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And now: A Prairie Dog in a tutu

This was once a pentax!

This is not at all dramatic.

The internet has been a little quiet over the past week. We suspect that folks are too busy buying shiny baubles for their loved ones to find the strange and interesting to share with us all. However, we managed to find a few exceptional things for you during our travels through the wired. Enjoy!

Links from the Twitter, Google +, and Facebook 'verse:

If this really happens, we are going to be so stoked. (YouTube)

OmfNomfNomfNomfNothingoddhereNomf (YouTube)

Stephen Hawking on time travel. (Letters of Note)

How to lose $2,400 in 24 seconds. (Vimeo)

Googly Eyes, EVERYWHERE! (EyeBombing)

We're torn as to who to root for, here... (Youtube)

Give a bunch of geeks some equipment and time, and this is what happens. (YouTube)

The cast of Doctor Who reading bedtime stories. We will treasure this forever. (Set Phasers to lol)

There might be another "Class M" planet out there. Awesome. (ArsTechnica)

Want some serious privacy? Take a look at this home built over and out of a missile silo! (Ny Daily News)

Yep. We just made you watch that. You're welcome! (YouTube)

Batman needs to work on his boundaries. (YouTube)

Myth, Busted? (SF Gate)

WHEW. (Adam Savage, via Twitter)

And now for something completely different! (YouTube)

This looks funsafe! (YouTube)

11 functional TARDISES. TARDII? (MentalFloss)

Mysterious paper sculptures have been appearing in Edinburgh's libraries. They are AMAZING. (This Central Station)

Rumor has it that scientists at CERN have discovered the Higgs Boson. (Guardian)

In case you were wondering, we won't be carrying this Angry Birds gown. Sorry, ladies! (Kotaku)

Ooh, Pretty! (Flickr)

Have an old Samsung 13" CRT laying around? (Neatorama)

The T4RD15 Vworps into Virginia. (Jamie Rubin.net)

Archeologists traced the concept of homework back to 2300BC! (Boing Boing)

Poop-throwing in chimps is a sign of intelligence! Take that! (Physorg)

Those paper sculptures are making us eye our libraries in a speculative way. We must resist. The stories. They are too precious.

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meaningless icon! The paper sculptures at the libraries are fantastic! Thank you for sharing the story.
risforrose said this 2478 days ago.
meaningless icon! "Richardson ground squirrel yearn for ballerina" is the title of the video per Google Translate. Not a prairie dog!
AlleyDuck said this 2477 days ago.
meaningless icon! Who's the moron who did the math for that caused the whole cannon mishap?!
Bonzai alchemist said this 2477 days ago.
meaningless icon! Holy crap! that is so cute!
odogzone said this 2477 days ago.

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