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Where else would we be?

How many characters do you recognize?

Ty should bring red shirt Timmy with him on this away mission as a distraction.

It's around this time of the year that thousands of techie nerds trek from around the globe to converge upon Las Vegas for CES, the International Consumer Electronics Show.

Of course we want to be there. All of us. There are shiny toys, you see. Brand new things to make life more complete. Fascinating people holding talks on why we love things that go be-be-be-beep. It's just the place for monkeys like us.

We can't all go (drat) so we decided to pick a representative. Our very own Ty Liotta will be at CES scoping out the goods for us, and bringing a few things of ours along with him to show you--things that we can't completely reveal. Why?

On Tuesday January 10 around 3pm ET (12pm PT), Ty will be on a LIVE interview during Spike's All His segment.

During this interview, Ty will show off some of our new goodies, and a few are things that you likely know about. We've teased you with the IRIS 9000 Voice Control Module for iPhone & Siri already, which he'll be able to show in prototype form, as well as a few other familiar things that you gadgety types may want to see in action.

The secret goodies he'll be showing off? Well, they'll have to remain a mystery. We wouldn't want to violate our CES reveal prime directive, now would we? So just click-click the correct links and tune in to watch Ty's interview at 3pm ET on Tuesday, January 10.

It'll be packed with [REDACTED] awesomeness. Promise.

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