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Flying first, cape later.

The theme of this week's Twitter, Facebook and Google+ linkage seems to be a combination of flight and weddings. So, who wants to take the theme to it's logical end and have a mid-air wedding? Anyone? Bueller?

Links from the Twitter, Google+, and Facebook 'verse:

These bonsai tree houses make us wish that we were tiny enough to live in them. (Colossal art and design)

Temporal Distortion. Mezmerizing. (Vimeo via Randy Halverson)

We will call him Mini-Meleon. (Dailymail)

It's the circle of liiiiife! (Not really) (INCIDENTAL COMICS)

Why did we not think of this before!? (The Berry)

We just poked you in the nostalgia center. (YouTube)

Introducing Minnie, the Flying Pug! (YouTube)

A game that teaches you how to make games. How meta! (Kickstarter)

Ah, the beauty of (hissing cockroach) birth. (YouTube)

German. Sci-fi. Musical Theater. You must click. (YouTube)

Painting with sound. Stunning. (The Creators Project)

Now with co-op mode! (Foddy)

Jessica Chobot chose two 'different' caketoppers for her wedding cake! (Facebook)

Can you handle the bottomless lift? (YouTube)

Rober Downey...pinups? (Tumblr)

Engagement in disguise! (Deviantart)

Make A Wish makes a ride-in R2D2 a reality for one happy kid! (YouTube)

Jessica Chobot's Companion Cube wedding cake! (Facebook)

Worf gets denied. For fifteen minutes straight. (YouTube)

Baby Madeline thinks she's a wookie. (Vimeo)

HUD Glasses? Yes please! (NY Times)

Rest: An introspective zombie film about the search for peace.. (Vimeo via Sunday Paper)

Maddie the Coonhound stands on things. Cosplayers take note. (Maddie The Coonhound)

Zombie Stormtrooper and Leia say "Eergh!" (Flickr)

Dogs and cats, living together! Adorably. (YouTube)

Bad news: Those faster-than-light neutrinos were actually not. (Science Insider)

This Dell Inspiron commercial isn't for real--but oh, if only it were! Wait for ~2:26, (Vimeo)

Celebritys 'shopped into party photos. For the win. (Imgur)

Best teacher or worst teacher? (Etsy)

Flying baby, or proto-super hero? These photographs are worth the click! (Rachel Hulin)

Here's a little extra subcutaneous fat on your face to keep you warm! (Ben Cuevas)

This is an AT-AT Volkswagen via Jack Schofield. (@jackschofield on Twitter)

Jon Rafman collected bizarre and beautiful Google Street View images so you don't have to. (Google)

Brace yourselves. (Food Beast)

Good to know as we head into the Friday home stretch! Hang in there, coffeenauts. (And yeah, there's an Android app linked in the article, too.) (Extreme Tech)

Just'cause. (Google+)

This WAS the Fort Steuben Bridge in Ohio. Now it's a really cool video of a slow-motion explosion. WARNING: Don't crank the volume up. (YouTube)

Star Wars trivia of the day: The voice of Admiral Ackbar taped his line in one take, has never watched Star Wars, didn't know "It's a trap!" is a meme, and is downright charming in this interview. (YouTube)

Mr. Bristle Worm has a message for you: RAAAWWWRGGHHH!!!!! (Telegraph)

If you dunked a snowboarder in liquified TRON and then dropped said snowboarder on a slope, this is exactly what would happen. (Vimeo)

Have you ever had the urge to face plant into the periodic table of elements? 'Cause now we kinda want to. (Imgur)

Oh okay, no need to have a mid-air wedding. A party will do, so long as there is cake.

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