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A little snow, a plunger, a whisk, and a... turkey baster!?



Ah, at last! It's that time of year when we're mostly glad we don't have snow yet, but we long for the chance to build a masterpiece like the Dalek above. Hopefully we'll see enough white stuff in Fairfax, Virginia to make a few Weeping Snow Angels of our own--but not enough to trap us in our cubes with dwindling food supplies.

In the meantime, here are our favorite links from the past week to distract you. Enjoy!

Newton's private diaries published online for first time. See you in a few days. (Cambridge Digital Library)

Chewbacca singing "Silent Night" is so much worse than you can imagine (YouTube)

Qwerty Sculptures (ScrapHacker)

How bees are like the internet: they headbutt dissenters into agreement (Ars Technica)

How to wrap a Dalek (Twitter via @KTK1990)

And we still don't really understand fractals in nature (io9)

Why you hear the same 9 holiday songs every year (xkcd)

MythBusters very sorry but cannonball refuses to apologize for dangerous joyride (ABC News)

Google's response to Siri is codenamed "Majel." Enough said. (Android and Me)

Did you miss Saturday's lunar eclipse? Us too. (Space.com)

Best white noise machine ever: Enterprise ambient engine noise (YouTube)

Dodd's Serta Trek defies all logic and good taste (YouTube)

... and Something Awful's Starship Baconprise is just as special. (A kind-of explanation from Something Awful)

Amazing photograph of lightning makes a great desktop (NatGeo)

Patrick's mother warned him about playing video games too much. Then one day he woke up like this. (YouTube)

Still Alive sung a capella by Video Game Music Choir (YouTube)

The most intense Taekwondo fight ever (YouTube)

Attack of the baby sloths!! Run away... slowly! (YouTube)

Daytime fireworks are truly a work of art (YouTube)

Should Jimmy Wales blackout Wikipedia? (UPDATE: SOPA goes up for vote today! Contact your representatives!) (Wikipedia and EFF)

Think outside the box with this clever stop motion animation (Vimeo)

Geeky gingerbread collection looks too awesome to eat (The Mary Sue)

Hey, somebody lose a trampoline? (YouTube)

Togepi sings Mario Bros theme (YouTube)

Owl pets dog (and can't help but look sinister) (YouTube)

Death Stars made of LEGO are cool, but working potato harvesters are trickier! (YouTube)

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meaningless icon! This comment is regarding QWERTY LINK- I say "Dust that!" to the wall made out of keys :)
Mariakins said this 2469 days ago.

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