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Can you feel the breeze?


NaNoWrimoers, enjoy the inspiration.

The majority of the links we've found this week can be summed up in one sentence: Nature is awesome.

Links from the Twitter, Google+, and Facebook 'verse:

R2-2-2, anyone? (Flickr)

Scrat was real! (Boing Boing)

Han Solo, P.I. (YouTube)

This isn't trippy at ALL. Nope. (YouTube)

Free Ego Leonard! (Boing Boing)

We keep on expecting them to move with a creaky flutter. (mullaniumbyjimandtori)

We're back! Circle us! (Google+)

That's some awe-inspiring dam removal! Sorry about the dam ad. (YouTube)

Big Dog and Petman in: Staying Alive. (YouTube)

This cyborg yeast gives us hope of a cybornetic future! (BBC)

Nature. Is AWESOME. (Greek Sky)

Awesome nature: Now in desktop wallpaper size! (APOD)

Occupy the Mushroom Kingdom! (Google+)

This tattoo is bigger on the inside. (@highlyaMUSEing on Twitter)

More geeky tattoos! (NY Times)

Movie spies in 1982 went the distance to get their information, but it was worth it! (Propstore)

Ceiling cat iz papercraft nao! (Tubby Paws)

Luckiest. Kids. Ever. (YouTube)

A treat, from us, to you! (YouTube)

Siri is actually a guy? (Telegraph)

Murmuration: A group of starlings. (Vimeo)

Painting underwater: A new hobby? (Oddity Central)

Fezzes are cool. (Spindles and Spices)

Turning your brown eyes blue. Not at all creepy. (The Atlantic)

Settlers of Catan tiles. IRL. These exist. (BoingBoing)

You just danced along to an emergency broadcast system jingle. (YouTube)

Happy (late) birthday, Carl Sagan! (YouTube)

All of that and you didn't even have to go outside! We feel accomplished.

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meaningless icon! Last binary day of the century and you're not blogging about it? Get with the program Thinkgeek! (see what I did there?) p.s. all 11's is pretty cool too!
AJTwombly said this 2506 days ago.
meaningless icon! I FEEL THE BREEZE!!!!!
Lucas917 said this 2506 days ago.
meaningless icon! @AJTwombly We've been talking about Binary Day all day on Twitter and Facebook! We kind of needed a break. From the numbers. 0100000101101100011011000010000001100011011011110110010001100101001000000110000101101110011001000010000001101110011011110010000001110000011011000110000101111001001000000110110101100001011010110110010101110011001000000110001101101111011001000110010101101101011011110110111001101011011001010111100100100000011000010010000001100011011100100110000101101110011010110110000101110011011000010111010101110010011101010111001100101110
Raevyn W. said this 2506 days ago.
meaningless icon! Alright....that super creepy, super trippy freak fest cat thing might just give me night terrors. And I also request a tardis tattoo STAT.
TimeLordess said this 2504 days ago.

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