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ThinkGeek gives SOME more in December

Cast your memory back--way back before planking, Chuck Testa, horsemanning, and Nyan Cat. Yes, before even Rebecca Black rose to internet-crushing power in February 2011, or the world knew what a "fascinator" was.

If you can recall those gentler, more innocent days, you may remember that in January we pledged to give $1,000 to a worthy charity each month of 2011.

And now we've arrived at our final and twelfth donation. Before we reveal this month's recipient, let's review 2011:

Lane's Endor clubhouse

January: Child's Play to provide goodies for auction
February: DonorsChoose in support of needy classrooms
March: Red Cross after Japan's 8.9 magnitude earthquake
April: Autism Speaks (and we're working with ASAN this spring)
May: Kids Need to Read to provide literacy resources to disadvantaged children
June: Make a Wish Foundation (and a GP2X Wiz for Simon)
July: FIRST, to support childrens' access to science and technology
August: Cystic Fibrosis Foundation for research on and cure for CF
September: DonorsChoose to provide prizes for teachers
October: Extra Life and Children's Miracle Network in support of their gaming donate-a-thon
November: Lane's wish to have an Endor clubhouse and a donation in support of MDA.org

Thanks for everyone's support in helping us find and choose our charities--your comments on Twitter, Facebook, and G+ have been instrumental! We plan to continue giving in 2012 so keep those suggestions coming. (The comment thread below would be a great place to start!)

Our donation for December: SOME

So Others Might Eat

For this month, we only had to look outside at the cold and the rain (and the eventual snow) to realize we should give close to home, and to those who need help keeping a roof over their heads, clothes on their backs, and food on their plates.

So we chose SOME--also known as So Others Might Eat--based out of Washington, DC., our neighboring fair city. SOME was founded in 1970 to help feed those in need, and today they serve the poor and homeless with food, clothing, and health care. They also work to break the cycle of homelessness with job training, affordable housing, and counseling for those with mental illness.

With charitable giving decreasing in a down economy, the first organizations to feel the pinch are those supporting the homeless, where the need rises most. So we hope our donation helps fill the void for SOME.

If you're thinking about donating this holiday season, we'd suggest finding a local shelter near you, and if you don't have much budget, you can always donate your time. Need help choosing? We've found Charity Navigator a good resource. (Here's how SOME ranks.)

Thanks again for supporting our $1,000-a-month project, and we'll see you back here with another donation in the new year!

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meaningless icon! I used to know all the good memes, but then I took an arrow to the knee.
Ryo95 said this 2738 days ago.
meaningless icon! You guys are amazing! So proud to buy from such a great company that gives back. Good luck in 2012! Can't wait to see what you come up with! :)
g0shdarnit said this 2738 days ago.
meaningless icon! Has thinkgeek ever made empty bowls for some? i think that might be fun to see monkeys slinging clay around....
ryadicaledward said this 2738 days ago.
meaningless icon! that's awesome to hear! i wish i had known about this sooner. do you guys consider donating to animal welfare charities as well? and adult education charities? i know people forget about them because they don't seem as urgent as children in need...
destroyah said this 2735 days ago.
meaningless icon! waitaminute Nyan cat is old as hell
destroyah said this 2735 days ago.

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