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Theater to Bookstore transformation: Wow.

Theater to bookstore transformation

Theater to bookstore transformation: Complete.

We've been more than a little distracted this week by the arrival of Discovery (more on that later), but we still managed to find a remarkable list of links for you. Go ahead, dive in. You know you want to.

Links from the Twitter, Google+, and Facebook 'verse:

And now for something completely different! A pogoing lamb! (YouTube)

Mind-bending afternoon theater: New trailer to Ridley Scott's Prometheus. Coming in June! (YouTube)

Why I always make two cups of tea. Mind = blown. (Twitpic)

Let's play guess the voice actor! Wait for Zoidberg at ~3:17. (V) (;,,;) (V) woopwoopwoop. (YouTube)

Is your tiny tummy just a little bit hungry? Have an itty bitty teensy weensy snack. (FlavorWire)

The touching love story behind the Simpsons couch, animated by Bill Plympton. <3 (YouTube)

Parkland HS is Millennium Falcon from above. Home of the fightin' Wookiees! (Twitpic)

Soft clouded leopard cub, warm clouded leopard cub, little ball of fur. (YouTube)

One does not simply slice into this Mordor cake. (TwitPic)

Theatre --> bookstore (WhatTheCool)

Why old books smell. (YouTube)

Baboons can learn to recognize words. Timmy's not surprised, but he's biased. (Scientific American)

If Nintendo made children's books: "One coin, two coin, red coin, blue coin" by Dr. Mario. (Loldwell)

Hmm, would the GLaDOS ring make you feel fat? Cores & more paint-your-own Shapeways rings. (Rampaged Reality)

Click link to add drama. (Just in case you've missed it.) (YouTube)

Double dutch dog may actually blow your mind. (YouTube)

D&D connected to devil-worship, suicide, & murder? Ed Bradley investigates on 60 Minutes in 1985. (YouTube)

Sooooo... this counts for the magnet versions, too, right? (Gizmodo)

asjkldk;lasdsdal (That's a quote.) (YouTube)

Can you imagine driving down the highway and spotting this? (Google+)

Any Inspector Spacetime fans in the house? This Danny Pudi short is for you. (Also: pew pew pew!) (YouTube)

We're just going to leave this here and wish your coworkers good luck. (Business Week)

This Captain America birthday cake looks great on the outside, but when you cut it open it reveals an American flag pattern. Happy birthday, JD! (LoveandLotsofSugar)

Props to Oraicia, the student who painted these high school lockers--and props to the school for allowing it! (No word on if it's bigger on the inside.) (Oraicia)

Bleep bloop beep! Not only is this R2-D2 cake amazing, but Stacked Cakes posted a step-by-step tutorial including templates. (Stacked Cakes)

Signal boost! Here are some links from our Twitter, Google+, and Facebook friends that might be interesting to look at:

Epic Mario. (Kickstarter)

My daughter has a 1 in 20 chance to win a college scholarship, plus I can win a huge DonorsChoose giftcard for me and my teacher friends. Would you mind helping out with a vote? Thanks so much! (Kickstarter)

Steampunk kickstarter with Dr. Who Tardis, a crashed zepplin, and kraken arms...not to mention helping red-listed animals find homes... (Kickstarter)

Now. Back to the shuttle.

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meaningless icon! Thanks for posting about my daughters contest ThinkGeek. (2nd last link) It is really simple everyone. I appreciate your support. Log in at top, click +1 under video until it turns to a check. Thanks!!
suzannem said this 2312 days ago.

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