (My Vintage London Tumblr)

For your recommended daily allowance of cute, introduce Dickens the dog to a tiny fawn. (YouTube)

After the delivery of a certain Handheld Portal Device, productivity at TG HQ has, um, declined. (TwitPic)

Fractals. It's what's for breakfast. (TwitPic)

The threat of zombies is real! Here's one now, adorably trying to eat an ice cream cone. (YouTube)

The best acoustic trio playing the Super Mario 3 medley while wearing paper masks you'll see all day. (YouTube)

We need some slightly mysterious help. Anyone out there have a contact at Segway or have a Segway on hand they'd be willing to contribute to a larger purpose? Any recommendations or sources would be appreciated. (YouTube)

The Birth of the Black Widow as if by Botticelli (Totino Tedesco Blogspot)

Good news, everyone! I'm about to break your brain. (Know Your Meme)

Just a little reminder that you are made of star-stuff. (Buzzfeed)

Friends at last. (Imgur)

Signal boost! Here are some links from our Twitter, Google+, and Facebook friends that might be interesting to look at:

mrsgneissgirl: @thinkgeek Im helping a STEM org. that wants to hold Aviation classes 4 kids. Donations help. Pls Rt? (Learn To Discover)

Join us again next week for another edition of "What ThinkGeek Shared!", same geek time, same geek channel!

Timmy with his Geek Pride Day Pins

Timmy has taken to making pin-angels in his spare time.

You've been getting something extra in your ThinkGeek orders since Monday May 7th.

No, it's not poo.

Geek Pride Day (and Towel day) will happen on May 25th. In anticipation of these holidays, we decided to have some Geek Pride pins made with very familiar fonts, so that our Smart Masses can let their geek flags fly and proudly support their inner nerd. The only problem? We ordered too many. So to keep Timmy from hoarding them all, we're going to be including a pin in each and every ThinkGeek order until there are no more pins left to give.

But wait! There's more!

You must wear this pin.

We're plotting a Geek Pride Day contest that may involve pictures of geeks with their pins and/or towels. So pull that thing out of the box and pin it somewhere creative. The more interesting your picture is, the more likely we'll remember you. (Even though the winner will totally be chosen completely at random.)

You've got your mission, Smart Masses. We'll see you on May 25th.

Enterprise on the back of a 747

It's time for some new chest armor.

With the warm months coming and the sun shining down on us all, we've begun to realize that our comfy t-shirts are looking faded and worn. Yours probably are too, after the long and balmy winter.

For a limited time, we're offering a deal; Buy one t-shirt, and get the second one 50% off. Just in time for the summer armor upgrade.

The details:This offer applies to t-shirts and t-shirts only. Non-t-shirt stuff like hoodies, work shirts, polos, interactive shirts, chain mail and satellites are excluded. This t-shirt deal may not be combined with other offers and may disappear when the overlords see fit.

So get that shirt you've been staring at, and grab one for your Mother-unit while you're at it! Mother's Day is on the horizon, after all.

Enterprise on the back of a 747

We are so glad this picture exists.

The usual channels of "interesting" on the internet were kind of quiet this week, but we made up for it by going on outings ourselves and finding awesome cosplay photos. Like we do. Enjoy!

Links from the Twitter, Google+, and Facebook 'verse:

Step 1: Google "zerg rush" Step 2: Enjoy. (Google)

I am... BAT-STACHE!!! (Imgur)

Rock out to the metal Doctor Who theme while we wait for Twitter to uncache our 499,916 follower count. \m/ (YouTube)

Timey-wimey: Amazing Clockwork Droid cosplay (Clara Kim's SmugMug)

Doctor Whoof (Fashinably Geek)

Dalek vs MIT (Hacks.MIT)

ThinkGeek Behind the Scenes fact #501: That's no 'shopped Death Star basketball! It's for realsies! (TwitPic)

Insert police Force joke here: "Obiwan Kenobi arrested in connection to Roseville hit, run" (News10)

This is just awesome. DuckTales, the rock version, ooo-oooo. Thx, @thehumantim! (YouTube)

Snacktime!! Adorable bento featuring Eeyore, TMNT, Hello Kitty, Harry Potter & more, by @TorreyBell (LunchboxAwesome Tumblr)

Don't text & drive. It's dangerous... & funny if you *make* people text during a driving test. (YouTube)

We saw a TARDIS bot, threw diarrhea & food poisoning, & got mauled at the freebie table. Ah, high school. <3 (YouTube)

This isn't going to make sense--just let Balki take you on a journey. #nothingsgonnastopmenow. (nothingsgonnastopmenow)

Still Alive played by a reprogrammed gym computer because of reasons. GLaDOS would approve. (YouTube)

Click here to make everything okay. Remember to check system requirements. (make-everything-ok)

Great photo of Enterprise flying over NYC today! (Sorry, couldn't resist. Here are 25 actual photographs of the shuttle Enterprise's trip: Enterprise over NYC! Breathtaking.) (Google+/Buzzfeed)

In case you've been living under a rock or a facehugger the last few weeks, Ridley Scott's Alien prequel, Prometheus, hits theaters June 1. This new trailer is just a little intense. (YouTube)

On draught from George R.R. Martin Brewery (The Drunken Moogle)

Sharks with frickin' laser beams attached to their frickin' heads: CHECK. (Wired

Best door sign ever? (Imgur)

Signal boost! Here are some links from our Twitter, Google+, and Facebook friends that might be interesting to look at:

Surviving the fire: Help a family recover from a devastating housefire. (Jamie Chambers)

Geek a Week Video Game edition! OoOooo! (Kickstarter)

Geek Facts and Knowledge Nuggets! How fascinating. (Facebook)

National Wear Your Apron as a Cape day 2012 is Nigh! (Facebook)

Now. Back to the three-dimensional world. Brace yourselves though, the transition can cause dizziness.

Ty with Timmy, plotting.

Evil Mastermind.

It's time for another episode of ThinkGeek Lairs!

We've already walked you through Carrie's office and Christian's office. This time, we're taking you into the office of our GeekLabs mastermind, Ty. He's the voice of My First Bacon, the bringer of gadgets and gizmos, the ambassador of all things geeky...and the collector of tons of neat stuff that he leaves just laying around his office for anyone to take photographs of.

Please. Follow us. We promise that no harm will come to your psyche.

Lightsaber Knight

As is only appropriate for a mastermind's lair, there is a guardian by the door to protect the top-secret contents within. With a lightsaber. (He's also about two feet tall. Your knees will feel his wrath.)

Millenium Falcon

The fact that the Millenium Falcon is chasing a Tie Fighter just below the ceiling should surprise no one.

Giant Sackboy

Giant Sackboy. Leather couch. A great place to kick back and ponder world domination.

Mazinger Z

He even has Mazinger Z to do his bidding!

Airsoft. I swear.

He assures us that this airsoft weapon will only be aimed at paper targets. We are still wary.

Airsoft taget: Destroyed

After all, look what has become of his target! Please be aware that this target is taped to a cardboard box and that the airsoft pellets have exited the back side of the box and tend to fall behind the book case.

Ty's manga!

A closer look at his books, because books are important. Ooh, Battle Angel Alita!

Star Wars Electronic Battle Command

Further down on the bookshelf, we spotted this little gem. Urge to press buttons...rising.

Mario and Mickey are armed.

Mario is armed. So is Mickey (check out the lightsaber hilt in his hand!). We suspect that Ty may be attempting to create a tiny, vinyl army.

Kaneda and Tetsuo from Akira

In the corner, Ty has a curio case full of wonders. The top shelf is home to Kaneda and Tetsuo.

Indiana Jones made adorable

On the bottom shelf of the curio cabinet, a glimpse of the soft side of Ty. Adorably chibi Indiana Jones figures. Awww!

Those are all of the pictures that we could snap while Ty was away from his lair. There are more things that we could not capture on film. Half constructed robotic arms. Abandoned droids leaning against walls. Piles of helicopters and mecha. Perhaps next time we will manage to snap photos of these and escape with our lives. However for now, this will have to do.

P.S. Let us know if there are any other bits of ThinkGeek HQ that you'd like to see photographed! We've got more offices lined up, but if you REALLY want to see the interior of our fridges, we can accommodate you. Just don't ask to see the bathrooms. Seriously. They're just bathrooms.

May the 4th Star Wars Day Yoda
Star Wars amigurumi

Star Wars Day is on Friday.

It's time to start preparing.

Traditionally Star Wars day is celebrated by wearing Star Wars gear and making force-related puns. However people have begun branching out into Star Wars craftiness as a way to celebrate their favorite galaxy far, far away. This is a practice that we support wholeheartedly. Especially since Star Wars fans are some of the most creative people we've met (that's saying something). In our recent strolls through the internet, we've seen Star Wars high heels, cupcakes, amigurumi, Storm Trooper cosplay, and R2D2 hats. All of these may have inspired us to dig out our glue guns and crochet hooks, because really, who can resist tiny, crocheted wookies? Not us.

Star Wars Katie with her Lightsaber

Most importantly, though, Star Wars Day is a day for us all to be proud of our fandom, and a reminder that it is okay to be who we really are.

Two years ago a little girl named Katie became internet famous for standing up for her love of Star Wars, and getting a massive show of support from the online Star Wars community when the bullies were getting her down. Now she helps other young geeks feel okay about being nerdy. That right there? That's pretty awesome, and it's the very spirit of Star Wars Day.

So throw your Boba Fett shirt in the wash, put fresh batteries in your lightsaber, and get ready to get your 4th on. It's almost time.

P.S. Given the spirit of the season, we would like to inform you that we're gearing up to attend Star Wars Celebration this August. So if you're going, look for us! We'll have a booth and everything!