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25 Links For Your Thursday Afternoon Lull

We've found so many great videos this week that it's best if you just block out about two hours to marathon them, and make yourself some baconpop to stave off the hungries. Go ahead. Everyone will understand.

Links from the Twitter, Google+, and Facebook 'verse:

Dun dun. Dun dun. DundundunDUNDUNDUN (Guardian)

That didn't take long! Google Glasses parody. (YouTube)

Happy 1st birthday, Nyan Cat. You're just as adorably obnoxious as when you were uploaded 1 year ago today. (YouTube)

Kids, do not try this at home. No, really. Flaming sword fight. (Lightsaber SFX, anyone?) (YouTube)

"And Introducing...", a video essay of famous actors & actresses' 1st appearances on screen. D'awww. (Vimeo)

"People who live in fabric houses should not run with scissors"? These sculptures are incredible. (DesignBoom)

Stressed? Maybe popping 23' of bubble wrap on a hydraulic press would help? Ahhh, that's better. (YouTube)

Spock is not impressed with the Spock is not impressed tumblr. (Tumblr)

Arthur C. Clarke predicts the internet in 1974. Not even a little bit wrong. <3 (YouTube)

Katniss Everdeen Barbie is revealed! Y'know, in case you live in the Capitol & have money for it. (Entertainment Weekly)

Now we know what Facebook sends the police if your profile is subpoenaed. (Spoiler: It's everything.) (The Boston Phoenix)

Your moment of Zen: stack of paper + belt sander = THIS. (Vimeo)

100% of your daily cuteness allowance: Kid built a cardboard arcade & sole customer set up a surprise flash mob. <3 (Vimeo)

Oregon, you lucky snot. 41 Springfields in the US & Matt Groening chose yours. Mystery solved! (The High Definite)

One does not simply rock their body into Mordor. (So sorry; had to share.) (YouTube)

Have sweet, bacony dreams under this pancake quilt and matching bacon rug. Yumzzzzz. (Art of the Quilt)

Apropos of nothing, "Don't Stop Believing" as sung by the movies. (YouTube)

D&D connected to devil-worship, suicide, & murder? Ed Bradley investigates on 60 Minutes in 1985. (YouTube)

Slimer Fingernails? That's kinda awesome. Cheese Nips? Hmmmmmmmmm. (Web Urbanist)

Great behind-the-scenes interview with the The Big Bang Theory propmaster, Scott London, by our friends at NASA Blueshift. (NASA)

How to make 14 pairs of geeky shoes. (Geek Femme)

Marie Curie. More bad-ass than any pop culture female superhero--and actually radioactive to boot. (YouTube)

What'd you do this weekend? 'Cause the Purdue Society of Professional Engineers broke their own world record with a 300-step Rube Goldberg machine. (YouTube)

Signal boost! Here are some links from our Twitter, Google+, and Facebook friends that might be interesting to look at:

We are trying to raise funds so we can fully support the needs of gamers in the Military community.Our company is owned & operated by an Active Duty Service Member who got frustrated with the lack of options to aquire gaming products & supplies. Please help us help them. (IndieGoGo)

Send Captain Picard to Space! (Kickstarter)

Did you watch them all? Good. Now it's time to get up and stretch.

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