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Pew Pew Pew!

Where would we be without the endless font of entertainment that is the internet? Bored? Hanging out in a library?

Okay, maybe the library thing is just us. Regardless, please enjoy clicking through all of the cool links that we've shared with you this week!

Links from the Twitter, Google+, and Facebook 'verse:

If you're not wearing curly-toed boots and poofy pants, you're just not fashionable. (i09)

In other fashion news: Cat Mullet (Cute Overload)

This may help us figure out why everyone loves Gamera. (Buzzfeed)

Here, have a picture of Clint Eastwood holding an armadillo looking pretty much exactly like Wolverine. (Tumblr)

Our brains are weird and awesome. (YouTube)

Everyone needs a 90's-montage melodica jam to brighten the afternoon. (YouTube)

Three words: Stained. Glass. TARDIS. (Craftster)

Some of these rejected Star Wars toy ideas made us chortle. (BoingBoing)

Quilts inspired by the LHC? These are relevant to our interests. (BoingBoing)

Try this and get back to us. (Sparkfun)

Sorry. Can't talk. Too busy staring at this awesome Demon Hunter cosplay. (Deviantart)

Modern moments as played out in minature on vintage watch faces. (YouTube)

Want juice now. Thanks. (YouTube)

Your moment of dorky beauty: Prismatica. (Vimeo)

A 3-minute Superman musical from the 70s. You're welcome. (YouTube)

SETI wants your Braaaaiiinnssss. (The Mary Sue)

For your moment of Zen: Minecraft Cat Fountain. (YouTube)

This is a great world because a cupcake ATM (ACM?) exists in it. (LAist)

It is a thing of steampunk'd, NERF beauty. (Deviantart)

That's a really nice fig...ure...Wait, that's a cake! (Between the Pages Blog)

The Fireflower: A Super Mario 3 airship rendered in LEGO. (Tumblr)

To turn a taxidermied badger into a musical instrument. It was one man's dream. He made it a reality. (BoingBoing)

We'd like to say something scientifically relevant here, but all we can think is: "WHOA, COOL!" (YouTube)

Astronaut Satoshi Furukawa built a LEGO model of the International Space Station. While ON the International Space Station. How unbelievably meta! (CollectSpace)

First, prosthetic limbs. Then, cybernetic enhancements? We can get behind this. (Wired)

Kinect-powered shopping carts. Creepy or not creepy? We can't decide. (The Verge)

The Walking Stick's lesson: Hold on. (NPR)

An epic mustache and even more epic ray guns. Is anyone else inspired? (Wired)

Take a deep breath, expanding your chest plate fully. Now relax into the stretch and reach up for your blaster....Gooood. (Etsy)

Valentine's days is over, but we just can't resist dorky expressions of love. Especially when they imply lightsabers and blasters. It's a weakness. (Etsy)

Folks. Country-fried bacon with country gravy on a STICK exists. It's like they extracted this straight from our dreams. (Chicago Reader)

Thinking about it, isn't the internet much like a really big library? Endless information, now with people to discuss it with! The future really is awesome.

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meaningless icon! ...That's a LOT of stuff, it took me like a month to get through this list!
Tiger Lord said this 2390 days ago.

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