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Awesome Link Roundup #323

Heckling headboard

This would not be awkward at ALL.

Another week, another fresh crop of interesting links from the internet, harvested just for you!

Links from the Twitter, Google+, and Facebook 'verse:

Good morning! Fancy a 1,050-strip bacon burger for breakfast? (Rocket News 24)

OMG! RT @simonpegg: For spoiler hungry types, here's an EXCLUSIVE BEHIND THE SCENES photo from set of STAR TREK 2!!!! (TwitPic)

Here's that life-size 6'10" papercraft Samus you wanted. (Flickr)

When a GLaDOS & a Dalek love each other very much, they make little Aperture Daleks! Awww. (DalekFactor.Tumbr)

Reminder: If you take a Portal turret skydiving, put some anti-gravity boots on it. Oops indeed. (YouTube)

Afternoon Sweded theater: Marvel's The Avengers on a budget. (Mostly SFW; some bleeping.) (YouTube)

Hire us, Valve? Can't help but <3 their official new employee handbook [PDF] (Valve PDF)

And for my next ridiculous yo-yo trick... (YouTube)

Surprise! "Male poses do not generally require a visit to the chiropractor." @jimchines' fantasy book covers, pt II. (Jim C Hines)

In a world... where classic children's games are made into movies with special effects... (TwitPic)

Amazing AT-AT cat house & scratching post. But does it fall over easily? #starwars #catcat (Imgur)

Warning! Your internet membership has expired. Reconfirm your subscription for only $119.99. (ebay)

Children's Party Pro-Tip: If you hire a Batman entertainer, don't choose the Nolan Dark Knight version. (YouTube)

Space. The final frontier. These are the mesmerizing photographs of space probes Cassini & Voyager. (Vimeo)

Robot roll call! This is not at all awkward to have in the bedroom. (Twitpic)

You're going to look just like this Forever Alone statue when you realize it's already sold out. Aw. (ForeverAloneStatue.com)

Massage Cat reminds you it's Friday, so just relax. =^. .^= (YouTube)

Experiment You Should Not Try at Home, #642: Launching 55-gal drums into the air (& then dodging them) (YouTube)

Avengers, assemble (by IKEA) (The Curious Brain)

Wow, Emotionz Pro sounds like a really powerful video effects suite! Or was that the sarcasm filter speaking? (YouTube)

Your moment of mechanical zen, brought to you by Ralph Steiner circa 1930. (YouTube)

And now, 56 episodes of Star Trek TOS playing at the same time! (And yes, that includes audio.) (YouTube)

In case you were wondering, you *probably* don't need to check your email. (Forbes)

And now, Bill Nye the Science Guy dancing to his own theme song. <3 (YouTube)

Mmmm, this Minecraft cake tastes like grass. (Between the Pages)

It's a water bubble in an air bubble wrapped in a water bubble! Astronaut Don Pettit, we want your job. (YouTube)

Signal boost! Here are some links from our Twitter, Google+, and Facebook friends that might be interesting to look at:

FlummoxFriends: @thinkgeek Product suggestion!! (sort of) Wanna help us make/sponsor our cool TV show for geek kids? (Flummox and Friends)

GeekFight: @thinkgeek could you help spread the word about an indie geek based card game? We have a #kickstarter project going. (Kickstarter)

Zombie squirrels = Zsquirrelz. (Kickstarter)

Until next week, Chiiiiildren! /Three Dog

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