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Signal Boost: Tashi and Wash, Browncoats in need.

Tawshi and Wash

Geek Love.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012 update: Sadly, we need to update the blog post at this time. Late last night, Wash passed. Our thoughts are with Tashi, who could not have said it better: Wash "stepped into his own TARDIS to start his next adventures." <3

Do these two look familiar?

You may remember Wash and Tashi from our blog post in December. There have also been a lot more posts around the geekosphere about them recently.

There is a reason for that.

The geek community has rallied around Tashi and Wash ever since the news that two of our own were struggling with the reality of terminal brain cancer. It's been inspiring and uplifting to see and to take part in. However that support has become more urgently needed.

We were recently pointed to this Regretsy post which featured a letter from Tashi explaining how Wash's condition has deteriorated, along with a request for a TARDIS-shaped urn.

Our geeky hearts broke.

Based on Tashi's most recent blog post it seems like they already have plenty of TARDIS urn designs to go through. However, we still wanted to help.

Linked in that Regretsy post was a Fundly fundraiser intended to gather money to help Tashi and Wash with all of the expenses that come with end-of-life care. Now, this isn't an official charity and seems to have been started by a caring friend, but we wanted to boost the signal anyway. It's the least we can do.

Tashi, Wash. We're thinking of you.

You're in our hearts. Like the best sort of parasite ever.

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meaningless icon! I just lost it, reading this. Such love from the community of geeks everywhere.
Sadpear said this 2224 days ago.
meaningless icon! Thank you so much for boosting the signal for the fundly. The Commune thanks you :)
miss-education said this 2224 days ago.
meaningless icon! Geeks taking care of their own! Well done for boosting the signal & continuing to keep the story of this amazing couple out there. After my separation last year & impending divorce, these geeklings make me believe in love again!
Jezziebezzie said this 2224 days ago.
meaningless icon! Thanks for posting this so we can help. My mom and sister and I are homeless and living in transitional housing right now but we have friends that are really nice and try to help and we want to do the same. Gotta live shiny!
GoldenGod said this 2224 days ago.
meaningless icon! Passing this along to all my geeky crew... you can't stop the signal! :-)
Vashnyra said this 2224 days ago.
meaningless icon! I do know what they are going through. I lost my sister 4 years ago to brain cancer. Tumor was too big and too deep to remove. My thoughts and prayers are with Wash and Tash. *HUGS*
angelkiss1965 said this 2224 days ago.
meaningless icon! Geeks unite!
Nanodots said this 2224 days ago.
meaningless icon! I lost a good friend from high school to cancer last November, leaving his girlfriend of five years behind..this story is very close to my heart. I wish I could give something more long-term than a few bucks, but my thoughts are with Wash and Tashi. I'm glad they have this kind of support.
Daewynn said this 2224 days ago.
meaningless icon! I'm trying to donate, all info is correct, but it's telling me "Unable to process transaction." Is there some other way I can send them my humble 25 bucks?
thistly said this 2223 days ago.
meaningless icon! @Thistly Odd, we'll try to shoot the organizer an email about that. Is anyone else experiencing trouble submitting a donation via Fundly?
Raevyn W. said this 2223 days ago.
meaningless icon! @Thistly I've just spoken to Fundly and it looks like your error was a glitch, since they couldn't replicate it. Their advice was to close your browser, re-open and try again, try a different browser, and/or clear your cookies and try again. I hope this helps! <3
Raevyn W. said this 2222 days ago.

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