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Your post-feast entertainment is here!

This was once a pentax!

Alas, poor camera, I knew him well Hora...Oooh, Shiny!

As last week was EAT ALL THE THINGS week, we didn't post our usual link roundup. We were too busy nomming down cranberry sauce and turkey. So this means that you guys get a massive list of 41 links from the past TWO weeks! Enjoy!

Links from the Twitter, Google +, and Facebook 'verse:

Awesome LEGO art: LEGO Steampunk Typewriter. (Flickr)

Awesome LEGO art part two: Minecraft. It HAD to happen. (ArsTechnica)

Can a Sith love a Jedi? Apparently, yes! (Michael James Photo Studio)

This toad has a parasite in it's eye. Ugh. FASCINATING. (YouTube)

Cake that is too pretty to eat. Almost. (Fire and Icing cakes via Flickr)

Yodagami! (Twitter @Ice_Khu)

Goooooooaaaaa*SNORTBARK*aaaaaal! (Youtube)

The family the assimilates together, stays together! (Winnie Wow)

Video games as muse? Of course! (NPR)

Coolest. Bedroom. Ever. (YouTube)

We welcome our giant snake robot masters. (YouTube)

Cutest. Elder god. EVER. (YouTube)

Twitter? In my EYE? Yes please. (i09)

Best. Abstract. Ever. (BoingBoing)

Fashion predictions of the FUTURE! From the 1930s. (YouTube)

Mi bosco cupcake NomNomNom. (Tumblr)

The Super Mario Theme on accordian. From Bulgaria. (YouTube)

Your controller is: Your own urine! (YouTube)

A Doctor Who Christmas tree? We approve. (Tumblr)

Super Mario Bros.: The 8-Bit Opera. (YouTube)

We can't wait for snow, now. We MUST try this. (Obvious Winner)

We're just waiting for this gingerbread At-At to fall over so we can nom up the pieces. (Instagram)

This was a triumph. I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS. (YouTube)

Remember the ginger seal that was shunned by her colony? She's doing just fine! (Dailymail)

Our knitting geeks grinned so hugely when they saw this. (Waikato)

Aliens on ice. If only we could buy tickets. (YouTube)

A soft robot, crawling. Hrm. (YouTube)

A turkey and a deer fall in love... (Dailymail)

Mark Hamill thought his son could play a young Luke! (Vimeo)

This makes our brains go funny. In a good way. (BoingBoing)

Technology in pieces--lots of beautiful, shiny pieces. (But Does It Float)

The cake was a lie, but the gingerbread is a whole different story. (DeviantArt)

Hey, what are these funny looking paintings? *Walks left* WHOA! (Bored Panda)

A geeky dating show. This will either be awesome and heartwarming, or a tragedy. (YouTube)

WhiiiiirrrrWHEEEEEE! (YouTube)

Mall owners track their customers movements through the mall...via their cell phone signals. Hm. (Ars Technica)

Poop throwing by chimps is a sign of intelligence. In related news: STAND BACK. (PhysOrg)

Giant, fractal pecan pie. Mathematically delicious! (Neatorama)

The holidays are here! Time to distract and wow your family with SCIENCE! (YouTube)

Proof that we're still in the Matrix. (YouTube)

The top 25 worst passwords of 2011. If you're using any of these, it's password changing time! (CNet)

So how many calories do you think all of that clicking worked off? 200?

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meaningless icon! You people are evil. Drawing me over to the dark side of procrastination! For shame. *ooh look, dramatic squirrel....*
CodingForFood said this 2448 days ago.
meaningless icon! in my 3 hour class. this was entertaining =P
Cowondamoon said this 2448 days ago.
meaningless icon! Hmmm, just a little note of warning that there is a NSFW cake in the Fire and Icing cakes Flickr folder. Good thing I have reflexes like a cat and clickity clicked my way out quick like.
heatherhobbit said this 2447 days ago.
meaningless icon! @HeatherHobbit Eep! We never noticed that! Thanks for the warning!
Raevyn W. said this 2445 days ago.

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