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Bringing geeks together since 1999

ThinkGeek. Bringing lovenerds together since 1998.

Adrienne and her geeky lovematch demonstrating the dizzying effect of Narwhal Mints.

We get lots of emails. Emails with t-shirt ideas, emails with action shots, emails requesting we make the Dharma alarm clock for reals (can't, sorry!), and even emails from Nigerian bankers. Many of these emails are a delight to read--except for the bankers, who are very pushy and don't reply back. Weird.

Last week we heard from Adrienne, and we liked her email so much we wanted to share it with you! Fair warning, though: This story includes potentially unsafe levels of d'awwww.

Dearest cupid overlords at ThinkGeek,

I'd like to tell you a story. Not an awesome sci-fi or action story, not even some weird awesome science fact story. But a love story. Ew.

I, of the female nerd species, went into a bar with some friends to wind down after work. Little did I know, in the dark back of this loud little bar was a male member of the nerd species, uncomfortably forced to go in a place with no nerd entertainments to speak of.

Oh hullo good lookin'.

After observing my surroundings, I could see a shirt across the room. It looked familiar... of course it looked familiar, I shop on ThinkGeek more often than anyone's wallet is allowed. It was the "Refill Required" shirt.

That was all that me plus two beers in my system needed to give me the confidence that this guy was cool, or at least a nerd. My neurons, even after the alcohol, managed to come up with a witty, creative, dumb pickup line: "I know where you got your shirt."

Further discussion led to the discovery that we both applied in the 2010 pumpkin contest to win the Tauntaun Sleeping Bag. [Ed. They applied again this year, and Adrienne had a few added to our best-of list!]

Long story short, we've been together for a while now, and very much are in nerd-love. So we thank you, ThinkGeek, for your products brought two nerds under one roof, and we couldn't be happier.


Glad we could play cupid in your lovestory, Adrienne! You're both lucky we were out of arrows at the time.

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meaningless icon! Squee!
Regan (ThinkGeek Staff) said this 2510 days ago.
meaningless icon! So cute!
h4ll13 said this 2509 days ago.
meaningless icon! Naww that is so cute!
PrincessPeachy9 said this 2508 days ago.
meaningless icon! My COG Tags have helped me meet many people. Thanks TG!
LittleJAMBAM said this 2508 days ago.

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