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We sifted the internet for you

Cannot. Stop. Clicking. Might. Need. Help.

The internet was oddly quiet this week. Is everyone hiding away to plot Valentine's Day awesomeness, or are we all being lulled to sleep by this unseasonable warmth? A little of both?

Here, wake up just a bit and take a look at the interesting links we managed to scrounge up for you over this slow week. There are some doozies in there.

Links from the Twitter, Google+, and Facebook 'verse:

Whoops! I guess he didn't need that... (YouTube)

Good news! Valentines day is cancelled...at least in Uzbekistan. (CBS News)

For a stressful day. (Virtual Bubblewrap)

Just click play. Trust us. (YouTube)

All they wanted to do was party! (Daily Mail)

Once you spot it, you can't un-spot it. Amazing. (i09)

We don't say this often: this is the coolest scrunchie ever. (New World Notes)

Mm, Alien brain hemmorage! (Latinrapper.com)

BaconBaconBaconBaconBacon! (YouTube)

This explains why we love those hashtag games! (Slacktory)

Morse code tweets are a great way to confound the populace! (Hack a Day)

Space Cats. That's all you need to know. (YouTube)

Mother Mustang compels you! (YouTube)

That looks...familiar. (ABC News)

Our descendants might be awesome, but...they'll be hideous. (I Heart Chaos)

Stuff programmers say. So accurate. (Warning, one naughty word) (YouTube)

A Watchman prequel? Hrm. (NY Times)

This art is on a whiteboard!? (Cubicleism)

This would look AWESOME in our conference room... (EBay)

John Scalzi's daughter encounters a record for the first time. (YouTube)

If you're working on a Batmobile, you might want to hold off. (Wired)

Back to sleep now? Okay!

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meaningless icon! Space Cats. Who would have thought it was such a big problem.
Terro1888 said this 2688 days ago.

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