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George Takei takes Social Security to warp 5

George Takei at the Social Security Office

Please leave your phasers and tricorders in your shuttle before entering. Thank you.

ThinkGeek HQ is pretty close to the local Social Security office. Close enough for lost strangers to regularly try to blunder into our office by mistake. This means that we also walk by the Social Security Office on a regular basis.

Recently, while on a mission for delicious sandwiches, we happened to glance into their doorway.

A very familiar face was looking back at us.

It seems that George Takei has teamed up with Patty Duke and the Social Security Administration to encourage aging Starfleet officers to Boldly Go [PDF] online to apply for their retirement benefits. This means that there are pictures of our favorite helmsman all over the walls of a very un-geeky place. Of course we needed pictures. Brochures. Leaflets. Everything.

Timmy with his Brochure

Timmy wisely plans for his post-poo flinging years.

Click to download a brochure of your very own.

We were not allowed to geek out.

Our glorious photoshoot plans were thwarted by a stern security guard who saw our cameras and body-blocked us when we tried to enter. However we did manage to grab a brochure [PDF] and snap a few photos of George in the entryway of the office. Like ninjas.

It didn't really matter in the end anyway, because as is usually the case, the best parts of the whole campaign were online. Through some very Takei videos, we learned that applying for retirement online is so easy that Kirk could do it (ha!) and it makes the crankiest klingon smile.

Oh MY.

Kind of makes you want to apply for retirement early, doesn't it?

But wait, there's more!

Not only did this discovery make us realize that George Takei has world domination plans that are similar to our own, but it happened at the most startlingly synchronistic time. You see, today is George Takei's Birthday.

Happy birthday, George!!

Thanks for 75 years worth of awesomeness!

We'll let these guys express our well wishes in song, because if we tried, it would be off tune and slightly awkward.

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meaningless icon! When my fiance and I were in our local Social Security office last year (needed proof so we could get our marriage license), we saw the George Takei poster. There was also a huge sign next to it that said, "NO PHOTOS." I guess popping down to the Social Security joint and getting some group shots with Sulu is a popular activity. It bummed me out because that would have been an AWESOME wedding photo....
ashleystew said this 2307 days ago.
meaningless icon! This poster was actually on the side of a bus stop in downtown Baltimore a few months back, I lol'd hard at it every day on the way home from work.
gocraig601 said this 2307 days ago.
meaningless icon! The video at the bottom there is my band. Thanks for the love! :)
chrisspurgin said this 2305 days ago.
meaningless icon! @chrisspurgin Really!? SQUEE! Also: You are very welcome. Thanks for the awesome music!
Raevyn W. said this 2304 days ago.

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