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The Evolution of the iCADE

Just like the iCADE, but iPhonized

When we first launched our iCADE retro cabinet for iPads on April 1, 2010, we knew it would have a few fans, but we weren't expecting the level of demand... and the piles of hate email when people realized it was all an April Fool's Day joke. Whoops!

So we were very pleased--and relieved, because some of those hate emails included threats--when we were really, actually able to make it available in 2011. Developers showed support right off, updating and creating games that were compatible with the iCADE. (Our full list is below.)

But that wasn't enough for some of you Apple users. No, you wanted a smaller version that fits iPhones and would support handheld button-mashing and a wee little coin slot just for old time's sake.

Get your stack of itty-bitty quarters ready because the iCADE Jr. is (almost) here!

Standing about 6" high and featuring a joystick, 4 buttons on the front, and 4 trigger buttons on the back, the iCADE Jr. will bring your miniature iPhone or iPod arcade to life via Bluetooth--and it makes a great stand, too, because it includes a pass-through for your charging cable. We'll have it in the spring.

What can you play on your iPhone-sized iCADE? There's a list for that. In addition to Atari's package, here are links to games with either released or announced support for the iCADE:

If you're an iOS developer supporting the iCADE--or if you think we've missed a game above--let us know! Just email icadedev@thinkgeek.com or leave a note in the comments.

Developer Support

MAME Support

  • iOS: If you've taken the step of Jailbreaking your iPad, the iMAME4all app adds MAME awesomeness to your iCADE gaming stack. While we can't recommend jailbreaking or unlicensed ROMs, we can certainly confirm that it does indeed work and it works quite well. UPDATE 1/12/12: Developer Matthias Ringwald just released Blutrol, an application for jailbroken iOS devices that maps iCADE's physical buttons to on-screen presses.
  • Android: By popular demand, Seleuco added iCADE support to MAME4droid.
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