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You didn't need those two hours


Yep. Beijing has a city of carved, illuminated ice. We're jealous.

Slow day? Feeling like procrastinating? Then we have the list for you! Enjoy the random awesomeness that we Tweeted, and posted to Facebook and Google+ this week!

Links from the Twitter, Google+, and Facebook 'verse:

Guess what we're going to have, soon! (Kotaku)

These sculptures make us want to break out the chainsaw. Every year. So pretty. (Dailymail UK)

Facebook parenting. Impressive. (Language warning!) (YouTube)

These kids can really play! (YouTube)

A most creative way to demolish a house: Fill it with water! (YouTube)

Two words: Rabbit Olympics. (Buzzfeed)

George Lucas says Han never shot first, we were just confused. (AV Club)

We're on Pinterest now! WOO! (Pinterest)

We'd definitely say yes. (Reef Jewelry)

A Doctor Who/Star Trek TNG crossover? We're not sure how we feel about this! (Bleeding Cool)

George R.R. Martin reads children's stories...taking liberty with the stories only a little. (YouTube)

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter...The MOVIE. YES! (YouTube)

It's a pez dispenser! It's a zombie! It's a DVD case! It's all of these! (MTV)

We encourage you to play with electricity. Especially when the results are so pretty. (YouTube)

Valentines from Westeros. Not for the faint of heart. (Chris Bishop)

You heard the "Got Treasure" music, too. Don't deny it! (Albotas)

We're getting some very bad ideas, here... (YouTube)

Non-Flammable is not a challenge. Ralph won't "morph" if you squeeze him hard enough. No one is interested in my underpants. (CableTV)

Edible helium balloons = best kids' party ever. (Eater)

Crocheted Viking Dwarf Hat, SOLD OUT. (Etsy)

Presented without comment. (Cult of Mac)

A present! Hunger Games cupcakes! (FictionalFood)

Ayumu is much better at this than you. (YouTube)

New! Shiny! Awesome! Fundraisers from Twitter that we want you to see:

We're boosting the signal for some of our Twitter followers. Take a look!

Hey @thinkgeek Fellow geek's son in the link. (@RunningKathy)

Until next week, Citizens! Stay dorky.

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