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Mm. Can't you almost smell the paper and ink?

The internet is vast and limitless. Sort of. It probably only felt limitless to us this week because we found a lot of cool stuff to link for you.

Warning: these links may lead you to edible, cute, inspiring or possibly slightly horrifying things. It's a gamble, but you'll win something no matter how it ends up, so get to clicking!

Links from the Twitter, Google+, and Facebook 'verse:

This is not at all weird. (YouTube)

The only way to beat the Empire is to eat it? Well, okay. (Between the Pages Blog)

Oooh. Wince-worthy. (Buzzfeed)

You have to keep your talents honed! (GeekRoom on Tumblr)

Life is Geek, Geek is Life. (Also, design!) (Celebration Generation)

Take on me: Accordion Style. (YouTube)

20 of the most beautiful bookstores in the world. Road trip time? (Flavorwire)

Guess whose birthday it was this week? (YouTube)

A new Blade Runner movie, with Harrison Ford participating? Yes. We are very interested. (Twitchfilm)

We're just a little excited! (YouTube)

Think you've seen it all? Not yet. (Corgi Addict)

Sending cameras into near space is a hobby that we support. (YouTube)

Inspiring cosplay: The Shiva Sisters (Unreality Mag)

Watch for the facepalm! (YouTube)

There's a classic video games art poster show in LA! Go see it if you're local! (Laughing Squid)

Retro radiation posters. They somehow made radiation safety kind of cute. (Retronaut)

One should face the day like a baby polar bear meeting snow for the first time. (Zooborns)

You might be familiar with this composer's music (YouTube)

Scientists, everywhere! (Looks Like Science Tumblr)

We all share a spongey ancestor! Keen! (National Geographic)

In the future, all biopics will contain JarJar Binks. (Next Movie)

Sidewalk chalk art that will make you all blinky and perhaps grinny. (anamorfosis de eduardo relero)

Astronaut Don Pettit is about to blow your mind with a water droplet orbiting a knitting needle. (YouTube)

Tiny Captain Hammer would like to sing you a song now. (YouTube)

Just like taking a stroll through an art museum, except you're in geeky parallel universe of awesome. (Tor)

A how-to on making Slurm and Bachelor Chow at home! Fry would approve. (YouTube)

Social media explained... with donuts. (via @douglaswray)

Further proof that William Shatner cannot be stopped: He's got a Broadway show. (YouTube)

And today's award for the prettiest use of lab equipment goes to the Test Tube Chandelier! (GangDesign)

New! Shiny! Awesome! Fundraisers from Twitter that we want you to see:

Sometimes people ask us to retweet causes and fundraisers on Twitter. We can't retweet them all. In fact, we really can't retweet much ever. So we've decided to include the past weeks requests here, so they get the attention they deserve. Take a look!

Gourmet Gamer Web Show. Video Games, Food, and Puppets! (@GourmetGamer's Kickstarter)

Would it be too presumptuous to ask you guys to retweet this? (Paws4Pogo) (@Lauramon_ via Fundly)

Graphic novels for SCIENCE! (@BrianMinsker)

That's it folks! Really! Carry on with that life stuff you were doing before we bombarded you with links.

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