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The soothing glow

Earth. Not so bad for a planet.

Is it bigger on the inside?

The links we've shared this week past have been mostly videos. This may speak of a deep moviemaking desire, but we think it may actually mean that we've been needing some de-stressing time in front of the tube. What we know as an irrefutable truth, however, is that there's a lot of interesting viewing in those links below. So make some bacon pop and settle in for a little while.

Links from the Twitter, Google +, and Facebook 'verse:

Ernie: Engage hyperdrive! Bert: hyperdrive!? (YouTube)

Valve confirms a Steam hack. Your information might not be compromised, but there's a chance, so change your passwords and keep an eye on your account! (ArsTechnica)

Wampug. The cutest creature in all of existance. (YouTube)

If you're a real fan of the muppets, you'll eat their delicious heads. (Bakerella)

So, you say an egg stays whole and retains it's shape under wate...OMFNOMFNOMF. (YouTube)

We'll take ten pairs, thanks! (YouTube)

It's a herd of turrets! (Google +)

A Doctor Who MOVIE? Well. If you insist. (The Mary Sue)

Scariest pylons EVER. (telegraph.co.uk)

This is a really bad ideas. It is also EPIC. (TC Engineering)

Facebank wants you money. Also, your soul. (YouTube)

Mix together one part day of the dead, one part hypangogic hallucination and one part touching tale and you get...this. (Vimeo)

Pogo remixes A.I. Then we need a tissue. *Sniffle* (YouTube)

Are there fish fingers and custard in there? (Tumblr)

A fan-made remake of the NASA recruitment video. Awesome. (YouTube)

Wait for "Farting cat" (YouTube)

The most delicious hunk of junk in the galaxy. (Jims Pancakes)

Need a little inspiration? (YouTube)

You need a new desktop background. We can tell. (Gereth.net)

What a way to pay homage to old books. (Magic World Image)

Wait, there's work to do!? Uh oh. We...uh...we've gotta go. See ya next time, Space Cowboys!

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