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Cast Spell: Summon Links

This was once a pentax!

Fantasy author Jim C. Hines puts cover poses to the plausibility test. Verdict: WIN.

You may think that we were too busy playing Skyrim to have tweeted, Facebooked and Google+'d links last week, but you'd be wrong! Here they are in handy list form for for your clicking enjoyment.

Links from the Twitter, Google +, and Facebook 'verse:

Daft Punk's DeRezzed as played on five floppy drives. For real. (YouTube)

Robots need lizard tails, mostly because lizard mecha are totally hardcore. (i09)

Hey Girl. (Tumblr)

Yes indeed, we're in the weird part of YouTube again. (YouTube)

Well played, LG. Well played. (YouTube)

Huge(ly awesome) dorks circa 1980, Westercon. (LASFS)

And now? Otters chasing a butterfly! (YouTube)

Want some nostalgia? We can help with that. (The Restart Page)

Tired of using your HANDS to turn a page? Try this! (YouTube)

This snowflake wants to say hi. (YouTube)

Best Skyrim mod, or bestest Skyrim mod? Oh YEAH! (YouTube)

The feelings we have about this Sauron pinup tattoo are complex and confusing. (Tumblr)

Geeky ladies, represent! (Mashable)

Today, on Pwn Stars... (Kotaku)

Skyrim: 2012 (YouTube)

Fantasy cover sexiness isn't easy. (Jim Chines)

Geeky license plates. Let us show you them. (MentalFloss)

Maybe she's born with it? (Vimeo)

Star Trek: TNG getting an HD makeover? Yep. We'll have to buy the whole series. Again. (Inside TV)

Does this mean that pouring the drink into one glass fills the other? (Google+)

1. Click link. 2. Look up. 3. Slow clap for the Google Maps truck tech. (Google Street View)

Art nouveau Chell flanked by turrets, personality cores, and one very special little potato. (Deviant Art)

Sorry, Can't hear you. (Google+)

How to crochet your own Spock ears. Cozy and logical! (CroShame)

Sooooo... can we get a holodeck on the list for next time? Please? (qualcommtricorderxprize.org)

In which Stella gives us a valuable lesson in centrosaurines and the chasmosaurines. (YouTube)

Happy 70th, Mister Hawking! (Google)

Will the D&D players please stand up? (NY Times)

We're going to pretend that this actually happens once everyone leaves for the day. (YouTube)

If binary systems aren't rare, that means there are MILLIONS of Tatooines! Gasp! (NASA)

Now, back to taking care of that pesky dragon problem.

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