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You are all hilarious

Tis the season!

Week-before-last we challenged our Smart Masses to a test of speed and skill for a totally random prize.

What we didn't know was that we were the real winners. You see, we added a question to this contest.

"Extra credit! Have you ever pulled off a good prank? Tell us."

Whoo boy, did you tell us. Your answers were so good that you had us sputtering in laughter at the most inopportune moments.

We can't keep these stories to ourselves. We must share the best of them with you right now.

Brace yourselves.

Rik T. - A most generous prankster

I was visiting my father in law who is an avid wildlife photographer. He was setting up all of his gear for a shoot when I subtly placed an (empty) Camera Lens Mug down near his assortment of actual lenses. I waited juuuuust long enough for him to be half looking in my direction when I bumped it and sent it falling to the ground. His stream of profanity and dive to try and catch it from about 12 feet away was amazing. When I picked it up, I calmly told him that I appreciated his concern, but it was empty and nothing spilled on his gear. I gave it as a gift as a way to apologize for the heart attack I had no doubt induced.

Amanda W. - The bacon always knocks twice

I passed out your Bacon Jelly Beans at work one day. Those who ate it without giving it a little sniff first, well... let's just say I've never seen facial expressions quite like that before. People were so desperate to get the taste out of their mouths, they were spitting the bean out into their hands, spitting in the garbage can, and wiping their tongues with kleenex.

My sister-in-law, 14 at the time, thought it was actually pretty good -- until 3 hours after supper when she burped and screamed, ""EEEWWW!! I still taste that jelly bean!"

Elyse H. - U Mad?

A couple of years ago, I acquired a couple of evil-trons. I just placed them on the fridge and dreamed of opportunities to use them.

The following summer, I moved to a new apartment, and while setting up my tower, I heard the "click of death" coming from the hard drive. I panicked, shut down the tower, and went to MicroCenter and bought a replacement "just in case". I come back home, and before I have a chance to turn the tower back on, I hear the click. Took a while, but I finally traced the click to the evil-a-tron chilling in a box filled with kitchen stuff. At least I now have a back up hard drive thanks to unintentionally pranking myself!

Meghan D. - Duct tape truly is good for everything

I have both the evil-tron and the annoy-a-tron, but the evil tron seems to be the one that gets the most rises out of people. I had a co-worker who was CONVINCED that there were rats in the walls. I let the other 5 people working in the room with us in on the prank, and set the evil-tron to the scratching noises. She got so freaked out that she ended up duct taping the wall sockets shut and putting mouse traps around them. It was really hard for the rest of us to play along, but we pulled it off.

Rory G. - Devilish in his ingenuity

I bought a pair of Annoy-a-trons a couple of years ago. I cleverly hid one in my buddy's office, and drove him crazy with it for a couple of days. Then I moved the Annoy-a-tron to a place where he could more easily find it... and find it he did. BUT... I also hid a second one in his office at the same time. So, just as he thought the problem was escalating (twice as many "chirps"), he had about 2-3 minutes of sheer joy after finding the first one... followed by the crushing defeat of the second one going off.

Bug Girl - Helping people make...friends.

I've not used any of your stuff to prank anyone, but I have put insect pheromones in someone's hat. This surrounded them in a cloud of "interested" male moths.

Have you managed better pranks than these fine folks? Tell us in the comments. After all, April Fools day is coming up fast, and we could always use some inspiration that doesn't involve insect pheromones.

EDIT!  Twitter smart masses chime in!

@Lunachique - Promoting Synergy

 Know that rubber gasket that prevents the doorknob from hitting the wall?  I'm duct taping an air horn to it in boss' office!

@MrETwit - Tech based glee

I changed a roommates icon and home bar to look as if he was running 640x480. Drove him crazy trying to fix his resolution.

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meaningless icon! The intern at my company tends to collect empty water bottles in the cupboard of his cubicle. One day when he was out, we took a water bottle from the back of the cupboard and, under the label, cut a slit just big enough to slide the ball from his trackball mouse in it. We put the bottle back and waited for him to return. The next day he searched his entire cubicle, and after much frustration, finally found the bottle in the back of the cupboard. However, he didn't notice the slit under the label so he couldn't figure out how we got the ball in there and couldn't get it out. It took him quite a while to figure it out as the rest of us just laughed at his puzzled expressions! It was priceless!
Ang C said this 2373 days ago.
meaningless icon! me and my friends have pulled off the putting makeup on the binoculars prank, it is amusing when it works. once we convinced one of my friends that one of us had just gone missing, i think we'd been playing cops and robbers or something, he got really freaked out, it was amusing.
inohavenicknameidea said this 2373 days ago.
meaningless icon! @Ang C Lol!
Bobberpi said this 2373 days ago.
meaningless icon! Once I took a screenshot of the desktop of the family computer, set it as the wallpaper, then moved all the icons to a folder and set the icon size so the folder was super tiny and hid it down in a corner so it was mostly off the screen. Then I hid the Windows start bar. Because the screenshot was the wallpaper, it looked like everything was normal when my mom came along and tried to use it. For some reason, she got really frustrated... It was a while ago when I did this one- I think we were still using Windows 95, so I was maybe 13-14? And it wasn't April Fools Day, just a random day when I learned how to use the Print Screen button. My first ever prank was when I was about 5. My dad was working in the garage when I suddenly jumped out from around the corner and sprayed him with the garden hose. Then I dropped the hose and ran. Just as my mom was thinking that dropping the hose was a huge mistake, my dad picked it up and (naturally) tried to spray me back... but nothing came out. I'd primed the hose by spraying it to fill the hose with water, stopping the spray, then turning off the water at the faucet. There was just enough pressure in the hose for one good spray. My parents knew then that I was a force to be reckoned with.
Jesso3.14 said this 2373 days ago.
meaningless icon! Took a screenshot of my friend's desktop, hid all the icons, minimized and hid the taskbar, put the screenshot up as his background and watched him as he tried to figure out why his computer wasn't working when he clicked on anything on his desktop...
Delkon said this 2373 days ago.
meaningless icon! Ok, so this is a nice "prank" not an evil one, but I still think I deserve credit. At my old office, I used to arrange to have flowers sent to people anonymously. I would order them online from my work computer, and they would arrive by the end of the day. I would put things in the notes that only someone at that office would know: congratulating someone on a sale, welcoming a new employee, etc. It drove everyone NUTS. Every time a new bouquet would arrive, the self-appointed office "detectives" would scrutinize the handwriting on the card (not realizing that the florist had written it) and try to guess who had sent it. It became major office news every time a bouquet arrived, and I would just sit back and watch the uproar. I kept this up for A YEAR AND A HALF. Only one person ever guessed, and she agreed to keep my secret. When I finally revealed my identity, everyone was shocked. No-one ever expects the quiet ones to be so sneaky!
JoitheArtist said this 2373 days ago.
meaningless icon! Use print screen and paint to do a frame grab of your workmates open desktop. Then set that image as the background wallpaper. Then lock the screen and drag the login box off-screen. Watch their confusion as they are clicking away while nothing reacts. try not to wet yourself as they get increasingly frustrated.
kevinmorice said this 2372 days ago.
meaningless icon! When you have very distinctive spelling patterns (i.e. heyy, okey, etc), it is not wise to leave your iPhone unattended. My friend thought her phone was possessed when she kept texting "Help! Help! I'm being chased by zombies!", and confessing her love for her boyfriend. Trolololololo!
sednanalien said this 2372 days ago.
meaningless icon! I discovered a couple years ago that the Eviltron fits perfectly inside the Lenovo mice that we have at work. Much fun was had.
bmiddleton said this 2372 days ago.
meaningless icon! I bought an airzooka and took it to my office, to do the usual stuff. A few days later, some colleagues were discussing a new workflow; on the meeting-room table, they had card-sized pieces of paper, each one representing one task, and they moved them around, setting them in some kind of order, or grouping them by type. When their proposed workflow became too convoluted, I shouted "Guys, your workflow SUCKS!" and shot my airzooka into the table.
Miguel Farah said this 2372 days ago.
meaningless icon! My Sophomore year in college I had a roommate that was so much fun to prank. He spent hours in his bedroom working on God knows what and any time he was pranked he would take it without question and never try to get me back. On one occaision I purchased a ridiculous amount of sticky notes and covered his entire dorm room with them while he was away for a weekend. Everything was covered from his window to his computer monitor to his bed. The only thing not covered was the floor. It was glorious. However, the best prank I ever pulled on him was the use of the annoy-a-tron in his dorm room. I placed the annoy-a-tron on his metal bed frame at the head of his bed near the floor and let it work its magic. A few hours after placing it he came back to the dorm and noticed it right away. I played stupid and claimed I didn't hear anything (It was so hard). He looked for a while and found nothing. Then his obsessiveness kicked in and he stood in the middle of his room for hours and every time it would beep he would run out of his room and yell at me "THERE IT WAS! DID YOU HEARD IT?!?!?!" And with a straight face I claimed to hear nothing. It drove him INSANE. That night he didn't sleep. The following day he started taking things apart. First it was his alarm, then his laptop, then he checked the microwave. He spent forever just waiting after taking something apart for the beep. After he heard it he would put it back together and move on to something else. Then he looked up and saw the fire alarm. He walks in my room and says "Hey, I think it's the fire alarm. I'm going to take it apart and check." I shrug and he goes into his room pulls his chair under the fire alarm and starts taking the screws out. He sets off the alarm and the entire building is emptied until it is identified as a false alarm. When the maintenance man comes in and asks him why he was taking it apart he claims that it was beeping. The maintenance man assures him that it's impossible. So he resumes his hunt for the incessant beeping. This goes on for a couple days until he moves his bed one day and the annoy-a-tron falls off the bed frame and onto the floor. Needless to say my roommate wasn't very technological in his studies and was TERRIFIED of this little green circuit board. At this point he didn't know that it was the source of the beeping. He runs to his closet and gets out a pair of welders gloves, puts them on and begins to poke at it. The then proceeds to scream at me telling me to get in his room. He is hysterical. Saying things like "I don't know what it is." and "What if it shocks me"" and "Do you think it could kill us?" And then it beeps. He jumps back terrified and I lose all ability to keep from laughing. Eventually I stop laughing enough to tell him what it is and that it's perfectly safe. He laughs and all is well. It was the greatest prank ever. And I will never forget it.
ShawnP said this 2372 days ago.
meaningless icon! Annoy-a-tron = <3
ShawnP said this 2372 days ago.
meaningless icon! I should also tell about my dad's best prank ever. He used to work for a library, and was well known around town. One day, a friend came in and told him that the speaker for a civic club had cancelled, and wanted to know if the library could provide a suitable video instead. My dad agreed. Now, this friend was known as the best prankster in town, so my dad couldn't resist getting him good. My dad being the sneak he is (I learned from the best!), he found two videos. One was sports bloopers, which is what he'd promised the civic club. He carefully copied the label and used rubber cement to paste it onto a different video. He switched cases, and handed the video over the club. Come their meeting day, the civic club (including the mayor and most of the town officials) found themselves watching...Barney's Birthday Party. The former prankster was mortified and kept trying to "fix" the video, only to be drowned out by the mayor's table singing the Barney theme song. My dad had strangers stopping him around town and thanking him for pulling off that prank. Truly epic.
JoitheArtist said this 2372 days ago.

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