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The offices at ThinkGeek HQ are different.

ThinkGeek HQ is utterly devoid of gray-walled cubicles and water coolers. Instead we have Wampa rugs and Daleks. All of these things seem normal to us now. Friday afternoon NERF battles? Normal. Lightsaber sparring? Normal. Dance parties? Totally normal.

...Wait a minute. No they're not!

We know what to do.

Let us take you on a tour. A walk through of the coolest bits of ThinkGeek HQ, office by office.

Introducing our first victim: Carrie, the Web Community Monkey.


Timmy looks distracted.

Carrie's office is arguably one of the coolest ones here, mostly because of how involved she is with all of you. She talks to folks all day on Twitter and Facebook. Sometimes folks send her the most amazing things based on conversations they've had with her.

Exhibit A:


Ignore the ghost shirt in the bottom right. It's not really there.

David Tennant, in needlepoint cross stitch!

The story: @hithahspam was tweeting about her awesome 10th Doctor project, and we (very jokingly) tweeted back that we'd love to have one, too--and she kindly took us up on it! When we tweeted to our followers that she was making us one, she got hammered with even more requests. Sorry, @hithahspam!

Exhibit B:


That's right, that's Timmy. On an Etch-a-Sketch.

The story: The very amazing Jonathan Liu made us this Timmy on an Etch-A-Sketch at Maker Faire, and it was kindly delivered to us by Matt Blum of GeekDad fame. The design stays in place because he gets rid of the excess sand before doing the drawing, so what you see here is his first pass at getting it right. Some photos of him at work.

That's not all. Do you guys remember the Mutant Jello? It's still in Carrie's office.

It's still scary

It's hanging by a net from the ceiling. This is likely because Carrie wants to make an example out of it. You know, just in case other mutant jello creatures decide to invade.

...oh dear.

Look what we found on her desk! A gift from R Stevens, the guy behind Diesel Sweeties. (He also has the best knee socks in internetville)

Yep, we have connections.

Carrie has a shelf laden with goodies hovering above her as she works. Pictured here: Timmy and K9.

(Please note the Geek a Week cards on the bottom left)

Hi Felicia!

Also on that shelf? The Guild, issue one. Autographed.

But wait, there's more!

So awesoem

A W00tstock poster, from the first W00tstock. Autographed, of course.


Arguably the most humble of the things in Carrie's office, but the most telling. Her tea, mug and her iPhone. She is rarely without these things, we were just lucky enough to snap a photo while she was at a meeting.

If you squint, you can just barely make out a pile of loot behind her phone. This pile is intended for you. It's a pile of give-aways. If you stay tuned, you'll get a chance to win some of that loot in one of our weekly Geek O'Clock contests! Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ for the details, which we will post soon.

That's it for now! Was there anything else you wanted to see from Carrie's office? Have any questions? Maybe you have suggestions for the next tour? Go ahead and comment below and we'll make it happen for you.


Flying first, cape later.

The theme of this week's Twitter, Facebook and Google+ linkage seems to be a combination of flight and weddings. So, who wants to take the theme to it's logical end and have a mid-air wedding? Anyone? Bueller?

Links from the Twitter, Google+, and Facebook 'verse:

These bonsai tree houses make us wish that we were tiny enough to live in them. (Colossal art and design)

Temporal Distortion. Mezmerizing. (Vimeo via Randy Halverson)

We will call him Mini-Meleon. (Dailymail)

It's the circle of liiiiife! (Not really) (INCIDENTAL COMICS)

Why did we not think of this before!? (The Berry)

We just poked you in the nostalgia center. (YouTube)

Introducing Minnie, the Flying Pug! (YouTube)

A game that teaches you how to make games. How meta! (Kickstarter)

Ah, the beauty of (hissing cockroach) birth. (YouTube)

German. Sci-fi. Musical Theater. You must click. (YouTube)

Painting with sound. Stunning. (The Creators Project)

Now with co-op mode! (Foddy)

Jessica Chobot chose two 'different' caketoppers for her wedding cake! (Facebook)

Can you handle the bottomless lift? (YouTube)

Rober Downey...pinups? (Tumblr)

Engagement in disguise! (Deviantart)

Make A Wish makes a ride-in R2D2 a reality for one happy kid! (YouTube)

Jessica Chobot's Companion Cube wedding cake! (Facebook)

Worf gets denied. For fifteen minutes straight. (YouTube)

Baby Madeline thinks she's a wookie. (Vimeo)

HUD Glasses? Yes please! (NY Times)

Rest: An introspective zombie film about the search for peace.. (Vimeo via Sunday Paper)

Maddie the Coonhound stands on things. Cosplayers take note. (Maddie The Coonhound)

Zombie Stormtrooper and Leia say "Eergh!" (Flickr)

Dogs and cats, living together! Adorably. (YouTube)

Bad news: Those faster-than-light neutrinos were actually not. (Science Insider)

This Dell Inspiron commercial isn't for real--but oh, if only it were! Wait for ~2:26, (Vimeo)

Celebritys 'shopped into party photos. For the win. (Imgur)

Best teacher or worst teacher? (Etsy)

Flying baby, or proto-super hero? These photographs are worth the click! (Rachel Hulin)

Here's a little extra subcutaneous fat on your face to keep you warm! (Ben Cuevas)

This is an AT-AT Volkswagen via Jack Schofield. (@jackschofield on Twitter)

Jon Rafman collected bizarre and beautiful Google Street View images so you don't have to. (Google)

Brace yourselves. (Food Beast)

Good to know as we head into the Friday home stretch! Hang in there, coffeenauts. (And yeah, there's an Android app linked in the article, too.) (Extreme Tech)

Just'cause. (Google+)

This WAS the Fort Steuben Bridge in Ohio. Now it's a really cool video of a slow-motion explosion. WARNING: Don't crank the volume up. (YouTube)

Star Wars trivia of the day: The voice of Admiral Ackbar taped his line in one take, has never watched Star Wars, didn't know "It's a trap!" is a meme, and is downright charming in this interview. (YouTube)

Mr. Bristle Worm has a message for you: RAAAWWWRGGHHH!!!!! (Telegraph)

If you dunked a snowboarder in liquified TRON and then dropped said snowboarder on a slope, this is exactly what would happen. (Vimeo)

Have you ever had the urge to face plant into the periodic table of elements? 'Cause now we kinda want to. (Imgur)

Oh okay, no need to have a mid-air wedding. A party will do, so long as there is cake.


Geek Points = Loot!

Soft Kitty, Purr Purr Purr!

We would like to give you stuff.

Our Geek Points program is set up to reward you, our awesome fans, for shopping with us by granting you points every time you acquire ThinkGeek loot. These points can be redeemed for stuff, and we've just updated our list of redeemables today!

How it works: First, create a ThinkGeek account for yourself, then sign up for Geek Points. As soon as you're signed up, you start earning points with every order. Those points can then be used to redeem the loot we have listed here. And if you use your points, you're also automatically entered to win a $100 ThinkGeek Gift Certificate. Three randomly chosen Geek Pointers are picked each month. The hitch: You have to be a U.S. or Canadian geek to be able to redeem Geek Points. It's an unfortunate legal thing.

But wait, there's more! Every month, we swap out old Geek Points stuff for newer, more awesome stuff, so if you don't see anything on our Geek Points page that interests you yet, just wait a bit. Also, we like to reward our long-time Geek Pointers so this month's update has a few extra awesome things that are available for a very limited time only.

What do you think? Give us your feedback in the comments about the Geek Points program--what you love about it, and what could be more awesome. We want to know!


Happy Zelda Day!

A wall of loot!

Today is a holiday!

Today is Zelda Day.

On this day 26 years ago Nintendo released The Legend Of Zelda, forever dooming us to exploring random caves, picking up chickens, and expecting celebratory music every time we open a drawer.

When we discovered that Zelda Day was an actual holiday outside of our own heads, and that geeks around the world celebrate this day with cosplay and song, we got curious.

What is the best way to celebrate Shigeru Miyamoto's genius? Aside from awesome drum circles, we mean. Marathon gaming sessions and Ocarina practice? Perhaps starting work on our cosplay for next year. Knitting?

We need ideas.

 How about this: tell us about your favorite Zelda memories, about your best gaming marathons and the first time you beat a Zelda game. Are you working on a costume? Zelda related art? Do you have a Zelda-related tattoo? We must know.

Perhaps we can have a little party of our own, right here in the comments.

Happy Zelda Day, Everyone!


Yep. Beijing has a city of carved, illuminated ice. We're jealous.

Slow day? Feeling like procrastinating? Then we have the list for you! Enjoy the random awesomeness that we Tweeted, and posted to Facebook and Google+ this week!

Links from the Twitter, Google+, and Facebook 'verse:

Guess what we're going to have, soon! (Kotaku)

These sculptures make us want to break out the chainsaw. Every year. So pretty. (Dailymail UK)

Facebook parenting. Impressive. (Language warning!) (YouTube)

These kids can really play! (YouTube)

A most creative way to demolish a house: Fill it with water! (YouTube)

Two words: Rabbit Olympics. (Buzzfeed)

George Lucas says Han never shot first, we were just confused. (AV Club)

We're on Pinterest now! WOO! (Pinterest)

We'd definitely say yes. (Reef Jewelry)

A Doctor Who/Star Trek TNG crossover? We're not sure how we feel about this! (Bleeding Cool)

George R.R. Martin reads children's stories...taking liberty with the stories only a little. (YouTube)

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter...The MOVIE. YES! (YouTube)

It's a pez dispenser! It's a zombie! It's a DVD case! It's all of these! (MTV)

We encourage you to play with electricity. Especially when the results are so pretty. (YouTube)

Valentines from Westeros. Not for the faint of heart. (Chris Bishop)

You heard the "Got Treasure" music, too. Don't deny it! (Albotas)

We're getting some very bad ideas, here... (YouTube)

Non-Flammable is not a challenge. Ralph won't "morph" if you squeeze him hard enough. No one is interested in my underpants. (CableTV)

Edible helium balloons = best kids' party ever. (Eater)

Crocheted Viking Dwarf Hat, SOLD OUT. (Etsy)

Presented without comment. (Cult of Mac)

A present! Hunger Games cupcakes! (FictionalFood)

Ayumu is much better at this than you. (YouTube)

New! Shiny! Awesome! Fundraisers from Twitter that we want you to see:

We're boosting the signal for some of our Twitter followers. Take a look!

Hey @thinkgeek Fellow geek's son in the link. (@RunningKathy)

Until next week, Citizens! Stay dorky.


It's Grab Bag time again. We're selling awesomely random shirts for as little as $5.99. If you're thinking about getting in on this, get while the getting's good. The random awesomeness lasts only as long as we have shirts to give you, and that's never very long.

Want to see more new and shiny stuff? Take a look at the Schrodinger's Cat Executive Decision Maker which uses the power of quantum kittehs to help you decide between coffee and tea when the analysis paralysis kicks in. Then, if you're feeling a little Sith, you can settle under the Star Wars Lightsaber Desk Lamp with that mug of warm goodness.

And if you're reading this post in our RSS feed, you may have noticed something new--such as this post. That's because we've altered the feed slightly so that our blog posts will appear in your feed among all of the newness.

Too much change for you? Not enough? Tell us what you'd like to see more of here in your RSS feed, blog-wise. Ask us questions in the comments. Bug us. That's what we're here for, most of the time.

Roses are #FF0000, violets are #0000FF, all my base are belong to you.

Happy <3 Day, geeks! As promised, we've done our best cupid impression today and given some <3 to deserving students and teachers on DonorsChoose.org in the form of our monthly $1,000 donation. Thanks for your help choosing the projects!

Much like last year, we split the $1,000 between the front runners because these projects were so large that funding the first entirely before moving on to the next classroom would mean only one project would be fully funded. We're hoping we can bring attention to these classrooms and perhaps some more cupids (ahem) will be inspired to help finish off their goals.

And here are the classrooms we've supported for Project Geek<3 2012:

Kazoo Crew, Part Two: We're On the Move and Growing - $442 to go!
Ms. Taylor, Collierville, TN
"The project was funded and the Kazoo Crew started taking shape. In the initial project, kazoos served as "ice breakers" in small groups where we then discussed friendship, empathy, communication, and conflict resolution. The beauty of the kazoo is that it is whimsical and anyone can play it, as such it tends to generate shared laughter, a true community builder. A growing sense of community is apparent among members of the Kazoo Crew. These students have now asked that I take steps to expand the group to include more kazooists and percussionists. They have also asked that I figure out a way to make us more mobile (a presentation cart to hold our Karaoke machine) and more audience accessible (a TV to display lyrics so that audience members can join in more easily)."

Whimsical Paintings on Canvas - $204 to go!
Ms. Griffith, Phoenix, AZ
"I am requesting 55 stretched canvases for my middle school art students. They will sketch their paintings first in their sketchbooks and then learn how to transfer their drawings to the canvas using tracing paper. The students will paint using acrylics-which is a fast drying medium. The students will be able to display their paintings and then take them home to share with their families. This is going to be a fun project!"

Making Math Meaningful - $249 to go!
Mr. Hall, Bakersfield, CA
"When my students are learning a skill, it is imperative they get feedback to ensure they are learning correctly. Hot Dots Jr pens and cards are designed to support early learners as they practice new skills. There are several sets of cards focusing on many math skills in addition to phonics skills. The children simply select a card and touch the black dot next to the answer of their choice. Instantly, the pen provides a tone indicating whether the answer selected is correct or not. This immediate feedback is invaluable as my students practice new skills. In addition to Hot Dots Jr, each child having his/her own magnetic ten frame card will greatly increase understanding of numbers."

Help Us Get Our Instruments Fixed! - $1,342 to go!
Mr. Bieda, Indianapolis, IN
"These donations will drastically change the course of the band. Currently we only have about 45 instruments for the 170 students in band to use, so the students already have to share instruments daily. Instruments are not made to be used 5 times a day and our instruments are breaking quickly! Dave Helms is going to teach our students about basic concepts they can apply to help maintain the instruments as well fix the instruments that need to be repaired."

Not that you were waiting for this part, but we've also drawn our random $100 gift certificate winner! Our lucky voter is Julia F. from Santa Fe, and she's been notified via email of her winningness. So Julia Fs from places other than Santa Fe, sorry about that, but we still love you.

We love all of you, in fact--students, teachers, and geeks of all stripes! Thanks again for your votes, and stay tuned for our March donation. If you have any ideas for charities or causes, please leave them in the comments!

Printable ThinkGeeky Valentine's Day Cards

For the procrastinators out there, just a little reminder that gift certificates are super romantic, as are references to math, science, and memes in the form of free, printable PDF cards.

ThinkGeek printable Valentine's Day cards
ThinkGeek's 8-Bitty

We'll cut right to the chase: this image is not photoshopped.

Yes, it's a handheld video game controller in the classic style 8-bit style you know and love--but now it's for your iPad or iPhone or Android device, no console or cartridges required. And it exists IRL.

We're calling it the iCADE 8-Bitty. It pairs wirelessly just like our iCADE, and it's compatible with a growing list of hundreds of retro game apps, including the Atari Classics collection, Pac Man, Super Mega Worm, and more (see full list). Because the 8-Bitty uses a completely open interface system, any app developer can easily add game support--and yes, that includes Android devices.

The only bad news is we don't have it in stock yet; we just couldn't keep it to ourselves any longer.

The 8-Bitty will be available later this year for $24.99 exclusively at ThinkGeek, and you can sign up for email updates now so you can be the first to know when it arrives.

What could you play on an 8-Bitty? There's a list for that. In addition to Atari's package, here are links to games with either released or announced support for the iCADE and 8-Bitty:

If you're an iOS developer supporting the iCADE and 8-Bitty--or if you think we've missed a game above--let us know! Just email icadedev@thinkgeek.com or leave a note in the comments.

Developer Support

MAME Support

  • iOS: If you've taken the step of jailbreaking your iPad, the iMAME4all app adds MAME awesomeness to your iCADE gaming stack. While we can't recommend jailbreaking or unlicensed ROMs, we can certainly confirm that it does indeed work and it works quite well. Just this January, developer Matthias Ringwald just released Blutrol, an application for jailbroken iOS devices that maps iCADE's physical buttons to on-screen presses.
  • Android: By popular demand, Seleuco added iCADE support to MAME4droid.

Mm. Can't you almost smell the paper and ink?

The internet is vast and limitless. Sort of. It probably only felt limitless to us this week because we found a lot of cool stuff to link for you.

Warning: these links may lead you to edible, cute, inspiring or possibly slightly horrifying things. It's a gamble, but you'll win something no matter how it ends up, so get to clicking!

Links from the Twitter, Google+, and Facebook 'verse:

This is not at all weird. (YouTube)

The only way to beat the Empire is to eat it? Well, okay. (Between the Pages Blog)

Oooh. Wince-worthy. (Buzzfeed)

You have to keep your talents honed! (GeekRoom on Tumblr)

Life is Geek, Geek is Life. (Also, design!) (Celebration Generation)

Take on me: Accordion Style. (YouTube)

20 of the most beautiful bookstores in the world. Road trip time? (Flavorwire)

Guess whose birthday it was this week? (YouTube)

A new Blade Runner movie, with Harrison Ford participating? Yes. We are very interested. (Twitchfilm)

We're just a little excited! (YouTube)

Think you've seen it all? Not yet. (Corgi Addict)

Sending cameras into near space is a hobby that we support. (YouTube)

Inspiring cosplay: The Shiva Sisters (Unreality Mag)

Watch for the facepalm! (YouTube)

There's a classic video games art poster show in LA! Go see it if you're local! (Laughing Squid)

Retro radiation posters. They somehow made radiation safety kind of cute. (Retronaut)

One should face the day like a baby polar bear meeting snow for the first time. (Zooborns)

You might be familiar with this composer's music (YouTube)

Scientists, everywhere! (Looks Like Science Tumblr)

We all share a spongey ancestor! Keen! (National Geographic)

In the future, all biopics will contain JarJar Binks. (Next Movie)

Sidewalk chalk art that will make you all blinky and perhaps grinny. (anamorfosis de eduardo relero)

Astronaut Don Pettit is about to blow your mind with a water droplet orbiting a knitting needle. (YouTube)

Tiny Captain Hammer would like to sing you a song now. (YouTube)

Just like taking a stroll through an art museum, except you're in geeky parallel universe of awesome. (Tor)

A how-to on making Slurm and Bachelor Chow at home! Fry would approve. (YouTube)

Social media explained... with donuts. (via @douglaswray)

Further proof that William Shatner cannot be stopped: He's got a Broadway show. (YouTube)

And today's award for the prettiest use of lab equipment goes to the Test Tube Chandelier! (GangDesign)

New! Shiny! Awesome! Fundraisers from Twitter that we want you to see:

Sometimes people ask us to retweet causes and fundraisers on Twitter. We can't retweet them all. In fact, we really can't retweet much ever. So we've decided to include the past weeks requests here, so they get the attention they deserve. Take a look!

Gourmet Gamer Web Show. Video Games, Food, and Puppets! (@GourmetGamer's Kickstarter)

Would it be too presumptuous to ask you guys to retweet this? (Paws4Pogo) (@Lauramon_ via Fundly)

Graphic novels for SCIENCE! (@BrianMinsker)

That's it folks! Really! Carry on with that life stuff you were doing before we bombarded you with links.

If you have a player 2, you probably know exactly what next Tuesday, February 14 means.

And if you're rolling it single player style, you've probably been bombarded with enough frustratingly pink reminders (and heart-melting stories like the ones we posted yesterday) that you know what's coming, too--and you'd like to set something frilly on fire.

Whether it's your heart or spleen set ablaze by Valentine's Day, let's turn this energy into something positive for classrooms and kids who need supplies and materials!

Yes, it's time for our fourth annual DonorsChoose.org project Geek<3, and we're counting on you to help us decide where to donate our $1,000.

Just like last year, we're donating a total of $1,000 to classrooms as part of our year-long goal to give $1,000 a month to charitable organizations in 2012. (Here's our wrap-up for 2011.) Your votes will determine which classrooms we give to, in order of popularity, until we hit the $1,000 mark.

And just like last year, your vote will enter you to win a $100 gift certificate... but we know that's not why you'll vote. You'll vote because you care about educating the next crop of geeks. Because you're awesome.

How to vote (and enter to win) in Project Geek<3:

  1. 1. Go to DonorsChoose.org and find a classroom you think needs some geek <3ing. Make a note of the classroom id. For example, if the classroom's url is
    the ID is #720253. If you need a good starting point, there's always the Math & Sciences section, Music and the Arts, and Literacy and Language.
  2. 2. Register your vote on our form-o-matic below by 10 am ET Tuesday, February 14, 2012. We'll tally up the votes, make the donations, and post the results and our $100 gift certificate winner here on our blog, Twitter, Facebook, and G+ that afternoon.
  3. You might be wondering if we're handling votes via Twitter this year, and sadly, there are too many of you to make this happen (in a reliable way, anyways) so we're having to use a boring old form.

So go pick your favorite classroom and share those warm geek fuzzies! We'll report back here with more on the big <3 day.


2/13 11:55 AM ET A handful of front-runners have emerged. Here are the top 5 classes so far, and comments from voters:

Kazoo Crew, Part Two: We're On the Move and Growing, Ms. Taylor in Collierville, TN
Voter comment: "AN ODE TO THE KAZOO CREW
Oh how we love the kazoo
Inside we are the same, even if we are white, black, green, yellow or even blue.
When we play with you, and we harmonize,
that is when we begin to realize,
that working together, like birds of a feather,
we can laugh, play, sing, and create beautiful friendships too!!!"

Whimsical Paintings on Canvas, Ms. Griffith in Phoenix, AZ
Voter comment: "Oh how I wish I had an art teacher like this when I was in school. She has had so many wonderful, inspiring projects!"

Making Math Meaningful, Mr. Hall in Bakersfield, CA
Voter comment: "Mr. Hall is a fantastic teacher and although I believe that all teachers are great. I'm hoping that the winning class goes to him. Because he is all heart and truly cares about his kids as a teacher an a special place in his heart."

Help Us Get Our Instruments Fixed!, Mr. Bieda in Indianapolis, IN
Voter comment: "Mr. Bieda is an amazing band director. He has NO budget for his music program and Donors Choose is his lifeline to helping his students become better musicians! Thank you for having this promotion and for giving Mr. Bieda an opportunity to improve his band by repairing his instruments!"

Interactive Software Makes Preschool More Interactive!, Ms. Ramsay in Rio Linda, CA
Voter comment: "My son is in this classroom. He has autism. I know that these materials will greatly benefit him as well as the other children in his class."

Timmy's in love!

Timmy feels the tug of Valentine's Day on his tiny simian heart. Let's hope that the turret feels something other than the usual murderous impulses.

Love is in the air!

There are a lot of geeks out there who are baffled and irritated by Valentine's Day and its rituals of flowers, candy, and gazing deeply into the eyes of your beloved while eating an expensive dinner at some fancy restaurant.

We can practically hear your lip curl at all the schmaltz. We understand. Those expectations can be a bit daunting and feel kind of half-hearted.

Valentine's Day doesn't have to be like that. It can be a day to remind us that love is really kind of awesome. That click that you have with another person who really gets you, or just smells really good - that's fantastic, and can be celebrated in any weird way you choose. (Even if that way is slaying chocolate zombies together.)

So, we wanted you to know that love can happen to anyone. We asked our fellow ThinkGeek Monkeys to tell us their stories of dorky, awkward lurve in an effort to remind everyone that love is rarely conventional or covered in pink hearts.

Prepare for heartwarming in 3...2...1...

Chris meets Bette: Everyone knew but them.

Bette and I met in 7th grade band. I played Alto Sax and she played Baritone. All year long, people kept telling me that she liked me. People also kept telling her that I liked her. It took me two weeks during the summer after 7th grade, but I finally got up enough nerve to ask her to a movie. We saw Gremlins 2. That night we realized everyone was right. From that summer until today (without question or pause), we've been a team. The end.

Yay for band geeks finding each other! They turned out pretty awesome.

Daria and Todd: When it really is okay to date your SysOp.

When I went off to college I had zero social skills away from a computer. I spend all of my time on BBSes (bulletin board systems - the precursor to the internet). Because girls were rare on BBSes, if a BBS had a girl on it their traffic went up. A SysOp (system operator) of a board I was on told me about her friend who wanted me to call his BBS so he would have a girl.

I called and we chatted. (Back then chatting could only be done by the person on the modem and the person on the computer running the BBS.) We got along great and decided to meet.

The next several weeks we were inseparable. Some girls on my hall asked why we weren't dating. So I asked Todd. He looked at me and said "I could never date you." I felt like I had been kicked in the stomach. I went back to my dorm room and called the girl who had introduced us while crying. She said "You just have to tell him you love him." I yelled back "I can't tell him I love him." I turned around and Todd was standing in my doorway crying too. I got off the phone and he told me he was scared of losing his best friend if he told me he liked me and I didn't like him back. That was 21 years ago and we're still best friends today.

They're also married and adorable, so there's that.

Nathan: Sometimes it pays to be the guy who is good with computers.

It all started with her computer. You know, the one that booted up straight into the blue screen of death. Somehow my roommate found out about her computer being dead and it showed up on his desk. I was not getting involved with it, nope, not another computer to fix.

My roommate never managed to fix it. He was just about to pack it up and give it back to her. She found me somewhere on campus and told me the sad news. I gave her my condolences.

The computer was still there that afternoon when I got back to my room, so I decided to take five minutes to look at it. Yep, that's all it took. Five minutes. I let my roommate give her the good news.

Then her date backed out of an upcoming group date. She asked me to fill in, and I did. My roommate said I had to ask her out, for that weekend, for a double date with him and his date. I mentioned to her that we were going to a local hangout for hot chocolate, and she could come along if she wanted. She felt like she was inviting herself, and started to back out, so I had to tell her that really it was okay if she came. She maintains to this day that I never really asked her out. Oh well. We had fun anyway. And we got married. And lived happily ever after, or something like that, since ever after hasn't finished yet.

Perhaps the next time a broken computer mysteriously finds its way to you, it wont be quite as frustrating? Happy thoughts, folks!

Carrie and Derek: Obscure lyrics FTW!

I've met many of my IRL friends online, and my boyfriend Derek was no exception. He messaged me on OkCupid because he recognized my obscure username as a Barenaked Ladies lyric. My only regret is that he's not named Steve.

Gotta wonder if half of their conversations consist of quoted lyrics and sly grins.

Isn't love grand? Isn't it WEIRD!?

If you're inspired to actually take part in this holiday of love and googly-eyes and don't have any idea what to give the boy down the hall in #301, check out our Geeky Valentine's Gift Guide or, if you want to be a little more subtle, print one of our free downloadable Geeky Valentine's Day cards. Maybe you too will find your band geek/sysop/music nerd! All you have to do is put yourself out there a little.

Have a happy one, folks!

We have moar stories!

Since we can't keep a good thing to ourselves, we shared this blog post on our Facebook wall. We asked you guys to share your romantic stories with us, because we needed a little extra heartwarming. 

Here are some of our favorites:

Maria: Vampire Love

It was my first LARP - I was playing a Toreador in Vampire: The Masquerade, and someone told me I should go speak to the head Toreador. I tracked down the person they'd named, and when I met his eyes it was like being hit over the head with a 2x4. Took me another two and a half years to work up the courage to tell him how I felt, but it started that night. Yes, love at first sight really exists.

Andrea: The way to his heart involved hacking and slashing.

He was playing Diablo 2 at our friend's house... I wanted to learn how to play too...  it's all hacking, slashing, casting spells and seven side strikes from there. <3

Sandi: Proving that reading is awesome.

When I was 14, I worked in the young adult area of our public library, He came in and read comics and sci fi books. I checked him out, and still have him. That was 33 yrs ago. Still reading together.

Matthew: Patience pays out!

It was my Freshman year at College and I was taking a a C++ Computer Science class. The first day I noticed a cute blonde girl sitting two rows back. The next class I made sure to arrive late and sat next to her. I introduced myself to her and she told me her name was Amy and she was a math major, but didn't have the first clue about programming. I offered to help her out some. :D

After a couple classes I managed to work up the nerve to ask her out to get some lunch after class. She shot me down, and said that she couldn't because she had a boyfriend. I backpedaled and said I just meant we could get some lunch as friends. So we did, and proceeded to talk on the phone, and get together for lunch until shortly after she informed me she was engaged. I congratulated her, and that was the last I heard from her for about six years. (I lost her phone number and she transferred schools.)

Six years later, one of my friends sent me an invitation to Myspace (back when it was cool) and I signed up. Less than a week later I got a message from her asking if I remembered her. We picked up where we left off getting lunch and chatting. This continued for another three years till she informed me one evening when I fixed her some dinner at my place that she was in the process of getting a divorce. That evening while we chatted on the sofa I couldn't resist any longer and leaned in and kissed her. That was four years ago, and we're currently planning our wedding. Good things come to those who wait!

Keep the stories coming, everyone! There are some hearts that are still only lukewarm!

Cannot. Stop. Clicking. Might. Need. Help.

The internet was oddly quiet this week. Is everyone hiding away to plot Valentine's Day awesomeness, or are we all being lulled to sleep by this unseasonable warmth? A little of both?

Here, wake up just a bit and take a look at the interesting links we managed to scrounge up for you over this slow week. There are some doozies in there.

Links from the Twitter, Google+, and Facebook 'verse:

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Good news! Valentines day is cancelled...at least in Uzbekistan. (CBS News)

For a stressful day. (Virtual Bubblewrap)

Just click play. Trust us. (YouTube)

All they wanted to do was party! (Daily Mail)

Once you spot it, you can't un-spot it. Amazing. (i09)

We don't say this often: this is the coolest scrunchie ever. (New World Notes)

Mm, Alien brain hemmorage! (Latinrapper.com)

BaconBaconBaconBaconBacon! (YouTube)

This explains why we love those hashtag games! (Slacktory)

Morse code tweets are a great way to confound the populace! (Hack a Day)

Space Cats. That's all you need to know. (YouTube)

Mother Mustang compels you! (YouTube)

That looks...familiar. (ABC News)

Our descendants might be awesome, but...they'll be hideous. (I Heart Chaos)

Stuff programmers say. So accurate. (Warning, one naughty word) (YouTube)

A Watchman prequel? Hrm. (NY Times)

This art is on a whiteboard!? (Cubicleism)

This would look AWESOME in our conference room... (EBay)

John Scalzi's daughter encounters a record for the first time. (YouTube)

If you're working on a Batmobile, you might want to hold off. (Wired)

Back to sleep now? Okay!