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Timmy is here to help!

Have you ever thought: "ThinkGeek, I have a simple question, but I don't want to bother your hardworking monkeys! Where can I easily find my answer?"

This post is for you.

While we do have several places on our site that go over our more common policies in detail, we understand that sometimes you need a translator to transform policy into geeky English. We bugged our intrepid Customer Service Monkeys about what you guys asked most often, and this is the distilled essence of their answers.


What's the total transit time of an order, especially for one sent expedited? Does my order ship right away?

  • Your order usually takes one to two business days to process in the warehouse before the shipper ever gets it. It's sometimes less, but one to two business days is the most common.
  • The 2-day, next-day, ground shipping clock doesn't start ticking until the shipper gets it. So a next-day order placed on a Wednesday should ship out no later than Monday, and will arrive on Tuesday. Basically, tack an extra day or two onto your expectation of the shipping time.
  • Shipping days are calculated in terms of business days. This means that weekends and holidays are excluded. So if you place a next-day order on a Friday, it will likely show up the following Wednesday.

I was charged duties and taxes on my order when it was dropped off. What gives?

Customs, duties and brokerage fees are some things that we really can't predict or calculate for you. (We've totally tried!) If you're an international-to-us Geek, there's a more than good chance that your shipper will have a little extra fee to assess when they drop your order off. Try to keep that in mind when you're placing your order, and account for it if you can. You might have luck seeking out your local customs officials and quizzing them on how much folks are generally charged for toys and textiles as well.

All of this shipping talk leads easily into the next most commonly asked about topic:


Wait a tick! How does one go about setting up a return? I'm lost!

Be not afraid! You can bug our Customer Service Monkeys by any of the avenues listed on this page, or you can set up your return yourself if you're feeling adventurous!

Here's how to do it:

  • First! You have to have a ThinkGeek account, and had to be logged in when you placed the order that you're returning stuff from.
  • Go to the very top right of your screen, there should be a handy "Account" link.
  • Click it!
  • You'll see a handy list of links, but the one that you want will be the third one, "Order Management".
  • Your recent orders are hanging out there. On the far right of each order listing you'll see two links "View Details" and "Return". Just click the "Return" link and follow its lead!

I wanna return a gifted thing! How do I do this?

Easy! Just bug our Customer Service Monkeys and they'll set that return up for you! They can even do it stealthily so that your gifter doesn't know that you'd rather have a Doctor Who thing than an Minecraft thing. (We're ninjas)

I received a broken thing! Do I need to send it back in its original packaging like the auto-reply email tells me to?

Nope! If the thing you received was actually broken or dead on arrival, you had to open it to find this out. We understand this! Just package it up in such a way that it will get to us in mostly one piece and put your RMA number on the box. You'll be good to go!

However, if you decided mid-transport that you really don't need three cans of unicorn meat and there is nothing actually wrong with the goodies you got, you will have to send it back with the original packaging. So we can share that unicorn meat with a geek who actually wants some. You know how it is.

How long does it take for my return to be processed and for my face to be happy again?

Well, that depends on a lot of things: how long it takes to get the return from you to our warehouse, if the warehouse monkeys are bogged down with lots and lots of returns (Sorry! It sucks when that happens), and if you're getting a replacement, how long it takes for it to get from our warehouse to you.

If you drop off your return at the post office it can take upwards of a week to ten days to get to the warehouse. So there's that to think about.

It takes the warehouse about four days to a week to process your return. After the holidays it's usually more like a week than four days.

Then if we're sending you replacement loot, it usually goes at the same speed that you set your original order to come to you. That means that if you chose economy originally your replacement will take seven to ten days to get to you, and ground is five to seven days, and so on.

So what does all this mean in average time? A replacement will take an average of three to four weeks to get back to you once you've shipped the broken loot back to us.

Refunds take about two and a half weeks to get back to your bank account. Less time there because of the lack of physically having to ship stuff.

"Gasp! That is awesome, ThinkGeek! But wait! I have more questions!"

Oh you do? Excellent! If you have something general and FAQ-like that you'd like us to tackle in a future post like this, let us know in the comments. Also, we are totally happy to clarify anything in the comments as well, so get to commenting if you're at all confused!

Until next time, Space Cowboys!

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Gizzyo13 said this 1418 days ago.

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