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Ooh, Sparkly!

Silverbakc with a DS?

I bet he favors the blue shell. Sigh.

The holidays went by fast this year. So fast that we can practically see the crumpled wads of wrapping paper swirling the their wake. So fast that we can still taste the eggnog and are wondering where our sleep went. Does this mean we're getting old?

Anyway, if you missed any of the festive and amusing links that we posted around the interweb in all of that hubub, you're in luck! We wrote this post just for you.

Links from the Twitter, Google +, and Facebook 'verse:

We have a seven foot Lego Dalek. Your argument is invalid. (Daily Mail)

So where do you line your quarters up if you want a turn? (YouTube)

Battling ninja together is so romantic. (Flickr)

A Sith and a Jedi in love? How can this be! (Aww) (Michael James Photo Studio)

Can't tell if this is a good idea, or a very bad one. (Vancouver Sun)

Need inspiration for what to do with that white stuff falling from the sky? (Nerd Approved)

Technological fire dance, GO! (YouTube)

Kitty! (YouTube)

Are you cutely roaring Jingle bells now, too? Good. (Makerbot)

Was your holiday an 8-bit holiday? No? We can fix that. (YouTube)

We'd sign the waiver. (Discovery)

Happy birthday! Let's smash a Dalek's armor open and eat his tender insides! YUM! (Pea Pilly Bean)

Having a hard day? Here, have some pandas. (YouTube)

13 Words you should be working into...Hey! Who is that guarding Wil Wheaton's chips? He's familiar... (Mentalfloss)

Star Wars, as retold by someone who never finished watching the original trilogy. (YouTube)

Angry Birds, the Orchestral movement. (NPR)

There's not much more celebratory than exploding, glitter-filled ornaments. (The Inspiration Grid)

A chart of every significant Batman suit EVER. For your records. (Screen Rant)

The "Masterminds" behind the Jersey Shore want Geeks. I'm scared. (Fandom Casting)

Boy drops DS into a gorilla enclosure. Gorilla proceeds to obliterate his high scores. (GamesRadar)

Turn off annotations, turn up the volume, and get moving! (YouTube)

Eat it, before it eats you! (YouTube)

Riley lays down some serious marketing wisdom. (YouTube)

And now: Kevin tries to eat a tomato. (YouTube)

A Hard Drive circa 1956. Careful there. (Retronaut)

It seems that the vibrations in your pelvic region have reached tolerance level. Fascinating. (YouTube)

Paging Mr. Savage and Mr. Hyneman. Please come to the blue courtesy car. (YouTube)

He mentions weeping angels. FANTASTIC. (YouTube)

He's a pink nightmare! (Draw2D2)

We'd also sign this waiver. (YouTube)

Mochachu, I choose you! (Kotaku)

Brian Cox explains why atoms are empty. With hilarious help from Simon Pegg. (YouTube)

Lulz circa 1903 (New Scientist)

Siri, please. We're all calm here. There's no need to AARRGGGHHHHLLLGURGLE. (YouTube)

Is it bad that when we saw this TARDIS fabric, we wanted to paper the walls with it? (SpoonFlower)

Now. Onwards, into the new year! 2012, here we come!

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meaningless icon! I have a bag made from some of the other Dr Who prints from Spoonflower. I keep my knitting in it. The current project is actually K-9.
justajenjen said this 2425 days ago.
meaningless icon! I have a bag made from one of the other Dr Who prints from SpoonFlower for my knitting. Current project is K-9.
justajenjen said this 2425 days ago.

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