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Image licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike

With Wikipedia, reddit, Internet Archive (not yet down as of 9:21am ET), the lolcats over at Cheezburger, and others blacking out today to protest PIPA*--the US Senate's anti-piracy bill threatening free speech and innovation online--you may find yourself with some extra free time.

You could use these precious quiet moments to shake the petrified food out of your keyboard or redesign your email signature with ASCII or do actual work, but here's what we plan to do:

* What about SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act, HR2361), you ask? It seems to have been staved off until late February, depending on what legislative body you ask. PIPA (Protect IP Act, S.968) is currently scheduled to come up for a Senate vote on January 24. Slashdot is posting updates throughout the day as things change. Viva la internet!

Looking for reasons to support PIPA and SOPA?

Fark presents a compelling argument for the anti-piracy bills thusly:

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meaningless icon! I plan on watching a bunch of internet reviews. Nostalgia Critic, Cinema Snob, AT4W, Spoony, etc. Just in case I can't, later.
Bolt_V3 said this 2407 days ago.
meaningless icon! Actually, the SOPA article is not blacked out on Wikipedia
Zmogyls39 said this 2407 days ago.
meaningless icon! I was going to congratulate you on posting an opposing opinion (without watching the video because I knew it would make me mad) when so many other sites end the argument with "it's bad don't like it" but then I noticed it was 6 seconds long. I watched. I laughed. So instead I will repurpose my congratulations-for-something-others-aren't-doing for the examples of who would be affected by the new law, I haven't seen any other websites with that list and they really should have it. And I'd like to congratulate you on posting something so blunt, clear and truthful.
AJTwombly said this 2407 days ago.
meaningless icon! AUGH! SOPA! I honestly never thought a four-letter word could be so evil!
AnikanSkywalker said this 2407 days ago.
meaningless icon! I never knew this was going to be so big....
TheWordMaster said this 2407 days ago.
meaningless icon! Really SOPA, really?
ZOM-BOT-CHIMP said this 2406 days ago.
meaningless icon! SOPA - Sinister Over-reactive Pitiful Aliens They're making shure the human race doesn't get too smart!
ZOM-BOT-CHIMP said this 2406 days ago.
meaningless icon! I like the idea of the government able to take stuff that is bad down but these laws make it so they can take down what ever they want and we can't do anything about it. Annoyance...
Catchco said this 2403 days ago.

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