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There's a kitten in here somewhere

How many characters do you recognize?

It's like "Where's Waldo" for Nintendo characters!

We admit it. Sometimes we post things just to get a song out of our heads and into yours. It's a beneficent act, really!


Okay, maybe not, but we HAD TO. The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins is only awesome the first hundred times.

To make up for the ear worms, we sneaked in a cute video or two in this list as well. Have fun finding them!

Links from the Twitter, Google +, and Facebook 'verse:

Please prepare yourself to rock. (YouTube)

I just had the -strangest- dream, Number one... (YouTube)

Have a brand new Nintendoriffic desktop wallpaper! (Deviantart)

L is our favorite. Wait, no. G. K! ALL OF THEM! (Stephenwildish)

You can't not love this. (YouTube)

A moment of silence for this amazing swordsman. (BBC)

The fact that they had to stomp on JarJar is the best part. (YouTube)

Thousands of LEGO working in mechanical harmony? We might be a little inspired. (YouTube)

I'm an oil painting now. Oil paintings are cool. (Geekcetera)

We may have made a sound that closely resembles "SQUEE". (Deviantart)

This wasn't eerily cool at all. Nope. (Vimeo)

New crab discovered is named "The Hoff", because of it's manly, hairy chest. (BBC)

Achievement unlocked: Collective subconscious. (YouTube)

"Airline pilot startled by flying shark." (SMH.com)

There is a chance that deliciousness may occur here, but raised eyebrows are the most likely response. (Gizmodo)

Time for a cute break! (YouTube)

And there's a creepy doll... that always follows you... (Environmental Graffiti)

They got the wrong Pony!? (Observer)

Admit it, you're humming along. (YouTube)

The term "Bated breath" applies here. (The Verge)

Maybe one day we'll watch movies on screens made of fluorescing bacterial colonies! Or not, but it's a fun thought. (YouTube)

What it's like to have a deep understanding of advanced mathematics. (Quora)

This hat is pertinent to our interests. (Etsy)

WANT. (Fireflyfans.net/QMX)

Oh great, we're humming again. At least it's "All the Single Ladies" this time.

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