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April Fool's Mischief Managed

Getting into his work

You may have noticed something odd about the site on Sunday, like some new things showing up on an unexpected schedule. Perhaps you emitted a tiny squeak of glee as you eagerly clicked "Buy Now." Then you remembered the date.

Oh no.

Oh yes.

We gotcha again!

Dry your tears, friends. You know us well by now. We have a history of making some of our seemingly implausible April Fools items a reality. Remember the 8-bit tie? The Tauntaun sleeping bag? Anything is possible.

Take a moment to go vote for your favorite. We'll do our best to conjure impossibilities if we can. Of course, nothing is guaranteed, and some of the things we think up are actually impossible--but not all of them. (Insert evil laugh here.)

Would you like a blooper reel while you wait?

Congratulations! You now have a song in your head.

How about an exclusive Looflirpa 2012 behind the scenes tour?

Please enjoy the images of us in goggles and gasmasks, draped across floors and mixing mysterious substances into tasty faux-meal goop. We do it all for you...and because it's really fun coming up with these ideas and pulling one over on everyone.

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meaningless icon! The second after exploding with happiness after seeing the Marshmallow Creepers (and I hate Peeps) I realised the day and spiralled down into a mini depression :[
Rectums said this 2323 days ago.
meaningless icon! I knew the date when I checked thinkgeek, but I was also quite saddened by the marshmallow creepers' lack of existence. I would so very much enjoy putting those little bastards in the microwave and gleefully watching them explode without hurting me! Ahahahahem...I hate creepers, that's all I'm saying.
bsx said this 2323 days ago.
meaningless icon! I went to Think Geek on Sunday just to see what they did this year. I loved a few of them.
Gaven McLaren said this 2323 days ago.
meaningless icon! April's Fools? It's getting harder and harder to figure out if it's really an April Fools gag or not. Ha, ha! A blow up Star Trek Captains Chair! What jokers! What silliness! What... It's real? My only question is how many of this year's "April Fools gags" will be real products by the end of the year. Which entry is this year's eight bit tie or tauntaun sleeping bag? I put my money on Admiral Ackbar Singing Bass.
qazwart said this 2323 days ago.
meaningless icon! It's unusual to have April Fools jokes become real, but it's even more impressive that you're embracing the concept by giving us a "Vote" link! And yes, there was one that I absolutely *had* to vote for. I won't say which :)
Rosuav said this 2323 days ago.
meaningless icon! Knew right away what the joke items were, but I really want that mage hoodie. Would bring an extra level to LARPing
RhythmicGeek said this 2323 days ago.
meaningless icon! Pleasepleasepleaseplease make the wizard hoodie real!!!!!!! Gah that joke was too heartbreaking to be funny!
Melody Williams said this 2323 days ago.
meaningless icon! OH the poor Kurig machine!!! AHHHH how could you!!! now and forever your chi tea will taste like butternut squash!
Sageraw said this 2322 days ago.
meaningless icon! MUST HAVE MARSHMALLOW CREEPS!!!!!!!!!!
ajshyguy said this 2322 days ago.
meaningless icon! The wizard hoodie would be wonderful but if you do make it I suggest a deep hood
Dylan that stinking gypsy said this 2320 days ago.
meaningless icon! lolzzz great...!
Lxwebsolutions said this 2320 days ago.

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