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Top Five Ways to Rock Out: GO!

Timmy rocking out, lilke a rockstar!

As the year draws to a close, we ThinkGeek Monkeys have but one thing on our minds. Top 5 lists.

What, you were expecting bacon?

Being the dorks that we are, ranking and organizing information is a minor obsession of ours. As we started ranking our top 5 musical artists of the year, we realized that not sharing this scintillating information would be quite selfish of us.

So without further ado, we present to you a sampling of the top 5 monkey approved albums of 2011!

Listed by Monkey, in no particular order:

Matt, web designerd who brought you our lovely mobile site this fall:
1. Glassjaw - Coloring Book EP
2. Glassjaw - Our Color Green (The Singles EP)
3. Middle Brother - Middle Brother
4. Thrice - Major/Minor
5. Gillian Welch - The Harrow & The Harvest

Kochis, product wrangler in charge of such items as the Sonic Screwdriver and Chestburster:
1. Dillinger Escape Plan - Option Paralysis (Paralyzing Edition)
2. Childish Gambino - Camp
3. Alkaline Trio - Damnesia
4. Polkadot Cadaver - Sex Offender
5. Del the Funky Homosapien - Golden Era

Zack, video monkey you often see being kicked in the groin or otherwise abused:
1. Mister Heavenly - Out of Love
2. The Drums - Portamento
3. The Antlers - Burst Apart
4. Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr - It's A Corporate World
5. Say Hi - Uhm, Uh Oh

Ken, customer service techni-monkey who you may have spoken with on the phone:
1. Black Milk - Live at Third Man Studios
2. Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi - Rome
3. The Black Keys - El Camino
4. Iron & Wine - Kiss Each Other Clean
5. WyntonMarsalis & Eric Clapton - Play The Blues

Josh (aka Disco), customer service livechat operator extraordinaire:
1. Absu - Abzu
2. Cold Cave - Cherish the Light Years
3. Death Grips - Ex Military
4. 40 Watt Sun - The Inside Room
5. Burzum - Fallen

Shane, PR monkey and almighty giver of the review samples:
1. Light Bearer - Lapsus
2. Braveyoung - We Are Lonely Animals
3. The Atlas Moth - An Ache For The Distance
4. Anne - Dream Punx
5. Deafheaven - Roads to Judah

Christian, designerd responsible for all our packaging and many of our shirts:
1. Cults - Self-Titled
2. Phantogram - Nightlife
3. Chapel Club - Palace
4. I Break Horses - Hearts
5. Washed Out - Within and Without

David, customer service ninja/humorist:
1. The Streets - Cyberspace and Reds
2. Adele - 21
3. Absu - Abzu
4. Wavves - Life Sux
5. Tom Waits - Bad As Me

Carrie, social media and email monkey at your beck and call:
1. They Might Be Giants - Join Us
2. Marian Call - Something Fierce
3. Jonathan Coulton - Artificial Heart
4. MC Frontalot - Solved
5. Dutch Band Organ - This maybe doesn't count for 2011 but I don't care

There you have it! What albums would you list as your favorites from 2011?

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meaningless icon! In no particular order: Temple of the Dog - Temple of the Dog Danimal Cannon - Roots Starscream - Future, Towards the Edge of Forever Darren Korb - Bastion Original Soundtrack SoulEye - PPPPPP! (VVVVVV soundtrack) I like chiptunes. >_>
capt_carl said this 2422 days ago.
meaningless icon! I am glad to see Tom Waits and Rome on here, but I'm a little surprised and disappointed to not see Radiohead
spitfire6006006 said this 2421 days ago.
meaningless icon! nice!
dfunk29 said this 2418 days ago.
meaningless icon! It's really nice! I like Adele-21, my favorite. Can i expect collection like this?
Peter Keller said this 2125 days ago.

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