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The windswept dunes of Mars. Both gorgeous and a little desolate, don't you agree?

Welcome to this weeks installation of "Stuff we found that's awesome!" We've scoured the web so that you don't have to!

Click through and marvel at the wonders of the internet from this past week. Boggle at the weirdness of science! Squee at the cuteness of tiny animals!

Or, you know, just enjoy.

Links from the Twitter, Google +, and Facebook 'verse:

Let's help this guy make dialysis fun! (The Afternoon Tide)

It's 1:59 of awesome. (YouTube)

Doctor!? (Yahoo)

To discover new worlds and new civilizations... (YouTube)

Bonus: Ewok and Chewie dogs! (Laughing Squid)

We see what you did there. Clever! (Super Punch)

This is where you are, RIGHT NOW. (YouTube)

Uh, you, um, have something on your back... (YouTube)

This baby robot wants your love! Or perhaps your soul. (YouTube)

Who could say no? (imgur)

Issac has a posse. (Flickr)

Best error page, or bestest error page? (kvartirakrasivo)

Naked sea butterflies look like this. (Clione)

More crazy awesome sea creatures! (Clione)

You know what your afternoon needs? A tap dancing cat. (YouTube)

Problimatica. Now that we know about these creatures, we're going to lose SO much sleep reading everything about them. (i09)

Need a new wallpaper? Try the windswept sand dunes of Mars. (NASA)

The Walking Dead + Growing Pains = Amazingness. (Movieweb)

This little guy made it all the way to space and back! We're jealous. (YouTube)

Take note, giving out your new cell number when bored is not the best entertainment idea. Or IS it? (Reddit)

Well. It IS a spiral staircase. (YouTube)

How mathematicians say hi. (Walking Randomly)

Star Wars Uncut. This is the epitome of the internet, folks! (YouTube)

You know all of these, right? Carry on. (YouTube)

Whovians, sate thyselves on 9 minutes of every Doctor Who episode to date! (YouTube)

A brief and mostly wrong history of programming languages. (YouTube)

Wait...what? (amateurphotographer)

From the Sorry About Your Drought but This Is Really Interesting department (Tecca)

Official Minecraft LEGO sets!? Yes please! (Kotaku)

Gnomeo and Juliet: The Sequel? (imgur)

Ow! Neck crick! Must. Leave. Computer. And. Take. Walk.

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